FlixBus / FlixMobilitydrivers aggressive behavior toward passengers

M Sep 30, 2019

Hello, I bought a FlixBus ticket from Nice -Paris(bercy seine) - Amsterdam Sloterdijk number #[protected]. When arriving to station I saw another /earlier FlixBus which was going to Amsterdam too. The driver let me into that bus telling me that I can go as I have FlixBus ticket to Amsterdam anyways it was just an earlier bus going the same way. He gave the permission. The driver told me to change the ticket while driving but I couldn't because on the website that bus was not presented. I tried to cancel my existing ticket and change to a new one but it didn't let me do it. After trying a couple of times the driver started to scream at me, saying that he's gonna drop me on the road if I don't change my ticket. He told me that he's gonna leave me In France and he doesn't care more and the only way is to pay me 35euro for him to get me to Lille otherwise he would have dropped me just basically anywhere on the road . So after trying to change ticket and later buy a new one on the bus the driver continued to scream at me and the other people on the bus who were speaking to him, he was insulting me for not speaking French and did not give me the receipt after 35euro payment in cash even tho I was asking he continued to scream . He was super aggressive, hitting bus wheel with his whist while speaking to me. I tried to contact customer service but no one was answering. At the end the driver took 35e in cash as he asked for Paris to Lille trip and left me in France without caring that I needed to go back to the Netherlands and had a valid ticket. After all of this I contacted customer service by call and they told me to write an official letter of complaint.
Details of the driver: was French, white skin, dark hair, this incident happened on the way from paris (bercy seine) to Lille midway to Amsterdam airport, the bus departed from platform 47 at officially 9:00 o clock being late and departing 10mins later at 9:10 Paris.
I was shocked how aggressively he behaved towards me and people who were speaking to him, he was shouting at everyone and after taking the money just screaming at me to go back to my seat. Also adding bus number as a way to easier find who the driver was.
I hope you will considerate his behavior as drivers are in close communication with passengers, no one wants to be insulted or be aggressively screamed at
Thank you for your time

FlixBus / FlixMobility

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