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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a group of researchers who after our conference and research came to Berlin and were on our way to Zurich. We decided to use your buses for our trip. At first your bus driver did not provide any information in English considering there were people of other languages on the bus as I had previously experienced on your other buses. When we wanted to board the 23:00 N06 bus from Berlin to Zurich, some of our luggages were over weight. Unfortunately, your bus driver was disrespectful in issuing this matter and started threatening us in front of everyone at the station. He threatened that he would not let us on the bus with the most disrespectful manner and gestures he could use. Also, as clear from his gestures and behavior, started mocking and being disrespectful in German and Turkish. He unfortunately was really aggressive and came up to me and started shouting at me and pointing his finger in my face. Later on without weighing all the luggages and giving any sort of receipt, with force and threat he got four, 9 euros from us.
As we all experienced the worst bus ride in our lives, we want the money that was forcefully taken from us and acceptable apologies for the disrespectful behavior as according to your regulations our passenger rights have been violated.



disrespectful behavior


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    Sherin Abhilash Nov 16, 2018

    I have the worst experience of my life with Flix bus. We travelled to Berlin with Flix train which was good but when we returned from there we had a booking with Flix bus. First of all because we were new to the city we had no idea where the Central bus station was. We were under the impression that it will be near to Berlin Hauptbahnhof as it is in Frankfurt. But it was 7 kms away from the Hauptbahnhof and the location was also not updated in the Flix bus app. It was saying that the location will be updated 15 minutes before the departure. Our bus was scheduled at 17:00CET on the 4th November 2018. However we had to reach the place 15 minutes before. By paying extra taxi cost we managed to reach the Central bus station at 17:00CET but because of the misbehavior of the person at Information Desk we missed our bus and we had to pay extra amount for another booking at Flix bus. This new booking caused us lot of discomfort in terms of money and travel because the journey had a HALT and we had to wait for 3 hours at "Neuenburg" and we reached Frankfurt in the morning at 07:00 in the morning which caused us in one business day lost as it was a "Monday".
    It was just a matter of providing us with the right information by the service center executive but he chose to haraas us with his behavior. He could have informed us with the location of the bus because the bus was still in the Central bus station when we reached there. He was the reason we were unable to board our bus or may be he has sold the tickets to some other people and he didn't wanted us to board the bus. "MONETARY GAIN TO FLIX BUS--LOSS TO CUSTOMERS"

    Receipt no: 1014933328
    New Receipt no: 1016263752
    Date: 04-11-2018
    Time: 17:00
    Location: Berlin ZOB-Frankfurt(Main) Hauptbahnhof

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