Flight Networkdeleted my flight


I just missed my flight to yellowknife this morning because westjet claimed I had no ticket - despite confirmation from flight network. I was on hold with flight network for 30 mins and they then told me to buy my own ticket. Westjet was appalled as they say flight netowrk already collected my money. I told flight network I didn't have the money and they proceeded to tell me there was nothing they could the end, I missed the flight and now, 1.5 hours later, flight network still has no flight for me. I'm sitting in vancouver waiting for them to get back to me - meanwhile - the business I have in yellowknife is in danger of being lost, which will cost me tens of thousands of dollars. I'm sitting on hold with flight network again trying to just get a flight - why is this being handled so poorly?? Jason upton vancouver


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    parminder224167 Mar 11, 2015

    There should be some authority made to handle those kind of misbehavior done by big businesses. They can do mistakes because they are big fish.

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