Flexi Holiday Club / Flexi Club SAfalse presentation / defrauded/ scammed

We signed up in 2016, we got the wonderful sales pitch which made us so excited too be part of this Club and it will be cost effective however we should have checked the bad reviews of the Club. We had paid cash for the joining fee and the wonderful accounts department didn't allocate the payment. There was an amount which was debited over 10 months for what? And then we are charged a Levy and for Annual Subscriptions each year which goes off religiously. Which is a total waste of money. Because we are not getting our monies worth. When we joined SILVERSANDS was part of the Club and the reason why we joined is that we were tired of buying other people's accommodation and being charged a fortune. Now since we have this membership whenever we require for a desired resort there is no accommodation. And now Silver Sands is not part of the Club which is very sad. Every time we call or email for Accommodation for our required period there's nothing ever available.
I have requested on numerous occasions for accommodation for Mauritius, Thailand or the Cruise and they now say that it is only on a cash basis no points or holiday savings are used as it is an added benefit. With the current economy where do people even have extra money too pay in additional costs?

We have paid an amount of R7749 in cash when we signed up in 2016 .
A debit order of R2613.30 X 10 MONTHS = R26 136.00
And an amount of R16 601.80 in Levies paid
Total paid is R50 486.80 and 21558 POINTS WITH A VALUE OF +- R150 000?

They have come back saying:
They can give me 7 day voucher for 6 people :4 adults and 2 children under the age of 12 years and they will cancel the membership and do not have to pay the 2020 levies? Surely then above calculations does not equal to R150 000.

I went back to them saying I am not accepting their voucher, this was their response:
They have agreed that as per the Consumer Protection Act, The Club can refund you minus the 45 % administrative charge . Please note that the refund will only be based on the number of points purchased an not on usage points given to you by the Club .
Surely this is not fair?

Oct 04, 2019

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