Resolved Fitness 19keep charging after cancellation

###s run this gym. They did not charge me the initiation fee and kept calling asking for the number to my card, even after I had given it to them. After being a client for 6 weeks I decided the gym was smelly and run down and the employees didn't care about anything other than their own muscles, so I walked in my letter of cancelation. Next day I was charged for another month, which I figured was policy for not having 30 days notice. Then they called wanting my number again to charge the initiation fee, saying my card didn't work, however this is the same card they had charged the monthly fees to. They also threatened to send me to collections if I didn't pay the initiation fee, so angrily I paid it over the phone and amazingly the card worked! Then 2 days later they called saying that I still needed to pay my initiation fee. I called again and they checked and said yes it shows you paid it already. Then a month later I see that they have charged me for another month of service even though it has been over 30 days since I took in my letter of cancelation. These people have no idea it they are coming or going. Don't use them, it will cost you way more in the end with fees and frustration.


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