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Do not sign up they are thieves. When you cancel your membership they still charge you one more month for the services you have canceled over 2 weeks ago. When I Questioned them about the charges they told me their was a 30 day notice needed therefore they can steal your money for one month that you can't use their facility.


  • Mf
    mfullerton21 Jun 10, 2011

    when you sign up they tell you ahead of time that you will be billed one last time and can use their facilities for the remainder of the thirty days.

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  • Gr
    GregGund Jun 10, 2011

    A 30 day written notice sounds pretty standard. Better than an 18 month contract that you can't get out of at other facilities

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  • Hu
    huckleberryhound Jun 20, 2011

    that's because you're the idiot, not the club. When you sign up, they give you the option of paying for two months in other words, first and last months rent basically. I guarantee you that when you signed up, you only paid for one month, and the TOLD you that when you quit, you would be billed for one more month. They're not thieves, you're just ###ed

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  • Co
    Common Sense13 Jul 03, 2011

    It says it on the "contract" you signed!!

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  • Pi
    PixelGrinch Apr 13, 2012

    After canceling my membership 7/14 (I do have the cancellation paper) they charged me within the following 30 which I guess is ok. They charged me another month after that and I called in. They said it was a mistake on their part and that they are refunding that charge back to my account. I left it at that and last week april 2012 I received a letter that there was a problem charging my credit card and I should come in and pay the fee. Looks like they kept charging my account almost one year after my cancellation! Unacceptable. I went in a couple days ago he told me he is going to take care of this mistake from their end but he never called yesterday as he promised. Nice job Fitness 19.

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  • Lo
    losing intrest Jun 08, 2012

    The current manager of fitness 19 is condisending, rude, ignorant, and treats his employees like trash. Since he has become mananger, the hygiene of the gym has dropped. Machines are falling apart. Employees of this gym are constantly being hired and quitting. When will the owners learn what the problem is.

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