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I recieved about 4 automated calls today all of which were to my personal cell phone. I waited on the phone each time for at least 10 minutes wasting my cell phone minutes in the process, finally a representative gets on the phone on the 4th call and says i owe them $2400.00 on a capitol one card that i took out in 1998. It is July 16th 2009. They are calling me about a charge that was made in 1998? That is over 11 years old which my ex wife took out in my name during that time. The maximum limit on that card at the time was $300.00 not there saying after 11 years i owe them $2400.00? They also said they been trying to reach me at 2 different addresses that i have not lived at in over 7 years. They also said this is not on my credit but i still owe them the money. I basically told them to go [protected]@ck themselves and i was not paying them a dime. This should have been taking off my credit years ago and that this is just harrassment at this point. They even had the last 4 of my social which is scary to me. I googled this company online and saw that they are on numerous blacklist sites for harrasment. [redacted].com had quite a few articles on them. Now i have to contact all 3 of my credit bureaus to get this straightened out. What a nightmare!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 07, 2011 4:58 pm

I am having similar problems with this company. They keep calling my cell phone and leaving a VM. when I call them to find out what this is about they tell me that my phone # does not show up on their list. I talked to a supervisor who said she would take me off the list. When I asked her why the other lady told me I was not on the list she handed the phone back to the other lady who said her supervisor would look on another list to see if I am there. Really getting tired of this.

Feb 11, 2011 4:42 am

Complaints about First National Collection Bureau may be made to the Financial Institutions Division of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry at -- see also their information page at (btw, the Nevada Consumer Affairs Division has been eliminated by the Nevada legislature -- see

Nov 02, 2010 2:53 am
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just for your information dude, just because your debt is over the stats of limitations does not mean they cannot collect on the account, it mearly means it doesnt effect your credit and there cant be a judement made on you. The balance was probably so much because you ignored the bill for 11 years. if you knew your ex wife did something in your name and you didnt file a police report then ya your still going to owe the money. idk why you guys all hate collection bereaus when you're the one not paying your bills. its the same as stealing. and a lot of time debt collections offer huge settlements some as low 30% of the
full balance. dont blame these people for your negligence of your own bills.

My fiance and I switched our cell phones here about a year ago, and the last 4 months they have been calling everyday while i tell them that this isnt his number they keep calling and when i try to talk to them they hang up. What can i do because i am so sick of them calling me everyday when he has no debt so what is this bs about?

Sep 02, 2010 9:16 pm
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Here is your solution: I am a satisfied customer and writing this to help others. The call is free and so is the service to you.
Okay folks there are a lot of agencies that think they can punk you into paying even after you say stop, cease and desist etc. They try to tel you that you have to do it in writing and that they will keep calling you. This is the solution. Tell the person that you want there name, and you want the debt verified in writing (it helps if you have a P.O. box or UPS store box. When you get the letter copy it and write a letter saying that this is not your debt and they are to cease and desist. Document the name of the person who called and keep your phone bills showing that the collection company called and what you told them. Most of the time they will stop calling you if not tell the person who calls this time that you have disputed the debt per FDCPA and they are in violation. If they become argumentative get the person's name and call Krohn and Moss attorneys for FDCPA. [protected]. I did this and sued the collection agency recieving a settlement and the best part of it was that I did not have to pay a dime, it was all covered in the settlement. I provided copies of my phone bill and a written statement informing the court that I told these people to leave me alone and they didn't. Part of the settlement was a deletion of the aledged debt from my credit. Call them, it is free to you and they will leave you alone.

Aug 11, 2010 3:18 pm


Jun 15, 2010 4:10 pm
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wow sounds like what there doing to me...

Mar 05, 2010 1:11 pm

I received a letter for a settlement from First National Collections Bureau.There's no First National Collections bureau on my credit reports (experian, transunion, or equifax), nor do I have an account with Cross Country Bank which they claim to be collecting the debt for. I called them and they were very hesitant to give me the Cross Coutnry Bank information they claim I owe a debt for. According to Cross Country Bank, they don't do business with this company. Do not give any information to these people. They are fraudulent and probably found an old bill in the trash or something...

Jan 22, 2010 12:47 am

They have called and called us on a Capital One card. The limit was $200 and now they say we owe $1900.00. It has been deleted from our credit because the other collection agency couldn't verify the debt. They call us and leave messages and only say 191 at your earliest convenience and that is it. The only way I know about them and this number is google it and also we got a letter stating we owe. Very strange. Needless to say I sent a dispute letter today, certified mailing. If it doesn't work let them take us to small claims, I have all documentation showing trying to get this resolved. UGH.. Nightmare!


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