First National Bank [FNB] South Africafraudulent activity using my card

J Jan 10, 2020

I am definitely leaving FNB after this. I have never been so irritated with any bank ever. It seems the consultants all have different Ideas of what can and cannot be done. After over 600ZAR was stolen from my account I was I formed my card was tapped and I could either cancel the feature or make using the feature require pin. None of which consultants I spoke to for over 60 minutes knew how to do. But poorly trained staff aside...

It seems that our cards are being used consistently at 4 toll gates Pumulani, Capricorn, Boabab and Kranskop plazas for multiple transactions at once. Not only that the transactions continue even after the card has been canceled. FNB is aware of this but just doesn't care enough to refund the money back to its clients or shut down this scam. Not to mention they made it seem as though I lost my card when the transaction is a 412, the type where my card number and cvv were used, I also do not know how they managed to get the OTP or get approval through my app. Making me suspect that FNB employees play a part in this. My other 412 transactions stopped immediately after I canceled my card but not these. Clearly FNB cards have a weakness and/or FNB employees are part of this and they are trying to cover themselves and blame us. I have been trying to resolve this for three days but I still have no idea when these transactions will end. I cannot even use my own bank account.

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