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M Jan 31, 2019 Review updated:

Illegal debit order went off my account as well, got the SMS yesterday and replied cancelled, tried calling Egoli Rewards and they are not answering, trust and believe I am not scared to sue. Very angry about this, at the fact that they have my details and how do they have my details! I tried calling the number and its busy and it just keeps ringing


  • Kg
    Kgao Jan 31, 2019

    R135 was debited from my account this morning by egoli rewards

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  • Cl
    Clearance Mpuru Zinjivha Jan 31, 2019

    The same happend to me today, debit order went off from FNB Account Egoli Rewards

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  • Hk
    Ťhå Khå Ňï Jan 31, 2019

    same here, tried calling them also but i didn't get an answer

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  • Mf
    MfabahGubhasi Didi Dephny Jan 31, 2019

    What is this egoli reward cause I didn't join it and how did they get my details, I see their reference has my ID number??????
    This is really bad and annoying

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  • Ma
    Matshiame Jan 31, 2019

    Same to me, cthey debited my account R135 what's happening with this egoli rewards thing😠😡

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  • Za
    Zama Mnguni Jan 31, 2019

    @Matshiame Same applies to me its the second time but what I can see the bank has something with this thing

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  • Za
    Zama Mnguni Jan 31, 2019

    @Zama Mnguni Pls stop to debit in my account plz you don't even answer you fone ring one way such big scam

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  • Bo
    Bola25 Feb 01, 2019

    I got the sms a few days ago from a so called Egoli Rewards and a debit order of R135 going off on my account yesterday so I was on the look out. And indeed the amount was debited which I reversed this morning and also blocked. I just thought to check this out on Google and see that I am not the only one . . . This is really unacceptable and I also feel the banks are in on it because the payment notification on this did not come through till about 10 am this morning yet other payments I made I received the notification immediately.

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  • Nw
    NwabisaN Feb 01, 2019

    they also debited R135 from my account this morning... crap I am gonna reverse it.

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  • Ad
    adeline mnyamana Feb 01, 2019

    FNB denetly knows something about this... I mean how the hell they got our details

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