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First Data Merchant ServicesI hope no one uses this company

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  • Je
    Jennifer121 Nov 04, 2010
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    Post Reviews For First Data Offices Below

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  • Za
    zavindur Oct 28, 2010
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    First Data, now

    Email Signature
    Account Manager
    Net Pay
    Email: [email protected]
    Ph: [protected] #102 OR [protected]
    Fax: [protected] OR [protected]

    Net Pay Bank Card is operated by same company, they're going under a different name.
    The second number that Ami gives is for's mainline. really sounds like a scam if they're changing names like that, and I'm unable to verify their DBA or company address (it looks like it's for a shopping center). I'll ask them to provide info, but it really does look bogus... darn, too good to be true i guess.

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  • Ss
    ssii Oct 09, 2010

    the reason fdms sucks id because Charles E. Jentzsch is running it.
    He used to own ccedwards back about 10 years ago. He ran this company out of his trailer home in page AZ.
    He finally moved into a real office until him and his wife both got addicted to gambling.
    He would take weekly trips to Laughlin NV. then while there intentionally crashing his own server. Once home he would call Interland claiming it was their fault and they would usually return a monthly fee of 3000.00, Hence he got his money back that they lost on the slots.
    Finally he and his company went broke, So then he has an affair with a newly hired employee. They skip to Las Vegas where he starts another company.
    Gets a divorce and marries the new employee.
    He also authored a book about Devil worshiping which he has a copy right
    This all started when he moved to Page AZ because he had a choice of either leaving Oregon because of drug charges and tax evasion or going to prison. He moved to AZ where his dad lives. Got a job at Best Western at Lake powell the with Coors Beer.
    He quit Coors and started his ccedwards company offering inferior products from SMC (Tom Bosley, Happy Days)
    He would charge customers hundreds and even thousands of dollars in hopes of selling them a merchant acount from Card services International.
    Then give them a cookie cutter web site with their SMC junk on it. He had a one time over 800 customers, No one sold anything!
    Total Internet scam
    So there you have it, watch your wallets.
    He did everything above keeping his credit clean, , , , ,
    So why his he in Vegas? The slots of course...
    His wife actually ended up on my door step years ago trying to make amends, No chance, she is now a black Jack dealer in Colorado. So now he's in Vegas taking your money, No surprise

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  • Wi
    William Sein Chow Jul 15, 2010
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    First Data leased me a pinpad for 480 under a four year contract. It is avaiable online for 99 bucks.
    I wouldn't even buy the toxic thing because first data charges additional bogus fees like security, insurance, etc. so you'll probably lose money off debit processing payments.

    Because it is incompatible with my existing credit card terminal, I can't use the PinPad, so I have to just lose 480. I spoke with a wells fargo merchant services agent, who told me i need to send the equipment back certified mail and keep all the tracking information, lest First Data tries to lie and deduct more money. Wells fargo Merchant Services was also complicit in assisting with an unfair and financially predatory contract.

    If you want to file a complaint with the BBB, here you go

    first data seems to be the parent company, but it has like 9 subsidiaries or sub-companies. Anyway, all of them are crooks, heads up. Just file a complaint with the BBB if something happened to you.

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  • Gu
    guingi Jul 08, 2010
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    Hi to all.

    My company is making contact here in New York city with a government agency and this will be to get our money back.

    Those of you interested that have similar cases where, you did ship the products/goods and have proof of delivery and First Data promised to give you these funds back but kept giving you another date and so on as it has happened to us. I think we have a good chance of getting a law sue going against them even though this company has other law sues against them in progress that are from other big companies such as banks. Thisperosn by the name of Anthony Rubino told me yesterday that one of our employees said to him or to them that we are processing stolen credit carda and we have been their client for eight years.

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  • Pi
    picced off Jul 06, 2010
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    this company is a scam advice no body to use it they are bunch of morrons

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  • Yani92625 Jun 14, 2010
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    Of course i am...this is a complaints board! I am simply recommending this company because i was referred to them by a friend, i use them because they have treated me right and thought it might help others who had problems with their existing merchant account...oh well...

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  • Co
    concernedcitizen2010 Jun 14, 2010

    RE: EXS Credit Card Processing posts by Yani92625: Being that you have posted the same comment on a LOT of complaints against other companies, I must agree with one of the other posters. It does appear you are simply promoting/advertising them...

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  • An
    Another First Data Victim Jun 10, 2010

    I'm in the same boat. I only had my account opened for about a month before my deposits stopped and they started to hold all funds in "reserves". No notice or explanation was given prior to holding the funds. I would call repeatedly and leave messages with none of my calls being returned. I finally got through to someone named "Brian" in the risk management department who had me fax various documents to show I was a legitimate business and proof that my customers were receiving their merchandise. He said once that was done that the funds would be released. All documents were faxed and the funds still haven't been released to this day and I haven't received a phone call, email or letter telling me anything about what is going on. I haven't had a single chargeback or dispute, so I have no clue why they would have a reason to hold the funds in the first place. My calls are always redirected to a voice mailbox for someone named "Kristin" in the risk management department who never returns my calls after leaving repeated messages.

    How can a company continue to operate like this without any legal action being taken against them? I have contacted the Federal Trade Commission and urge everyone else who is having the same problems with First Data to do the same- . Most of the options in the complaint wizard won't apply, but make sure you type a thorough explanation at the end in the comment box. If enough people bring this to the FTC's attention then maybe, just maybe something will finally be done to stop these crooks.

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  • Fi
    First Data Victim Jun 08, 2010
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    We are in the same situation.

    Keith Moss, First Data Independent Sales
    Service by Cardservice International
    Risk Analyst
    Tel [protected]
    1307 Walt Whitman Road
    Melvilie, NY 11747

    Sent us termination letter more than 6 months ago, stating they have established Termination Reserve Account - in the amount close to $30, 000 which was what they collected over 3 day period in our sales. He stated "these funds will be held for the greater of six months or longer as is consistent with the MasterCard and Visa Rules and Regulations" in his termination letter.

    No chargebacks on our side. Two plus year history with the account. The reason for the termination was increase in our business. Who woulda thunk? No chargebacks during the 6 months hold period... at least they have not notified of of any chargebacks. We average about 1 chargeback in 1000 transactions since our customer satisfaction is pristine!

    Called Keith Moss at the beginning of business day Eastern time, no call back from Keith Moss, so left another voice mail again at 4 PM Eastern- no call back. Another Business day passed by and no call back, just left another voice mail. Reading these posts as well as posts on
    /URL removed/
    and many other places on line, it appears withholding Funds in Termination Reserve Account far greater than any chargeback history and refusing to communicate with the merchant is a standard practice.

    First Data Merchant Services ( FDMS )
    6200 South Quebec Street
    Englewood, CO [protected]
    United States
    Phone: [protected]
    Secondary Phone: [protected]

    Colorado Attorney General

    Better Business Bureau Colorado

    Federal Trade Commission Complaints

    Are on the TMF Match list? Attorney's site with specialized info for Credit Card Merchants.

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  • As
    asshole74 May 31, 2010
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    had this merchants card service one time what big problem they are wrong charges $25.00 mouth. well thay was charge me $49.95 -$110.65 mth plus processed for cards. processed charges was withdrew at time charge when a card was use then it take 10 days to deposit funds in to my acct. they said should it be next day (b s)
    and i sign up for $24.95 mouth no a dime for . i called card service rep and she would fix it 4 mouths come and go i call back and email never got a call and email back rep and so i email the rep back saying cancelled it now 2 mouths go be and rep never do call them a go around the hell with them i want to my bank stop at payments to card service it worked.then 2 mouth come a collection agency call saying that i have a balance of $963.26. like hell i do we had word about it well they call the next wk 2times a day i said they have a balance to me for $1850.95 well they have not call back

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  • Pe
    pennjot1 May 26, 2010

    One merchant will not put your business on the terminated merchant file. You will need to have EXCESSIVE amounts of chargebacks in order for that to occour, and usually when you're put in that file, there is something that your business is doing that is against Visa and MasterCard regulatioins.
    Promote good business practices and this won't occour in the future.

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  • Yani92625 May 14, 2010
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    FYI: I went with EXS Credit Card Processing ( www. EXSCreditCardProcessing. com ) because they did not screw me with high processing and monthly fees. They also placed me in a free credit card terminal (no lease payments) to minimize my upfront costs when i opened my new restaurant. I highly recommend EXS if you dont want hassles or unexpected high expenses with other providers...they saved me over $8, 000 annually if processing fees vs. my old processing company...One suggestion, always check the companies better business bureau rating...I signed up with EXS because they had an A+ BBB rating...made my decision much easier...

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  • Mi
    Mikrone May 13, 2010
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    We own a luxury retail showroom located at 1401 S Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90035. We started using First Data Merchant Service as our credit card processing on 3/10/09. Our transactions with this processor have increased slowly at first. On 08/19/09 one of our clients purchased chandeliers (which were subsequently delivered and installed) and paid using a visa card for the amounts of $10, 000.00 and $6, 000.00 in total.

    We received a call on or about September 20th, 2009 from Frank Davenport (one of First Data's Risk Management representatives) requesting supporting sales documents for the very same previously mentioned transaction on 08/19.09. We promptly provided all requested materials in timely manner. Mr. Davenport acknowledged receiving and was satisfied with all the supporting documents that were provided to him. However to our surprise we received a letter dated 09/29/09 from First Data informing us that our merchant account has been closed and the amount of $15, 850.64 which was remaining in our account was placed on hold. We contacted Mr. Frank Davenport and he stated the hold is for a future charge back possibility and we should call him back in 30 days, as he needed time to release the funds.

    We never had any charge backs affecting our account. We never had a fraudulent card processed through our terminal and for the past five years we have not even had a charge back inquiry. We contacted the first data at the end of October and were informed that they reserve the right to hold on to the funds for up to 18 months and that I should call back in 60 days for release of fund. Now that we have contact them in 60 days we have been given the same story repeated over and over again followed by a demand of returned phone call, this time in 90 days. We called 12/29.09 and 12/31/09 talked to him and his co-worker and they told us same thing that they have right to hold our badly needed fund with out any reason for up to 18 months. We don't have any charge back inquiry in our account. The time frame for the client to request a reasonable charge back request has already elapsed. The products were delivered to the client’s home and installed as permanent fixtures inside their resident over four months ago; therefore there are not any logical or justifiable explanations of why the merchant processing center is holding to our funds.

    We are asking for the funds to be released into our account.a

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  • Al
    Allessandro A. May 10, 2010

    The problem that I see here are:
    1) So many merchants had applied with these merchant services providers over the years and are still having similar problems. It seams that not even the pertaining government agencies or the FTC are capable of helping individuals and small business owners from being screwed in such bad manner.
    2) Many merchants are looking to save some money (as it is normal) and they are not aware or being advised by “sales agents” of their business type or category’s in which they fall into, resulting in accounts being blocked.
    3) Many businesses fall in the “High Risk” category due to their nature of services and/or products they offer to the consumers.
    4) And ultimately, money being blocked and accounts being TMFed will continue happening simply because none of those merchant service providers, credit card issuers, and banks have a “real or right way” to protect merchants and cardholders from so many fraudulent situations going on now days. They don’t want to loose a single penny, and so arbitrarily act in such manner, transferring all result of those consequences to us. Finally, understand that there are no entities that can protect us from them acting in such manner, so do a little research before applying for a merchant account.
    5) My recommendation, pay a little higher rate to a merchant service provider that specializes in the “High Risk” environment. I went with ( and they got me with the right merchant service provider, so far I am very happy with them and the way they treat me. Good luck to you all…! Allesandro A.

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  • Kieth Moss was the Security person who closed or account sent us a letter stating they are holding 20, 000.00 in reserve for 6 months and to contact him in 3 moths to get the funds release- he does not return phone calls!

    FDMS First Data Merchant Services and Yahoo e commerce Scam-Fraud
    I have a yahoo internet business, yahoo only allows FDMS First Data Merchant Services as there platform for there shopping carts on there stores, I have been open for 3 years my sales have doubled in July 2009 I checked my bank account and was not receiving my deposits I contacted first data and they stated since my volume has gone up I am higher risk, so they would take 10% out of each of my batches until 10, 000.00 was in a reserve. Then in Jan 2010 was again contacted due to my 5% dispute rating (this dispute is not averaged by closed disputes but by disputes opened- internet business are Higher risk, and people dispute if they do not receive there product in 2 weeks even if the tracking shows it is on its way and the website states it can take up to 3 weeks to receive the merchandise and every product on the site state"2-3 business days for the handling time"- so I was then told I had to write out a plan to lower my disputes and they would be once again taking 10% out of my batches till another $10, 000.00 so a total of 20, 000.00 would be in reserve. March 2010 after they had the $20, 000.00 they stopped funding me again and gave me a week to find a new cc processor and told me they will hold the $20, 000.00 for 6 months from the last day I processed threw them. I formed a corporation and open a new account under the corporation- I was just told that they will not be funding me again and they are closing that account because of my previous account that was under my personal ss #- they are holding over another $10, 000.00 of mine. This is now a total of $30, 000.00 which is double the amount required to start a federal lawsuit- I then started doing some internet searches on first data and found several other people who experience this same issue and still have not received a dime back of the money first data is holding. Yahoo only allows there online ecommerce businesses to use a processor that is first data merchant services compatable so I am stuck and feel helpless as so many other people that have been scammed the same from First Data Merchant Services FDMS who there security department who makes these decisions is in Melville New york- [protected] but when you call no one answers they promise a call back with in 24 hours - they call you back in that time frame to notify you they are holding funds and canceling your service- but not when you are trying to get your money back- it has been 2 days I have left 6 messages and no return call- my next phone call is to a attorney to start Federal proceedings- This is one of the reasons the economy is the way it is- I have had to let 2 employees go due to this loss of income, and if this continues I will have to close my business and file bankruptcy these corporations tied to the banking system and credit card industry need to be stopped and our government is not doing a thing or passing any new laws to stop this- The middle class will no longer be in existence as long as company's and there "sister company's" like First data Merchant services are allowed to destroy and take advantage of the hard working middle class business and people. They need to be stopped!

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  • Co
    covetedindustries Mar 29, 2010

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I was getting all my chargeback notices in the mail late or not at all because they left off my unit number. I called to tell them and the only answer I got was, sorry we only get a certain number of characters and your address is too long so we cannot fit the unit number in!! So I have chargebacks that I could not dispute because it was past the due date just because my address is too long!! WTF!!!

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  • Co
    covetedindustries Mar 29, 2010

    I had switched to First data because of the better rates and they had great customer service before I signed up. Then I got some chargebacks and after a couple days of not getting my bank deposits I call and get the run around. They said my account was on 100% reserve but no one knew why. They said I needed to talk to James in risk management but he never answered my calls. I kept leaving messages and a week later he called and said sorry that he meant to call me earlier but he was so busy. So at this point they are holding around $6000 and they also tried to debit my checking account for another $10, 000! I did not have that much in my account so they only got $1000 which overdrafted my account so I could no pay rent and since they were holding my funds I could not purchase inventory. I had the bank restrict my account to avoid further debits from First Data. James had asked if I had closed my bank account and I told him it was restricted, then he proceeds to tell me that they tried to debit the $10, 000 to put into reserve and to tell my bank it was ok and not fraudulent so I should un-restrict my account! Ummm how about no! So I faxed all required info and never got a call back and my messages were not returned. So I have no money, no way to refund customers which resulted in more chargebacks and they eventually terminated my account due to excessive chargebacks which they caused!!! I also had another account through Wells Fargo which is also with First Data ( I had no idea they were with First Data when I signed up) so it also got terminated.

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  • He
    help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mar 25, 2010

    well I would like to say> First data needs to be shut down!!! plus that guy "Anthony" is @#!%^&!!!
    I just started my own buisness, and they put my money on hold because of high risk, plus they where going to hold 15%
    of each ticket and refund after 6 months. they take money out of my account with out notice!
    I have to say the Independent sales rep. has ben more help then the people out there in risk department'
    can they really do this??!!!

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  • Ty
    typea55 Feb 11, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company did very bad to me, big time scam...They sign me up very quick and as soon that I start using they services they kick me out because I was a risk? a Risk of what is not my fault that people try to purchase something with stolen credit card, I have a web site and I sell Electronics and Computers and I give the option to customer to pay with credit cards, just because there were declined transaction was enough to closed my account when there was no charge back and the transaction didnt even go through? I sign papers and I make myself responsible for any charge back so what was the deal in been a risk ? Ok they closed the account not big deal the problem is that the hold legitimate transactions and they will not realease until I ship. Ok I sent the first order for $1600, later I sent the second order for $700, no deposit yet and quickl I run out of funds course I'm not going to be sending orders without getting money to keep working, so I decide to start refunding the last 2 or 3 orders.

    Nivia is the person that I been spoking with from First Data risk management phone is [protected] ext 46907, after closing the account and verify the transaction they still refused to deposit the money into my account when I talk to her she told me that I have to wait a least 6 months (Is this legal?) that's not all, the money that I refund from the customer was take it direct from my account and not from the funds that they were holding when I didnt even the the funds? Let me think, they holding my users (clients) money for backup purpose or interest ?? and refunding the clients from my bank account?

    Any lawyer/attorney is welcome to contact me and I will be glad to take you all the way to court even if I have to pay.

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  • Je
    jerrybrz Jan 06, 2010

    I wish I would have checked in with the web to check this company out before I signed with them, but I to honest, I didn't think a Merchant processing company could be a fraud, they are supose to protect us and not hurt us that work hard on starting up a company. I feel bad for the ones that have lost $1000's of dollars, I only lost $1200 through them. They said they have to hold onto the funds just in case anybody disputes them, Bull Crap. They want to hold it so you will be forced to keep an account open just in case the money clears down the road. Meanwhile they will keep charging our account with unathorized charges. Since we have been closed, they have tried to ach our account 5 times in the last 3 days, The sad thing is, they are getting away with this. Small companies like ours can not afford to hire a lawyer and go through the whole proccess of chasing them with the great chance of us not getting anything back in return. Do not use this them, you will just get hurt in the end. The really scary part is, they have all of your intimate information on file for there own use.

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  • Az
    AZbusinessOwner Dec 28, 2009

    Ditto, here. I wish I had found this site before using them. My experience with them is something you would expect from a third world country with corrupt banking system. I don't think there is any doubt that FirstData is a dishonest maybe criminal organization, but I guess the question I have is how employees can work there in good conscience. Hard to believe a U.S. company can exist as they do.

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  • Bu
    Burned by FD Dec 01, 2009

    We are a relatively new customer to First Data. We have had nothing but a terrible experience from start to finish. It took us more than a month to receive our POS hardware (which was in-stock) and were charged 3 times for it (each time resulting in bounced checks). Does anyone have a consolidated list of the "800" numbers and when to call each one? I now have a list of 16 different "800" numbers each for a different department (no joke). How in the world are we (the customer) supposed to know when to call which number? In the last 3 months, I have yet to reach the correct one.

    On to the reason for my reply - I will be switching my merchant services to someone else ASAP. Does anyone have any recommendations? What shenanigans do they pull when cancelling an account?

    Signed -
    "Burned too many times by FD"

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  • Cd
    cdalawyer Nov 30, 2009

    I'm a class action attorney in the process of assessing possible class action lawsuits against First Data. Our fim has already successfully prosecuted claims against other credit card processors for unfair trade practices. Please contact me with more information about your complaints. [email protected]

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  • Up
    UpsetCustomer10000 Nov 05, 2009

    We have been shut down by First Data at least 7-10 times. We try to stay ahead of them. Our stories are similar to all the above where they call you at 5PM and tell you they are shutting you down. They make up any reason or don't have to give you one. Their Nazi attitude is well know in the industry. They get off by shutting down good businesses and victimizing honest people. They lie on their printed sales material as well as their web site, stating how they are bringing you great service and protection. They give you none of this and any problem you may or may not have will result in a shut down eventually. Complaining to AG does not get you anywhere. Just like the SEC the AG is sleeping and only wakes up to get re-elected. First data will file a TMF with MasterCard International and will not release it under any circumstances. They tell you that by releasing the TMF they are carrying a future liability which will come back to cost them. Once that happens you can be 100% sure you are out of business. As said in the movie " Shooter" by the AG of the US Justice Dept. "sometimes things need to be settled like the wild wild west." And what did he do, he cleaned house the way it should be done sometimes to put people in their place and send a real message.

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  • Mo
    Moogy Oct 31, 2009

    Forgot to mark as AGREE with the complaint. First Data should be shut down.

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  • Mo
    Moogy Oct 31, 2009

    First Data just informed us via MAIL they are cancelling our account and holding all of our payments for at least six months. This is tens of thousands of dollars. Their justification? We're selling at a higher "price' than what we defined in our contract.

    We're going to our attorney on this, but I must say this isn't the only issue - dealing with their sales people is worse than dealing with used car salesmen. This company is horrendous.

    As my friend said, First Data is asleep at the wheel.

    We have done nothing wrong, and they won't inform us of anything via EMail, and they won't return our phone calls. I have never seen such a malicious company. Guess we'll be finding out what legal action we can take as we look for a new merchant service. We've had to completely shut down our large-scale online sales because of this.

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  • Te
    Terry P Oct 30, 2009

    Unfortunately, we didn't check this site out before signing up with First Data to process our customer cred cards. Luckily, we were only ripped off $512.00 they processed one card then cancelled our account and continued to withdraw funds from our business account.
    Keith Moss was the guys name [protected]
    Stay away from these folks
    we have also filed complaints with the FTC and Attorney Generals office.

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    We had 1 person catch a bug and 2 minutes after they cancelled their $232.00 order then they put in a chargeback
    Thus our merchant account the people who take your credit card charge decided to keep your money against the law.

    Thus [protected] X #102 Name: Ami He and Melanie from CTS Holdings [protected] X226

    held over $16.500.00 and even took away our ability to refund anybody so we could move onto our new account.

    The above people are holding your money hostage. IE: We have no alternative but to cancell your order and we have

    No way of refunding you.

    They say we owe them fees for money they NEVER gave our company in the first place. Including yours. They are


    IF you received your parts and are getting this e-mail then you are lucky because that means we could be out the

    money as well as the parts, and after an accounting will notify you further.

    All I can say is we apologize for the messup and if you did not receive a UPS tracking E-Mail Or What You Ordered

    you should call the number on the back of your card and tell them about the above people whom have your money and

    putin a charge back.

    I would suggest you get your Chargeback Refund Thus will Force them to refund you, Please do inform them of the

    above people as this is NOT OUR FAULT, and you can call us to Re-order at a 20% Discount as we are moving forward

    with a New more reputable Credit Card Merchant Account that will not steal your money, hold hostage and refuse


    We deeply apologize for this inconvience and hope you will re-order as we are also upgrading everyone to better

    newer parts depending on what you ordered.

    We have been supporting and supplying the consumer for 15 years and hope that this banking mess does not affect

    your opinion about us as we are here to help you get better products and lose that alarm companies fees you have

    been paying in the past. Believe me I know because I used to work for one of those companies and hated it every

    time the boss ripped off the consumer with lower shabby parts.

    Please contact us if you have any questions what so ever..


    Thank You For Choosing Us For Your
    Families And Business Security Needs.
    Alarm Yourself Inc
    PO Box 1322 Rifle Co 81650
    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]


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  • Ro
    ron83 Oct 09, 2009

    I have been with them for over 10 years and all of this started in the last year or so since they were sold to a private company. Yes, they will take money any time they feel like it out of your account without notice. If you try to do a stop payment on them they will just send it again with added fees with a different name so you have to keep spending more money on stop payments for different names. Then when you call them they will tell you they need written notice to close the account and tell you to fax it to some non existent fax number and keep taking money out until you have to close the account and start a new one. DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

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  • Be
    Ben Oct 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First Data sales reps will tell you anything you need to hear to sign up for a merchant account while leaving out all the critical details they don't want you to know about. The perfect sleazy used car salesmen. I went to these guys on a recommendation from Sam's Club plus membership telling me about how great a deal I'll be getting. Before I knew it, I had two merchant accounts and a processing terminal. After it's too late I'm told I need to insure their overpriced hardware or they will charge another $6/month. After 3 months I realized that second account and terminal package were just overkill creating a cost and complication I did not need. That's when I found out I had a 3 year contract and a 4 year lease that I can't get out of. I loath contracts and would not have agreed knowing I was tied in for 3 years. When asking to see this contract I agreed to I'm told I have to pay them $7 for a copy. After reading all the complaints here I'm now opening a new bank account and closing the old one so these crooks don't have access to my money.

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  • Ha
    hartman Oct 06, 2009

    For those who could not get merchant services accounts, thank your lucky stars. I have an account and they started adding charges, notifying you 1/2-1 month after they added the charges and letting you know that you now had to pay them. When I called and told them they had to give me advance notice of increases, they told me that they didn't because they didn't fall under the classification of notification that other companies have to follow. Their cancellation policy is shady because when you cancel, there is a couple of month period after which they still charge you because their cancellation period starts from some nebulous calculation that they use, not the day you cancel. We cancelled in June/July and they are still trying to debit our account (which we had to close due to Merchant Services / IPayment, Inc.)

    For any of you with problems, we have reported them to the Federal Trade Commission and were advised by the FTC to let anyone else with problems know about this so they can be closed down.

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  • Sc
    scam on a large scale Sep 25, 2009

    My advice DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING WITH THEM ... JUST DO NOT SIGN THEY WILL PRESSURE YOU TO SIGN RIGHT THEN AND THEN BUT DONT FALL FOR IT. I am in a mess right now and trying to sort things out with them but everyone you talk to is a cousin to Hitler just plain rude...From supervisors to managers all of them have no heart at all they are there to scam you and they do a great job with it. STAY AWAY FROM THEM RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN FROM THEM. All they want is money from hard working innocent middle class people like you and me. My biggest lesson lerant is I WILL NEVER EVER TRUST ANYONE AGAIN...

    0 Votes
  • Er
    EricJones Sep 02, 2009

    They are holding over $200K of my money. I'd like to beat their face in!!!

    1 Votes
  • Jo
    JOJOV Aug 18, 2009

    Be careful of 1st data, change processors ASAP and get a new bank account.

    GET THIS 28/18/2009 I get a $307. 07 charge on my Bank account. SEVERAL calls a later and finally with the help of my bank in a 3- way call we discovered the Culprit.

    re:1st Data Global, represented by collection aka !st Data Services Adjustments drafted my bank account for charges dated September 2005 . This was for Terminal Termination Fee . Interesting ...I never received any notice from them in ...4-YEARS! Hm I think this is ILLEGAL!!!

    What this brings to mind is another charge when I canceled my service with them and they slipped a $500. charge thru. I contested it put they produced some contract that I never had, and the bank allowed the charge.

    The rep who came to my business, waived the contract terms on my paper, marking through the early termination fee.

    I had the paper work! When I CANCELLED the service, 1st Data faxed all this contract stuff to me, stating that it was my responsibility to have read all the small print in material that I never had. They furthered the lie by telling me the man who signed me up was"No longer with the Company" and that he was not authorized to waive any charges.

    STRANGE, as we faxed the said application directly from my business. SO They had the origional application form .

    Everything had to have been correct for them to have sent the equipment to me and to have the Rep come out and set everything up...HMMMMMM .

    Now these Scums are trying to steal from me again. Shame on me that I did not change my bank account.

    My advise, change your account, do not allow these Rat ### any access in the future.

    Maybe the time has come for a class action suit! How do we contact the "Watch Dogs". I would like to see this operation shut down. It make me sick that they are still doing to business.

    0 Votes
  • Me
    Merchantnewyork Jul 17, 2009

    We agree with you totallu. Our hope is that through merchant complaints First Data payup big time. There needs to be a class action law suit against first data.
    The company associates, supervisors, managers are total liers and back each other up to screw the merchant.
    Our story is not unlike other merchants, in business 30 years, no charge backs, since Nov. when our account was taken over from Chase by First data we have had 4 charge backs non justified.
    We beliebe that first data is a corrupt organization where employees stop at nothing to screw the merchant.
    You have heard the stories it is all true.,
    in our last outrageous charge back when we did not get represented to the issuing bank, the issuing bank agent who one would think should be on the side of their customer ( who was trying to riop us off) finally came to our rescue as the case was glaringly to our favor, yet First Data did not reprent our company and every time we called there was more lies delivered by First data.
    We are moving away from First data and will never look back.
    We hope to see them out of business like so many corrupt financial institutions. Cannot wait for the day when all these managers and supervisors are oout of a job.

    1 Votes
  • Vi
    VictimofFraud May 10, 2009

    Check your credit report... First Data destroyed my credit!!! They might of done it to you too...
    Make sure you pull your credit report... If your situation is anything like what I experienced with First Data, then you should check your credit report. My story can be found on ... Good luck...

    1 Votes
  • Ja
    jake Mar 31, 2009

    I am amazed that that all that this company is allowed to continue screwing honest companies. I looked in my bank account a few weeks ago to find out that they withdrew $10, 000. After calling for days and leaving dozens of messages someone finally answered the phone. I frantically explained what happened and was surprised when he told me this was normal. He said he would try and get in contact with the person in charge of our account, but he was out of town. My first thought was that this company took out money for the sole purpose of going on vacation. Not only did this company withdraw $10, 000, they were holding another $10, 000 dollars because they saw us as a "risky account." The guy snewdly remarked that he tried to get ahold of us, but we didn't answer the phone. I asked him if he left a message, and he replied NO. So after one missed phone call, this company felt they had the right to STILL $20, 000. I was told someone would call me back by the end of the day, but of course no one ever called. I called every two hours for about a week, and I finally reached to pretentious ### in charge of our account. I still haven't received our money, and we have lost a lot more than $20, 000 because we can not pay the bills. They act like we are a million dollar company that can afford this. The truth is they simply do not care. They do not care if we go out of business. I would kill these ### if I could find out where they live.

    3 Votes
  • Jo
    jonedoe Mar 30, 2009

    I have had a similar experience with these guys just recently. I woke up one day to find they ach debited 10k from my bank account. They said they tried calling once, but did not leave a msg before they did this. They thought our company to be a fraud. Well, why did they accept us then? I have been trying to get my money that I have worked for back from them for over a week now. They are a freaking joke and they don't understand how bad this can hurt ones company. I hope they go broke. They are crooks.

    2 Votes
  • Sa
    Sandy Mar 24, 2009

    I dealt with Paymentech formally owned by First Data and had huge problems with their customer service or lack of. They seized my money because my business had expanded beyond expectations. Instead of talking to me they shut me down without a moment notice. They demanded that I submit another $50000 to be withhold on top of the $10000 I submited in the beginning. When I said I would no longer do business with them they tried to access my bank account and tried to with draw $25000 with out my permission. These guys are a bunch of crooks. Do not use them.

    2 Votes

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