First Convenience Banklarge deposit on hold for 3+ business days!


This is the last issue I will have with First National/Convenience Bank! I've had too many issues with them when it comes to withdraws, credit/debit purchases, etc. They ALWAYS take the biggest purchase out & hold on to the last ones so that you can overdraft. I've complained with them too many times about this. This last time, I sold some tickets on Ticketmaster for a concert for a colleague of mine. He actually took a loss on this, so the amount I was to receive, was less than what was paid for them. On Friday, 10/20/2017, Ticketmaster deposited the amount into my account. I check my account every morning at 7 am & the funds were there. So I wrote a check to the person I sold them for. Later that day, I checked my account again (I check my account morning & night) & noticed the funds were taken out! I figured it would be in pending status until at least Monday. Well, here it is Tuesday 10/24/2017 & I had to call them to find out what was going on with my money. They finally informed me that my money was on HOLD until I submitted my original receipt from Ticketmaster for the exact amount. Well, the original receipt is for more than that amount & it took me more than 30 minutes to finally speak to a supervisor for him to say that the original receipt will work & that I have to fax it in to the card fraud department with my account information for MY money to be released to me! I am fed up with all of the issues & trying to give them multiple chances to fix their crap! I am closing all of my accounts after I receive my money!

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