First Convenience Bank [FCB]banker treated me poorly because I wanted to deposit my check as cash

N Oct 27, 2018

On 10/27/2018 at approximately 1520 I was attempting to deposit my check as cash at the Stephenville Walmart location. I asked to deposit my check as cash and I was immediately denied being told that that is unnecessary cause she'll put a memo on it so it will be available immediately. I told her I want to keep 50 and deposit the rest as cash. She was upset, raised her voice and asked if I seriously wanted her to cash it, I said yes please because I want to keep $50 and deposit the rest as cash. So she gave me 2-$100 bills and 4-$20 bills, and said Thank You. I asked her if there was a problem with me getting $50 in cash and depositing the rest as cash into the account... to which she said no rolled her eyes and put her arms out at the cash she gave me. I kept $40, gave her back the rest and asked her to deposit it. Looking at me like I was stupid, she asked if I was sure and then deposited.
Throughout the entire process she tried convincing me that what I was asking for was stupid, that there were too many steps required in order to do it and she treated as if I was making it personally difficult for her. No matter what I said, she continued telling me why she didn't want to. She manager tried refusing to deposit my check as cash a few weeks ago, so I know that's how the girl was trained. The attitude and rude treatment was a new flare of her own that this personal banker brought to this particular experience. I left feeling horrible and frustrated. No matter how courteous and patient I was, I was treated like I was an inconvenience and extremely simple minded.

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