First Convenience Bankexcessive overdraft fees

J Jun 13, 2018

I've had my account with this bank for close to three years. I've never had any major hiccups until I place the overdraft protection on my account . Within the past 30 days, the bank has charged me $102 in overdraft fees. One was an error on my part, but other two are truly uncalled for. State Farm Insurance submitted a draft for the amount of $145.25 and because another charge had come in at the same time, I had $144.00 and some change. The bank charged me $34 for $1.25, instead of contacting me by phone and allowing me to just putting the money in. A similar situation happened a few days ago. On the same morning that my SS hit my account, my car payment came in as well. The bank charged me another $34. I strongly feeling that the bank is taking advantage of senior citizens and attempting to capitalize on the fact that a person has added overdraft protection to their account. I am contesting these charges.

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