First Abu Dhabi Bank [FAB] / money withdrawals from my account without my knowledge by the bank

The bank has withdrawn 15360AED from my account without any information and my knowledge. While I complaint to the customer care as per them they had credit in to my account in December by mistake and that's why they had debuted in July from my account.
While I checked the history of my payment I have got the information what exactly happens in December and I want to share here now.
I went to city centre sharjah branch to pay 7680 aed of my credit card due payment so first I paid the cash amount 7680AED but it was NBAD ATM machine and due to NBAD & FGB become FAB merge process is going on after payment done it's still showing the payment is due and not credit in account.
I had call to customer care and informed about that issue so as per them try from account to credit payment and I had done it also but still it was showing the same than as par customer care representative I have to go to the branch and they will help me and whatever money (7680aed) I had paid that day they will credit back to my account.
Next day I went to the branch and paid by account to credit card and it's done.
Bank has credited the amount back to my credit card which is I paid extra amount and for that I ask how can I get this money back than as par customer care I have to cancel my credit card and than only I can get the cash amount so I have done it.
After almost 6 months bank has debited from account 15360 AED.
I had complaint but until now nobody has contact me back and I am facing lot of problems due to stress of this issue. Please do the need ful as soon as possible.

Rakeshkumar Ramjibhai Patel
Account # -[protected]

Sep 12, 2019

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