First Abu Dhabi Bank [FAB]interest on closed account/ charges not reversed

I am customer of NBAD since 2009 and in 2014 I applied loan of 200K and NBAD opened automatically additional account for that loan.
Monthly installments were getting deducted automatically from my current salaried account and in 2017 August, I paid whatever was pending at once. That time NBAD cleared me off and stated no loan pending all dues cleared. And I never thought of any secondary account anymore. But in May 2019, I suddenly noticed that on my phone app there is second account and that has debited charges of minimum balance and interest on top. Like seriously since Jan 2019, bank started charging without even informing customer that we acquired a bank and will now impose charges on previously closed account also.

Moreover, I raised complaint on 21st May 2019 of said charge and assured a refund and closure of case within 24 hours with reference number SR11974219. Until now after more then a month and 6 additional calls and emails. Nothing moved. This I found to be the most incompetent service ever.

Jun 24, 2019

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