Firestone Complete Tireunethical behavior

I bought 4 Primewell Tires 7 days ago and after 5 days of driving on them one went flat. Brought tire back to Firestone, they said that I must have hit a curb, I did not hit any curbs or potholes, there were no marks on the tire. Firestone of Hamden, CT would not give me a new tire. Will never again service my 3 family cars at Firestone. They are a complete rip off. Their Managers of their stores are only after there SALES Bonuses, meaning that the public gets ripped off.


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    WB Frank Dec 30, 2010

    I bought Fuzion HRi XL tires for my 2500 lb Honda Fit 8/2008 at approximately 48000 miles on the OEM. On 7/2010 I had a low speed blowout, luckily. Just like the Firestone's of old it was good old tread separation (according to Tirerack the tires were made in 2008). Thinking this a fluke or road hazard I threw the tire away, heck!
    In Nov. of this year(2010) I noticed one of the front tires had the beginning of tread separation on the sidewalls. The only tire that was not effected is the tire I bought 7/2010. All of the tires bought in 2008 have varying degrees of what I call Firestone Tread Separation. One Firestone dealership I went to said that since he didn't sell these tires then he would not warranty them. Corporate in Chicago is only going with 'pro-rated' and the online store wants me to send the three tires to them @ approximately $35.00 a tire postage.
    Really seems like they don't really care and the first thing out of their mouths is that it 'must be you or the fault of the car'...

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    95eclipsers Apr 12, 2013
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    The tread separation issue Firestones had was actually determined to be Ford's fault, not Firestone, because Ford specified a tire pressure that was far too low, causing the tires the heat up too much and blow out. In any case, tire warranties do not, in themselves, cover flats or road hazards, and often times companies will sell a separate warranty that DOES cover these issues. If you purchased tires and are having a flat problem, double check your receipt to make sure you purchased road hazard coverage. Otherwise, it may be hard to prove whether or not the tire was installed incorrectly and caused a leak.

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