Firestone Complete Auto Careunprofessional workplace

A Sep 07, 2018

I'm complaining about the unperfonisal work environment of firestone. They allows employees to have sexual relations in and out of work. The store manager for Parmer lane ( Jason) and front counter help of northcross drive ( Amanda) have been having sexual relations at work for weeks now. They will meet up and the store and disappear in the managers office for hours on end. They kiss and group in the front lobby and warehouse. Customer's have complained. Amanda will meet Jason after the store closes and everyone is about to leave. I have contacted corporate about the and they don't feel it's a issue. It's a issue when customers start feeling uncomfortable and complain. I strongly feel this condut is unacceptable.

  • Updated by An Omyus · Sep 07, 2018

    This is about work place condut. I have seen first had the store manager of parmer lane (Jason) and front counter staff of northcross Dr ( Amanda) having sexual relations in and out of the store. They meet up at the store and disappear in the managers office for hours on end. They will kiss and group on each other in the lobbys in front of customer's. I have received multiple complaints for customers. I informed upper management and corporate and they haven't done anything to stop it. I don't think this is the best work place condut and actions like this shouldn't happen in front of customer's. This is not the company I want to work for if there upper management allows these kind of actions to take place in their stores.

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