Firestone Complete Auto Carehotrodding my vehicle


I just had new tires installed on my 2002 duramax and have purchased the lifetime at alignment back in Oct 2011 at F.C.A.C. I went in on a Monday at 8:00am 4-16-12 and was first on the list. My truck was test driven, then returned and put on the alignment rack. After that the tech took it down a side street red-lined my engine and shifted it accordingly. It has not run the same since.
After an alignment a vehicle is usually parked and your key returned, mine was 1/4 miled down the street before parking it. There is no way the steering could have been checked on the joy ride an SJ Rincon (tech) took in my pride and joy.
The manager (Larry) heard my truck roar down the street and we were in the waiting room so I suppose he thinks what the tech did is OK. I've started a claim about the incident and have been treated rudely by Gil [protected]) after waiting a week to hear from him, then rudely again by the guy they chose to check out my truck after he waited to call mt on a Friday afternoon and telling me mornings were best for him. My truck is parked and now NOT going to Alaska this year and I will have an independant unbiased inspection done upon my return. BUYER BEWARE!!!


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    Ahillio55 Apr 07, 2010

    Even after listing the manufacter requirements on my bill they put the wrong oil in my car. When I questioned them about it they told me not to worry and refused fix their mistake. Do not make the same mistake I did, go to a better service center.

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  • Sa
    sam2010 Jun 14, 2011

    I was in the store for a replacement of tires. After I drove out I saw my steering wheel was tilted. They said that since the tites were new the tilt cannot be fixed without an alignment and I had to pay for it.

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    outtowinpahc Jun 04, 2014

    Its is normal for a test ride after the alignment to make sure it drive straight, they should have never redlined it though, but there is torque steer to see if it pulls under load.

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