Fingerhutaccount/ stolen merchandise


Hi back in Feb/March 2013 I advised fingerhut I never received the featherbed I ordered. I then was told I had to fill out an affidavit they sent me over and over and over, this went on for months. I sent it in the mail and faxed it. I was then told by customer service they credited my account and it was finally over. I since moved to another state and went through a divorce which is why I don't have a lot of my paperwork from back then, anyways I then was given another account number about a year ago with a fresh start program which I never used. I haven't ordered a thing since the situation in 2013. So a few days ago I get a holiday catalog at was given a 400.00 credit limit and to my surprise I was impressed with some of your stuff in the book and decided to order. I call up and was on the phone for an hour the customer service rep tells me I had a 400.00 credit limit but now I don't because my account from 2013 was sold to a collection agency for non payment. I was transferred 6 times and left a message which mind you was never returned and I was treated very unprofessional. So from a customer that has a lot of things from fingerhut Id love to know how I can can treated like this for something the delivery guy left outside an apartment complex and fingerhut researched this credited my account and somehow 4 years later have no record of it. I better not get harassed from a collection agency on merchandise I didn't receive and fingerhut was well aware of this years ago. I suggest someone corrected this program and fix my credit account the way it should be. Or I will have no choice but to get my brother who is an attorney to file suit for fraud and stress and whatever inpact this might have had on my credit in 4 years. Your customer service people are rude, ignorant and just plain don't want to work. I also suggest fingerhut find the paperwork I faxed and mailed at leaset 15 times that they were able to correct the problem sometime in June of 2013 and now all of a sudden its all lost..

Thank you
Donna D'Agostino

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