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After bying a phone Samsung Jack at Fido with a contract of 2 years in Jan `09, my phone was not working well, after only a few months. I went to the boot where I got it, they told me to call service dept.

I did, they to me to go at some boots places for an exchange, I went to a few and no one had it...

Call back, to waist my time, because for them it wasnt there problem no more...

But I still had to pay my 2 years contrats if I wanna to cancelled I had to pay back at least 540$ to cancelled.

Now I went to get a phone that I had to buy at 175$ to replace and guess what it still dont work, its says that I have to call service dept. because the PUK is looked. Problems again???

To any of you out there, who are trying to choose a phone company, just dont go with this one, Ive being with them since 2017, first with a pre-paid phone, think they will help me a bit but no. NO HELP




  • Ta
    Tatyana.H Dec 28, 2011

    I've been Fido's customer for 11 years. My monthly bills would average around $70-80. And what do I get now? Fido blocked my account 6 months ago because I had the unpaid balance on my Rogers account. I still think it was illegal thing to do. If Fido misses their payment on finance loan, can the bank block Rogers account without any prior parental guarantee? I highly doubt it! Yet, that is exactly what they've done to me. I've never signed a contract with neither Rogers or Fido allowing them to do so. I didn't even know they were related! They advertise everywhere that they are 2 separate legal entities.
    I still can't believe Fido did this to me after 11 years of being their customer.

    Fine! There are other companies over there who offers me as low as $12 per month for unlimited calling!

    But what killed me with Fido is that they've kept charging me [email protected] for all those last 6 months while my phone was blocked by them!!! How fare is that?! $80 monthly for blocked account? How reasonable is this? If you blocked my account, it means you stopped your service to me, in my mind it's similar as cutting me off, cancelling my contract. How can you still accumulate the monthly charges after that? The customer service reply to me was, that I was committed to pay these monthly fees. But so did Fido!!! They committed to provide me a service, haven't they! They think I must pay for no service! They just chose to block my account & keep charging me while I can't make or receive any calls!!!

    Moreover, I've got a call on 14th December 2017 from Fido offering me to unlock my phone if I pay the $600 balance accumulated for these 6 months "No Sevice" period. I trusted them & paid it next day. So, guess what, I shouldn't! After I paid it, I found out that Fido cancelled my account a week ago on 7th Dec & charged me another $500 cancellation fees. So, if they are not liars, then who are they???

    So, there are 3 issue in my complaint:

    1. How could Fido block my account due to dispute with 3rd party, here Rogers, if my contract with Fido never mentioned they have legal right do so? I know this is illegal & I am willing to take it further to the lowers, to investigate on the legal aspect of this.

    2. How could Fido keep charging me $80/month for the period when I have received no service from them? I believe any court would rule this in my favour. I didn't cancel my contract, they did on my behalf, by stopping providing me a service back in June. So whatever they charged me since then is a ripp off & must either be returned back to me or offset against cancellation fees.

    3. Why would Fido call me on 14th Dec 2017 promising to unblock my account if I pay $600 (which I still consider was unfair fees) when my account was already cancelled a week ago? What kind of business ethics is this? If this wasn't a LIE, then what was it??????

    If no one in Fido will be able to help me to resolve my issue, I'll have no choice but to go to court.


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  • Un
    unhappy with wowo Oct 11, 2011

    I talked to the fido rep july 31 about giving them notice of cancellation after the contract finished. He said no matter what we still charge you a month of service after u port your number to other company. I told him my contract ends on august 31 and i can goto another company after that day without paying a month, he said, no you still have to pay for september bill, but my contract ends on aug 31, he said it's not a contract, it's price guarantee until aug 31. So i port my number to another company on aug 30 and next thing I got a charge for $100 bill for being cancel a day early plus an extra month. so i call the wo wo company and she said it's the cancellation fee, i ask her a day earlier cost me $100, i got mad and swear at her for like few minutes and she got the guts to tell me to handle it in a professional way i told her how can i handle it in a professional way just a day earlier and got this $100 bill plus a month of service fee which is beyond the contract period. she send me to the customer relation and fnally they credit me back $100 plus tax. my word to all of you, don't sign any contract with any company and go with pay as you go, this way they can't do anything to you.

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  • Kr
    KREM Dec 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So, I had a plan with FIDO on a 2 year term. During this 2 years my bill was constantly increasing, many of the items I was billed for I had to phone and dispute with success. It was annoying but this time with my change in plan..FIDO has really stepped over the line. The new plan that I agreed to over the phone, I asked that the operator make note of all of the terms.previous experience taught me this. Unfortunately, when I questioned my first bill I was told that I was rude because I questioned air time charges where calls were not answered or were even nonexistent. Also, we had agreed to a long distance plan that included their expanded network and they reneged on that. They also reneged on dropping the system access fee. After reading the complaints on this website, what I am reading is that they are on commission, and I guess will ultimately tell you anything. Fortunately I am not under an agreement and will be moving to another carrier, perhaps Bell. With that will go my Roger's internet and cable. What remains is the constant bad-mouthing in the office for this company and its parent company Rogers. But alas, they have earned it...

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  • Al
    Alana Lacheve Jul 23, 2010

    My mom signed on with Fido, and got her and I phones with a 2-yr contract. We were told that dialing 611 would lead us to customer service.

    When we left and started playing with our phones, there were no instruction booklets on how to use the phone. They sold my 70-yr old mother a phone with NO INSTRUCTIONS. They told her to "go online and print the manual." - Yeah a 70 yr old woman with no Internet access and no printer is going to look online how to use her phone??? WTF???

    When calling 611 for so-called "customer service, " there is NO OPTION to speak to a service rep. All automated. No customer service reps to help Fido clients with ANYTHING. If you need service, you have to go to a location, like they did in the 1950s. They also charge $2 for your invoice every month, unless you receive it online. Tried registering online as advised, it said our phone numbers were invalid. I think Fido is INVALID.

    I was with a different company before, I regret leaving. Fido can suck on my bone! At the end of the 2-yr contract, if we last that long, we're off to see a different company!

    Plus, their pay-as-you-go phones start charging when you dial, so even if you don;t speak to anyone, you pay for dialing. Crooks!

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  • MaryP Dec 09, 2009

    Hi Hina, this is Mary with Fido. My apologizes for the delay. Have you called Customer Care about this issue? They have your full account details and should be able to help you.

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  • MaryP Dec 09, 2009

    Hi Kalun - This is Mary with Fido. My apologies for the delay in responding to this post as well as for your experience as noted above.

    I will most definitely share this feedback with our team.

    I appreciate the time you took to explain the situation. Also note, you can reach out to us via Twitter at


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  • Hi
    Hina Zainab Oct 23, 2009

    Hi there,
    My name is Hina, Im new in Canada, I came here on Sep 8th 2017. i signed up for fido few days after coming here, but never registered my self to Premium Text Trivia, neither was informed by fido about any such third party services .
    I have recieved my fido invoice on Oct 11th 2017, which also includes Premium Text Trivia, which has charged me $28!! .. and because of this i had an increases in the taxes as well as the whole fido bill! ...
    I called the trivia customer service, they say that i signed up for it on Sep 16th 2017, but i didnt register myself into such services and nobody has access to my cell phone!!.. neither i typed in any 4 digits for this service ! iam not earning .. so each penny is important rite now !
    Iam writing this complaint keeping in mind that my complaint will be looked forward ! iam not ready to pay for any thing which wasnt signed up from my side ! Please wave the said amount as per fido bill !.. im looking for a fair consent from the Complaint Board !
    Please contact me as soon as possible !!
    Thank you
    Your Si

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  • Ka
    Kalun Oct 03, 2009

    Last night (October 2, 2017), I went to the Metrotown shopping mall in Burnaby to purchase a pre-paid Fido card. The mall is schedule to close at 9:00 pm, so I arrive inside the store at 8:50 pm.

    Upon arrival, I hear the customer representative, named Sarah, screaming at one of the customer and asking him and his family to leave the store because the store is closing soon. The family is from a visible minority ethnic group. Since they could not fully understand Sarah’s request, they were forced to leave the store.

    Next, Sarah approached and requested me to leave, despite the fact that I’ve been in the line for 5 minutes. I was stunned by her request for two reasons. Firstly, it is 5 minutes to 9:00 pm. Secondly, why would she let me wait in the line for 5 minutes only to kick me out later?

    Oh ya, for those who are interested, I walked outside to other stores in metrotown that closes at 9:00 pm and got my pre-paid card. That shows the professionalism in Fido.

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  • 26
    260405 Sep 15, 2009

    Customer service/oxymoron Fido has terrible service and to make it worse now they changed the 611 menu and there is no way to directly access customer service you have to listen to a bunch of garbage after all that the only way I found was to select report stolen phone and then hold for 1/2 hour and then the only advice is buy a new phone

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    admin May 10, 2009

    I just found this company That will help you reduce your bill If Fido refuses. IF you did it and didn't realize it would be that expenssive.(long distance roaming, INTERNET DATA over minutes. etc etc
    THey bassically negociate for you, know the laws in canada (Including Quebec) and will help you reduce your bill even though Fido, Rogers, Telus, or BELL refuses.

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    admin May 10, 2009

    I just found this company That will help you reduce your bill If Fido refuses. IF you did it and didn't realize it would be that expenssive.(long distance roaming, INTERNET DATA over minutes. etc etc
    THey bassically negociate for you, know the laws in canada (Including Quebec) and will help you reduce your bill even though Fido, Rogers, Telus, or BELL refuses.

    send an email

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  • Zi
    ziakhattak Apr 24, 2009

    I have a cell phone # [protected].Before september 2017, when I was going to pakistan, I requested Fido to hold my phone for 4 months, They agreed to it with a request to pay 73 CD $.

    When I came back from Pakistan on 15th of March and contacted Fido, Asked me to deposit $234.37.

    I agreed and paid an amount of $ 213.37. Now this time I recieved an amount of 595.96.

    I was surprised to see that incoming and out going call both are not free.

    This month, April 2017 is a huge bill which is out of controll of my payment.

    It is therefore requested that I may be given such package which is free saturday, sunday 200 minutes free and which does not exceed $ 50.

    Consequently I had to block my phone and I suffer a lot. Kindly give me a favour to correct my bill

    I accept the bill under package when I first purchase this package first.
    unlimited evening, weekends unlimited incoming in January 2017 This was package, which was acceptible to me. Please
    open open my phone of outgoing and incoming with unlimited evening weekend as when I first entered into agreement and got a package .

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  • No
    notsostupid Jan 11, 2009

    Wow, I am impressed, as an International Student you are able to pay $300 a month???
    I have a question...when did you noticed that they were charging you without applying rebate??
    Do you check your bills every month?

    My credit cards, bank accounts, cable, internet and all sorts of accounts state that if they made a mistake I have to let them know in writimg within max 30 days, some say 60 days and one is 90 days...or not doing so is like accepting all is correct.
    Have you called them to confirm the error??

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  • Th
    Thakur Jun 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    well i have been using fido for a year and my regular bill is around 300 dollars but this time they have send me a bill of a whopping 822 dollars... they say my international calling is a lot... well i have a rebate option on my plan and when i go through my bill i see that they have not provided me rebate on nearly 90% of my international calls.. there has to be some action taken against them.. since i am an international student i cannot do anything except for compalinig this...

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