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home warranty

Much like the others who have reviewed this company, I failed to do my research. After purchasing my home in April of this year, the power went out in one of our bathrooms sometime in the middle of the night (6 months later). At the time the power happened, nothing was turned on, plugged in and There was nothing using the power. In the morning I attempted to flip the dedicated GFCI breaker at the electrical panel and it would not turn on, it was completely fried. I placed a service request and FNHW and they sent out one of their contracted "specialists" to take a look. This was an electrical vendor who has had a long relationship of working with FNHW company (conflict of interest). It was clear that the the electrician had a pre-scripted response to the electrical issue, a "power overload" which he had said before he even opened up the panel to investigate, total scam. Despite the numerous publications and specific wording on their website that state they cover "electrical components and electrical wiring", the warranty does not somehow cover power over loads?! What world are we living in where this is acceptable and/or legal? I think a class action lawsuit is long overdue for this company and it should be organized. They charged me another $75 for this waste of my time staying home from work. It was also a waste of my time speaking with the three "customer service professionals" who should have no business working serving customers or working in role that requires them to interact with people; prisoners are spoken to with more respect. All three "professionals" were rude, one laughed at the situation, and another hung up on me after I asked for a refund of my warranty. I will make sure anyone I l know is seeking advice on a new home warranty to stay WAY clear of this "service".

their so called contract

I have been with Fidelity for several years, paying but not needing service except the last couple of years when I have requested service, got delays, rude customer service, terminal hold on the phone, etc. The last service call was the kicker when I called about a rusted water joint under my kitchen sink. The plumber came and said it wasn't the joint but the clasp holing the joint and that part wasn't covered. He said he could fix it by replacing my perfectly good but old garbage disposal, After he replaced it, the new one didn't work and he said the outlet was wired wrong and would need an electrician which took a couple of days because I had to go through Fidelity. After a few days the electician showed and had the problem fixed in under a 1/2 minute. The plumber Fidelity had sent for a simple joint replacement, but instead had replaced my perfectly good garbage disposal, had plugged the new disposal in the wrong outlet and that was why it didn't work. The electician was disgusted and said he would report it to Fidelity.
I am on a fixed, limited income and really can't afford this insurance so I asked to cancel and get a prorated refund. I got a letter from Fidelity that stated that 128 unused days were prorated for a total of $229.12 which seems about right but then they had the gall to say that the contract could not be canceled except for (a)non-payment, (b)for Seller if close of escrow doesn't occur or (c)fraud; and that there were $50 administrative fee and $512.97 service costs (not sure what for) which leaves $333.85 owed.
I say this is fraud (misrepresentation of facts by Fidelity) on there part because they don't want to follow thru with authorized repairs and have bogus contractors who add extra services and parts then don't even know how to plug in the part properly. I found out later that the sink part cost under $10 and a friend of my son's could have talked him thru the repair. Instead there's the charge for the plumber's 2 visits, the garbage disposal I didn't need and the charge for the electrician who got a good laugh at the stupidity of the plumber in not know how to plug in the disposal. I'm assuming that is what the charges are for.
Under the circumstances cited above I feel the desired resolution would be a full refund of $655.00 contract price because of the ineptitude of Fidelity in provide competent repairmen that caused a lot of inconvenience and stress for me. I had to cancel 2 doctor appointments to wait on the servicemen.

service order and vendor problem

I've been with Fidelity for years actually worked with a Raney Derthick when I was a realtor and except for...

Central air conditioning system

After providing proof of no pre existing conditions with the air handling unit, fidelity national home warranty denied our claim to cover the air handler. Their only rebuttal was that the drain pan had rust on the surface. Compressor was replaced on 7/21/17 and the techs did a complete inspection and pressure check and found no issues. After speaking with representative Ashey, she transferred us to her supervisor who was very rude and accused us of falsely filling a claim 3 days after we closed on our home, even though it's been over 2 weeks. Buying this house has been a blessing for our family but dealing with Fidelity National Home Warranty has been a nightmare!

air conditioner

I have called several times to get my AC fixed, waiting on hold about an hour and 45 minutes each time and they keep sending unauthorized vendors to fix it. They show up and say they can't do anything. It has been ten days of this. It is the dead of summer! I've got the warranty and paid the service fee for nothing? I wish I had chosen a local warranty company so I could speak face to face with someone and hold them accountable.

air conditioner

Buyer beware!!! Poster boy for scam artist!

My HVAC system has failed and is not repairable. A replacement was recommended by HVAC technician and...

Garbage Disposal and Air Conditioner

We moved into our home and shortly thereafter encountered a failed Air Conditioning Unit and failed garbage...

Awful service

Awful. Called for service on garage openers that were not working. Sent tech, who inspected, called Fidelity, then informed me it was not covered, but he could fix it and my total costs would be $100, which I paid on the spot. Then I get an invoice from Fidelity for a $65 service fee. The contract states the service fee is due even if the claim is not covered. That is not nice, but I get it. What is not okay is: 1) I clearly explained the problem over the phone when ordered the service, so they should have told me then it was likely not covered, and 2) I paid their agent service tech the amount he said was my total cost, $100, which I expected included any fees due by Fidelity. I called to discuss and they were rude and did not budge. They state they will not process any additional service calls until I pay up.

Dis honest / Bad co.

Bad Co., Rude custermer service people . They will not fix my furnace, which has been red tagged by propane...


This is the biggest con artist company I have here run into. The warranty is complete crap and cover...

Changed reasons 3 times

The home warranty was bought by the seller so we had no choice in the company but we can promise that we will...

Repairs Often Denied

We purchased a Fidelity National Home Warranty for our primary residence, which has a pool. So of course we...

Fidelity Home Warranty


If you are about to purchase your home, be aware of Fidelity Home Warranty as your home insurance.
It all started last summer... I got a house and decided to buy their insurance.
Through out all this, please keep in mind I live in Arizona where the summers are extremely long and hot.

I should have started this blog last year as obviously I have forgotten the details but in summary, we ended up NOT having air conditioning for three long months!
As it turns out, my A/C system is full of problems but as you can imagine, the insurance company will never make the correct repairs, they will just keep patching the issues until you go crazy!

During those long 3 months, Fidelity was kind enough to reimburse me up to $45 for a fan... really??
They kept sending different HVAC companies until they got the answer they wanted. It turns out I needed a new coil. Well, it took a month and a half to get the new coil fabricated. By the time my AC was up an running, the summer was gone and we never had a real chance to see if the AC was working... But I always knew there I would have issues this summer based on what all the other HVAC companies told me.
I was afraid of what would happen in the summer and...
unfortunately the summer is here and as you can expect, the A/C broke down right away.
I have been told by a number of HVAC people that this system is not going to last all summer.
Unfortunately, I also know that Fidelity will never replace the system. They will only "patch" it to make it work for a little while...
So, the summer started and the A/C is not cooling the house.
I called Fidelity, they send an HVAC contractor 2 days later (5/23/12) and their finding is that a NXT valve is failing in the coil so it is not sending enough freon to the compressor. This is his reasoning for the compressor's failures...Again, this is the brand new coil that was installed last summer.
Obviously at this point I know they will start with the finger pointing as of who's fault it is. Before the HVAC technician left, he told me he called Ofelia with Fidelity. Ofelia with Fidelity decides to call the company that came and replaced the compressor last summer, not the coil company...
Thank goodness I decided to call Fidelity and after getting no where, I asked to talk to a supervisor.
Guess who answered... Jason, my friend from last summer. He even recognized my voice...

I am sure he talks to thousands of people but that tells you how many times we spoke last summer.
I told him my system is in terrible shape from what i have gathered and I am willing to spend the money and put an entire new system. All i want is for Fidelity to give me the cash value that it would take to make the necessary repairs to have a working AC. Of course, he said he can offer the cash value for the valve...(less that $20).

After explaining the issue, he decides to call the compressor company even though they did not do the coil repair. I was not going to complain because quite frankly, the company that repaired the coil was horrible and very difficult to work with.

Jason promised to call me back either that day or the next (today) with an update...
We will see, in the meantime, i have no AC in my house again!
Today is May 24 and, just like last summer, Jason the supervisor never called.
All of a sudden I get a call from the HVAC technician that he is home waiting for someone.
I leave work (just like I had to do the yesterday) to make sure they get it.
I explain the whole situation and he says the system is a nightmare but that he can't say that to the insurance company. He can only address the situation.
After 3 hours of working on the system, adding freon, etc. etc. he says that YES the NXT valve is wrong, the are leaks on the piping so freon is leaking and that he will ask the insurance company for approval to repair the valve.

I left work at 2 just to be with the technician so that he would make the exact same assessment as the guy the day before? Wasn't he here supposedly to make the repair?

As he is leaving, he advises no to turn the AC on. While it is working (since he just added freon and stuff) the fact that there are repairs not done might make the unit to completely break so he said that per their policy, he is leaving the AC off and will advice Fidelity of that.

He finishes by stating that in case I decide to turn the AC on and something breaks, it would be on record that it was me who turn it on. It is my AC, it is my house, it is temporarily working but i can't turn it on!

The technician left and of course I was not happy due to:
1. his lack of honesty, he told me this system was a mess and would keep failing but he would not say that to Fidelity.
2. as far as I know, he was sent to make that repair... not to waste 3 hours of my time to tell me the exact same thing I heard the day before.

One hour after the technician left, I decided to call my friend Jason and find out how long it would take for Fidelity to approve the repair of this valve. I was on hold for ONE hour and did not take my call.
I left a voicemail and I guess we will see if he calls back tomorrow...

Again, here is another day without AC

  • Me
    Mel Presswood, P.E. Jul 25, 2012

    I'm having the same problem in Texas ... and my expertise is in Thermodynamics, Psychrometry, and pumping heat. The insurance representative doesn't have a clue as to why the condensing unit needs to be replaced instead of replacing the compressor. The estimated useful life of a Furnace/Condenser is 20 years according to HUD Guidelines. Control and safety devices of this type of equipment also have a limited cycle life for "reliable" operation.
    I had to explain to the HVAC rep why the system wasn't cooling (kinda make you wonder where they get these guys), and he even agreed that the 23+ year old condenser needed to be replaced. He even stated that Fidelity would only band aid the system (ie: replace the compressor) rather than spend money to replace the condenser.
    In Texas, we've got the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) to rely on, and I've submitted my claim to them for assistance. We'll see if the department has any backbone to this insurance crook!

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Disgraceful service

Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, one of the worst companies to ever attempt to market customer...

Poor Customer Service

We purchased the one year home warranty from Fidelity (what a mistake). My plumbing backed up within a month of the purchase. They sent a plumber out and temporarily fixed it. We continued to haveissues wit it, called them again, another plumber came out. He was great, told us the plumbing under the sink was constructed incorrectly. The Fidelity rep wanted to talk to me. She was rude and unprofessional as I explained the situation. When I explained how it became clogged (per the plumber) she said "I don't care how it got clogged". I insisted on speaking to her supervisor, she said "You will only get an answering machine".The next day I filed a formal complaint...but word to the wise, they are TERRIBLE>



Insurance Fruad

I purchased the Home Warranty Insurance Program from Fidelity National Home Warranty and they are a rip off...

Awful experience

Fidelity Home warranty uses nice sounding words like 'A Fidelity National Home Warranty (FNHW) provides both the homebuyer and seller with 'peace of mind' when it comes to repairs and/or replacement of a home's major systems and appliances' when selling their policy. But I feel its a complete rip off.

Recently, I filed a service request when I found out, there was water under my kitchen sink. They sent a plumber, who determined the leakage was due to wearing of sealant around the faucet. My wife asked him to fix it but he refused saying Fidelity insurance will fix /replace the faucet but will not cover any failure due to wearing off of sealant or caulk. He demanded $50 service charge for coming to this conclusion. I was so surprised by his conclusion, that I called Fidelity and asked them about this. They told me to read my contract and lo and behold, their contract excludes any wear and tear due to caulking. So in essence Fidelity is telling me caulking is not part of plumbing. I can imagine if at all Fidelity replaces a faucet, the plumber they send is not going to put a water seal around the faucet.

Why does Fidelity do this ? I am sure they conducted an audit, which showed them that most of the service calls they were getting regarding plumbing was due to failure of sealants or caulking. So they decided to exclude it. What a nice way to deny a claim. On top of it, I cannot even cancel their plan as I already paid for it upfront. What a 'peace of mind' for Fidelity, they have your money.

Is it worth buying their policy just for the sake of just big appliances ? I had another bad experience last year. I had a GE Profile Stainless steel Refrigerator in my house. For some reason, the freezer could not maintain low temperature. I called Fidelity and they sent out a Sears Home technician. He came out and changed a part. Now the refrigerator started freezing everything kept in it. Even milk and food kept in it would freeze. I called Fidelity again. They sent the technician. The problem did not go away. I made nearly 6 service calls, and the technician came nearly 10 times. Every time they give you a 6 hour window and I had to take half day off from work to wait for him. I called Fidelity and asked them, why are they not simply replacing the refrigerator as they promise in their contracts. They response, they never promise, they will replace an appliance. They will think of it only when, the total cost of repairs exceeds $1000 for a $1600 refrigerator. Even after 6 service costs, the total cost was only $600.

So in essence Fidelity is telling me it never cares about its customer's convenience or 'peace of mind' as they put it in their ads. The supervisor I talked to never cared about all those half days of leave I had to take from my job and all those $50s I paid for service calls. They were only hoping I will get fed up and replace the refrigerator my self or stop calling them. Thats what I ended up doing in the end. I could not afford to buy another refrigerator but I just started buying milk for 2 days. It never brought me 'peace of mind', it only brought me a big hassle. I will dump them when I get first opportunity.

  • Ed
    Ed Harris Feb 12, 2009

    I'm a customer with Fidelity National. The policy was bought for us by the seller of our house.

    I'm not sure that you're being reasonable. Do you have any idea what plumbers charge? $50 for having a plumber come to your house and diagnose a problem is cheap! If the sealant is the problem, you can go to Home Depot and reseal the sink yourself for maybe $10.

    Any insurance policy has exclusions that exclude the most common problems and they do spell out what they cover and don't cover in the policy.

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  • Fi
    Fidelity Nov 03, 2010

    Bottom line! Home Warranty is a scam. Don't buy any of them. Do you think that you could get they money that easily?

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He reasons people hate insurance

I have been a "customer" for Fidelity for about a year. It came with my house that I purchased. I first...