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Safeco Insurance provides high-quality personal insurance products and services through independent agents across the country. We're a Liberty Mutual Insurance company, the fifth-largest property and casualty insurer in the United States.
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car insurance

They jacked my rates. I called and took higher deductibles to lower my cost. The agent has notes she took and a recorded call but she never did the actual paperwork. I found insurance cheaper and called one day after paying and asked if I would get refunded should I cancel and go with another insurance company. They said yes, so I paid a premium with another company. When I got the refund it was half of what I paid. Turns out the agent never completed the paperwork that she took notes to do...I lost money because of that. And because I cancelled they blew it off. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I would have waited another month and changed then if they were honest. They kept telling me the refund check would be in the bank by a certain day. The day came and went. I called and they said they decided that because I cancelled the lower price I was quoted didn't need to be honored and therefore kept the money I was supposed to be saving. As I mentioned I am a senior citizen. They were charging me $75 a month for liability. 26 years without an accident or traffic violation and I drive less than 5000 miles a year.


I purchased a homeowners policy for $2200 a year in Wyoming and I started renting it out not knowing I need a different policy that was only $900 a year. My house burned down and they denied any kind of claim. They found a loop hole to not pay even tho the policy I should have had was less than half the cost. Zero payment for anything not even a refund for the worthless policy.

claim denial based on "independent agent" information

I was recently denied a claim to my RV trailer based on the information received from their "independent" estimator. The estimator never arranged a timeframe for me to meet with them and after contacting their company (Liberty Mutual) they stated that they couldn't disclose any of their information and that I would have to discuss directly with my Claim agent. I left multiple phone messages without a callback so I contacted my Insurance Agent and he escalated to her Manager. I received an email days later stating that they were still reviewing my claim. In the meantime, the RV company that I had taken it to for an estimate called me and stated that Safeco had dispatched a local salvage company to come and pick up the trailer!!! Cannot believe the irresponsibility of this company.
I have finally retrieved my RV and am working with my Agent to drop Safeco immediately and receive a refund of my money.
They will never get another penny of mine and I will continually warn my network of family & friends regarding the poor quality of service & insurance that Safeco provides.

auto insurance

This company lies and committed fraud! I was with them for almost a year, always paid extra, always paid on time. My bill was only $95.00 a month. My bf (now husband) moved in with me. His insurance cost a LOT. I told him I only paid $95.00 and said he should be on my policy. I called Safeco to get a quote. They told me my bill would only be $135.00 a month.

They also told me I had an account credit for paying early and paying extra every month. They told me my bill would be covered for a month, I wouldn't have to pay until 2 months later. When I paid my bill would only be $135.00 . Okay cool.

NOT EVEN A MONTH LATER probably 2 weeks later I get a bill in the mail. THIS BILL IS FOR OVER 1, 000.00 I BELIEVE IT WAS AROUND 1, 250.00!!! I WAS IN SHOCK. I called them and said it was all a mistake. I wanted to pay for my policy monthly not all at once, it's only supposed to cost $135.00 . They told me there was no mistake. That total was for one month! I argued back and fourth that I dont want my policy any more, they lied about how much it cost.

Who would pay 1, 200.00 a month for just liability insurance? This wasn't even full coverage! My insurance was $95.00 a month. My boyfriend was on his family's policy, he had full coverage and was paying $175.00 per month. How does that equal out to liability costing $1200.00. I asked them that over and over! They hung up on me and refused to cancel until I had new proof of coverage. I got new insurance within 30 minutes, called them back, and I canceled it. My bill wasn't even due yet.

I now have a collections report on my credit history from them for this bill. Who in the right mind would pay over 1, 000.00 a month on a 1992 Camry, and a 2004 Toyota matrix, both paid off, JUST LIABILITY?

They wont remove this off my report and I am never paying. They lowered my total to $950.00 or a little more. I will never pay that for 2 weeks of insurance I shouldnt owe, and was lied to about. DO NOT USE SAFECO.

I now have a 2017 Jetta leased, and 2014 camaro financed, I pay $230.00 a month full coverage, both me and my husband. NOT WITH SAFECO.

safeco insurance

I was hit by a drunk driver insured by Safeco on March 22, 2019. Safeco has been horrible to deal with. I would never buy insurance from them or tell anyone to do so. Their rep handling my claim treated me like I was the drunk driver. She was rude and threatened me on one call we had even after she was instructed not to call me and was told to talk with my lawyer.

All in all so far it has been very bad. I don't expect it to change and they do not want to pay any claims. We will see how it shoes out but I am ready to go all the way and go to trial if I must

homeowners insurance

My house was broken into and the criminals flooded my bathroom and ruined the floor in my den as well as burglarizing my home. The "adjuster" (and I use the term loosely) came to my home unprepared with no tools or documents. She took a few pictures with her cell phone and later determined that the water damage was not caused by the flooded bathroom. I had taken pictures after the incident that clearly showed the damage to the bathroom and den. I submitted the police report, pictures, and list of stolen items to Safeco. They denied the claim on the floor and wanted more detail on the stolen items. It wasn't worth dealing with them anymore because I knew their adjuster would low-ball me under my deductible and I wouldn't receive anything. Needless to say, I am no longer doing business with Safeco.


Feb 2018 I struck by an insured (Safeco / Liberty Mutual insurance), a driver on his last dr license point...…... This is typical... it is Policy with Liberty Mutual to ignore claims... and it has to STOP

Please contact your Claims Dept and get them to return my call and cover my claim, from February! SafeCo Claim Number: [protected] — latest post :!!! — Angie Baker to Safeco Insurance
15 hrs ·
I had a lady insured by Safeco Insurance hit me a month ago... I cannot seem to get anyone here to call me back!! I spend 40 minutes on hold trying to reach a supervisor today. The call center gal finally transferred me to the Presidential complaint dept where I spent another 20 minutes on hold only to get transferred to a voice mail that disconnected me before I could even leave a message... WOW!

Laura R.
San Francisco, CA

I hav
e been a property owner with Liberty Mutual Homeowners for 12 years. Never had a claim until our neighbor's contractor destroyed a sidewalk that was providing foundation support for my house. I experienced multiple people who told me they were my "desk adjuster". I provided (6 times), at my cost, structural and construction reports on the damage, which Liberty Mutual "lost".

The "field adjuster" thought we could repair this issue for less the $500. Of course he was not a licensed contractor, or structural engineer, or had any knowledge of the SFDBI. Followed by, months later, trying to send us $140 to settle this. The cost to fix is upwards of $175, 000+.

If anyone knows a good attorney, please have them contact me. This has gone on since last March.

disorganized, rude and ignorant sharon parker

On 7/13/18 a customer of SAFECO hit our car causing the whole back bumper to hang off, Only connected on the left side. This left the bumper to drag on the floor. I filed a, claim the next day. Let agent, the adjuster will call for further info and service king would call us to make an appt. the agent called my husband during work. Which he cannot be on the floor with patients and on the phone. We made numerous attempts to contact the adjuster Shauntua even provided the hours he would be available. Not once did she back. A week later still no call from service king. Im the mean time I contact my Allstate insurance who immediately put us in a rental. Allstate is amazing. They covered my car until 7/26/18. SAFECO still did not have anything on file about covering the rental. Allstate made several attempts to find out what was going on. A really sweet Allstate agent called me the next day and informed me that SAFECO was supposed to cover the rental starting 7/20/18 but forgot to hit a button so that everyone would know. Really SAFECO?? We finally get the confirmation on 8/7/18 that SAFECO would now cover rents. Today I received a call from Enterprise informing me that SAFECO had ended my rental as of 8/6/18. However, I confirmed with Enterprise as of 8/7/18 there was no end date yet. Upon calling Sharon Parker with SAFECO she stated that I should've made my car drivable; despite the fact that it was her client that had caused many whole back bumper to hang off and drag on the pavement. Are you kidding me? It's your clients fault yet it's my responsibility to make my car drivable? Do what you're supposed to do and take cover what your client did!! SAFECO IS HORRIBLE. It's better to file with your insurance and let them handle against SAFECO. That way you don't have to deal with their rude adjusters!!

  • Re
    Retired Adjuster Nov 25, 2019

    I TOTALLY agree with your assessment of Safeco/Liberty Insurance! I had a gentleman who ran a red light & totaled our vehicle. After an extreme mess & unprofessionalism of Safeco, we actually had our vehicle repaired. We just needed transportation & did not wish to buy another vehicle. Now we have cameras in our vehicles.

    Now, I’m fighting Safeco/Liberty who did not have the damage to my roof inspected properly! I was here when their “Independent Adjusted” showed up 16 minutes late! I have adjusted property claims for over 25 years & know the damage to my roof IS covered under my policy! Now a days, all you have to have is have a GED to be hired as an adjuster. And unfortunately Insurance Companies DO NOT provide the necessary education to adjusters to know how to properly handle claims! This should enrage ALL policyholders who pay a lot of money for protection they probably aren’t going to get. This simply enrages me!

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I put 142 on my card at walmart in barnwell sc at 13:30 today 10/12/2017

on 10/27/2017 I made a deposit of 142.00 on my green dot moneypack card with the card number being 4143 9800...

automobile insurance

On 7/29/2017 I was involved in a fender bender in the parking lot of a community center in Vancouver, WA. A...

homeowners insurance

I sold a property in Aug 2007 and canceled the Safeco homeowners's policy with my agent in Seattle. The policy was not canceled and the company continued to sneak money out of my bank account every year (it was under $200 so I did not notice and it wasn't flagged by my bank).

I do not know the local Safeco agent so I don't know how she has continued a policy for me for 10 years or expected a cancellation. I have never received a bill, email or any communication (and they clearly have my email address) from Safeco or the agent in the 10 years that the company has been taking money out of my bank account without approval or permission.

This is fraud, plain and simple. I expect them to provide a full refund WITH INTEREST on all 10 years of unauthorized bank deductions, a written apology and confirmation that all my bank information and details have been completely deleted from Safeco systems. My bank has instructions to prevent any future charges from this fraudulent company.

Safeco is refusing to admit any wrongdoing, doesn't want to give back the premiums with interest or even send it to the right address (my current address). This is an incredibly unethical and fraudulent company. They keep bank account information beyond the end of policies and I'm pretty sure that is against the law.

Policy Number: OX5703261

  • Cu
    Customer1111678 May 11, 2017

    I will NEVER have Safeco Insurance again. My homeowner adjuster Ashley Lipko strong armed me into using one of HER preferred contractors. They screwed the whole job up! The adjuster never returned my calls, the worst customer service I have ever had!! She doesn't care, she doesn't need to be in the customer service industry. I will file a insurance commissioner complaint with the state of TN.

    Susan Herzke

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They came out and made an appraisal to replace my roof. The insurance adjuster told me that my deductible wa...

improper handling of a vehicle claim

Safeco needs to stop playing games, take 100% responsibility, and fix my car. I loaned my son my car to pick...

SafeCo Insurance

terrible service

My home was burgarlized and had several high items stolen. When I filed the complaint with Safeco, they gave...

home damage

on april 9th I had a leak in my house, plumber had to tear out my tile in my bathroom and kitchen wall to find the leak my hall carpet and living room carpet was ruined, I am on concrete floor I had 2 estimates over 10, 000 dollars submitted claim to Safeco and to this day they have not paid said they would only pay 262 dollars after my 1209 deductible, this insurance is very crooked, I am very tired of dealing with these people,

refusal to adjust claim

On the evening of 12/11/2012, the occupant of the condominium unit above mine began filling the bathtub and then either fell asleep or forgot about it for an hour or more. There is no overflow drain or valve on the bathtub. Water (many gallons of it) overflowed from the bathtub and cascaded down into my unit, soaking the ceiling, walls and floors, and damaging my personal property. I slipped and fell on the pooled water before I knew what had happened. The owner of the condominium above mine has Safeco Insurance. The claim was reported to Safeco the next day (12/12/2012) and calls were made to Safeco BEGGING for an adjuster to come out and inspect the unit and begin the clean-up process. Safeco ignored the multiple calls until we requested assistance from the Insurance Commissioner. Even then, although the claim was reported on 12/12/2012, it was 12/31/2012 before a Safeco adjuster came to inspect the damage. It is now 1/9/2013 (28 days later) and we have yet to hear from Safeco as to how they plan to address the issue of the needed repairs, i. e., replacement of moldy drywall and flooring, and replacement of damaged carpet and ruined personal property, etc.

lying, deceitful claims process

Stay away stay away stay away!!! I don't know what kind of shady gig the dimwits at safeco are running, but my patience with you and your company's nonsense has run out!!! I filed a claim with safeco after a tile piece fell off the bottom of the kitchen cabinet, revealing water damage. My dad talked to the adjuster that day, who (The adjuster) proceeded to start questioning about how long it's been, my dad said he just noticed the leak and called to report. Later, my dad asked me to call the adjuster and talk to him to make sure he understood my dad correctly. I talked to him and told him we figure there is a leak b/c the tile fell off the base of the counters in the kitchen that day, and showed water damage. He started telling me that my dad told him he noticed the problem about 2 weeks ago. I asked where he got 2 weeks, he said that's what my dad told him. My dad was sitting right next to me during the conversation and said there was no mention of 2 weeks, there was no time frame given b/c there was no time frame, it was noticed and filed that day. How do I know there's a leak, if there's no visible seepage, there's no water, till one day the tile plunks onto the floor b/c the water unsealed the glue/cement that was holding it in place. Safeco says we need to call in a plumber and find the leak. Safeco sends in south river restoration with some large fans to dry up the water to "prevent further damage" then they send in some third party adjusters, b/c safeco doesn't have an office or reps in the dallas/ft. Worth area (Where I live). They take pictures and say they'll send it to safeco to assess. Safeco denies our claim... Based on pictures. Upon talking to the adjuster he says the claim was denied because it was existing damage. He claims the plumber told him the water has been leaking for months. Then he says the plumber told him 5-6 months. I called the plumber, he said there was never any mention of time. The adjuster struggled to answer my question, which was: "how do I know I have a leak if there are no signs of it, no signs of a problem, no visible standing water, until a tile piece falls off?" do health insurance providers deny claims for cancer treatment b/c a patient was diagnosed months after it developed? No symptoms/no signs... No triggers for concern.
I couldn't understand why the adjuster kept pushing the 2 weeks from the beginning until our last conversation. The 2 weeks was a made up time frame to cover safeco and prevent them from paying the claim b/c that would make it pre-existing damage. Seems like our claim was denied from the get-go.
I just received a letter from south river restoration threatening to put a lien on my property if I don't pay the bill safeco generated! South river restoration was hired by safeco, who suggested they come out and set up the dryers to dry up the water damage. I never had a say of yay or nay on this one. I wasn't asked and never agreed to working with them or having anyone set stuff up in my home. I was simply informed that it's the next step in the process and that's that. I didn't get to choose who I wanted to work with much-less who I was comfortable letting into my home. Now, did safeco know that I would get stuck with the $960 bill? I sure didn't. That's about what I pay per year for my home insurance that offers about as much coverage as a post-it note on a rainy day! Then, low and behold, safeco denies payment on south river restoration's invoice! Really? Any good reason why? How do you call someone to tend to my property knowing you won't pay for the services? That's very considerate and shows how much i'm valued as a customer. My property damage claim was denied (Based on pictures,) they don't pay people they hired... Who safeco knew wouldn't get paid, since they're the ones who decide what claims get approved and which ones are safeco's case it seems like nothing is approved. How does an insurance company not have a branch in the city where they offer coverage? You send some third party appraisers to my home and base your assessment of my property claim on their pictures? Can you tell based on the pics if the water damage was 5-6 months worth or 2 weeks worth? How do you assess that? You couldn't make this # up if you wanted to, but unfortunately it's my reality. I pay my premiums every month for what, to line the deep pockets of the imbeciles at safeco? That gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling every month I see your name on my bank statement.
I figured a big insurance company is taking care of me, i'm in good hands... Then I remembered-that's allstate's motto. Safeco's statement on the website reads "with safeco, you get high-quality coverage, sensible advice and a helping hand." I wholeheartedly beg to differ! I think it's more along the lines of : with safeco you get no coverage, lies, and a hand that slaps you square in the face in your dire time of need.

do a favor on you and just avoid safeco

Summary - I have contracted with a moving company G.P.S. Movers for my interstate move from Harrisburg, PA to San Marcos, CA. As per the quote, I have made initial deposit payment. My household goods was picked up by another moving company United Movers on 08/21/2011. After this day till now I am struggling to get hold of the moving company and hence my goods.

After waiting for the Federal stipulated 21 business day period, I declared this as theft and filed claim with Safeco. Simultaneously, I have filed the complaints with BBB, Attorney general of California, US departments Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) etc. All the complaints along with responses were carefully documented and forwarded to Safeco. The documentation also includes records of my multiple attempts to contact the mover to get hold of my belongings without any success.

Claim with Safeco was filed on 09/10/2011. I keep on receiving additional documentation requests from Pamela, claim adjustor, which I fulfilled on time to time basis. Now after waiting for 2 months post filing, Safeco has declined my claim. I would like to know the proofs Safeco has collected before declining my claim. It has been 3 months now that I don't have my furniture and household belongings and there is no guarantee that I will get them in near future. Being a family person and with a 3 year old kid, life is quite difficult without any and all the household stuff.

Do a favor on you and just avoid Safeco...there are other good brands available in insurance space.

  • Sh
    Shelly K. May 12, 2014

    SafeCo is using some hazy math to total my husband's completely repairable vehicle. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY and PRAY YOU DO NOT GET HIT BY ONE OF THEIR POLICY HOLDERS.

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does not honor their policies and is a fraud

On July 30, 2010 I walked into my home in Bay St Louis, MS and found that a pipe had Burst in my bathroom. From the very beginning, the adjusters started playing numbers games and laying fault for the structural damages on me and my property. Fact were just the opposite. First Safeco threatened me with an Insurance fraud Investigation and then a Criminal Investigation. I stated to them to go right ahead and to take their threats and show them.

Then came the Phony Engineer from Rimkus Engineering. His report had no factual Engineering data but it was designed to deny my claim for the damages. I countered by hiring an Engineer and his report was complete yet they denied my reports validity.

The came loss of use and denial of the replacement of the floors in both my kitchen and bathrooms plus using construction data that was out dated. The first check I received was in Mid August of 2010 for $17, 248 which there was no way I could do even the work they had specified for. These monies were used on the Structural Renovation which was part of the $27, 500 I spent. The last check was for less than $19, 000 to renovated the interior plus add in a kitchen and a bath. Currently I am $25, 000 shy of finishing my house and they are now denying me loss of use of another $12, 000 but offered me $4, 500 if I would go away.

Safeco has the Mississippi Insurance commission on their side and they will not protect the citizens of the State Of Mississippi. They allow Safeco to charge 4 times the rates that were before the storm of 2005 and they do not honor their Policies.


In June we had a small fire in our basement and later that evening a tornado came through and knocked 2 trees on our home, breaking through the side of our house. When we first filed our complaint with Safeco they sent us a letter telling us that we need not be worried that they would be taking care of us and would make sure that we would not feel stress due to our loss. The next week they sent us a letter telling us they were investigating our claim and that they could not confirm or deny coverage, that was 5 months ago, they are still investigating. From the start of things they have been very hard to get a hold of, I did not speak to our adjustor(s) for the first week. With out telling us what they were doing they sent the local Serve Pro out to clean up and access damage. We were not asked how we felt about this or if it was what we wanted. Serve Pro was not equipped to handle a problem as big as ours they had to hire an outside moving company to move our things. I was there for this and had to make several comments about the way they were doing things. My husband is an artist and they picked up his portfolio and duct taped it to the front of our entertainment center to protect the glass. They had no tape so they asked to use ours. They left my couch and mattresses out against the truck and when I told them it was raining they told me that they (serve pro) was going to be cleaning the items so it was not a big concern. We were then contacted by a housing company that told us they were with Safeco and they were going to find us a place to stay until the house was repaired. They did not we had to find the house our own and contact the owner. The told us they were the people to talk to about any complaints but did nothing when we had to contact them. At the time there were no homes for rent in my daughters school district, when we told Safeco this they told us we could get a house temporarily and one opened up in our district they would move us. They didn't they put a 3 month contract on the house so when a house opened up we had to pay security deposit plus first months rent, to get a house in my children's school district. While living in our summer house, a month after Serve Pro moved our belongings out of the house we had not heard from them so we called them to inquire about the status, we were told that they had our things in a air conditioned unit and were holding them for us. A week later when we called because we needed something we were informed that not only had things not been cleaned but they were in a normal unit and that Safeco had told them not to clean the items because they could not guarantee payment. We asked that they return our belongings, so that we could evaluate the damage and find out what had been done. When we got our things back the were filthy and dirty had mold growing on them and smelled horrible still covered in soot. We contacted Safeco and they told us that they in fact had asked them to hold off on cleaning them and anything damaged Safeco would replace- after the investigation was complete. They are still investigating and in the mean time we have had to purchase and replace many of the items destroyed including new mattresses and couches.
In regards to the staff at Safeco like I stated they seldom return phone calls and when they do they can never give information about our claim. We receive a letter ever 45 days telling us that they are still investigating but every time we request a precise reason behind the investigation we are told that they have the right to investigate and that is what they are doing. I ask what they are investigating and they tell us our policy. They have accused my wife of setting fire to our home even who was cause of the fire has admitted to it and been pointed out by numerous people. They have called us liars and yelled at us on numerous occasions. They tell us to just do what they want and they can finish their investigation. They have asked us to provide personal documents that have nothing to do with our insurance and the events surrounding our claims- including loan documents, text messages and copies of bills. With the loss of our home we lost a lot of items and they continuously ask us for things we are nto able to provide or are not able to be provided because they don't exist. Even when we have given them items they claim they still need them, most recently we had a deposition under oath with their attorney and where they produced documents that they are still telling us they need such as phone records (which I provided) and statements from our Mortgage Company (which also was provided.)At this deposition they focused on solely one claim, the fire. My wife even went as far as to ask what was being done about the tree claim and was told, on record, that they were dealing with the fire. It was not until she contacted the tree adjustor that she received a letter via email that they were investigating both claims and that she needed to provide still more documentation. It also stated that if we did not provide it by a certain date they would rule as though we were not cooperating. When we have been the cooperating fully.
In the 5 months since our claim not a single Safeco Employee has been to our home. We have been threatened by our Mortgage company to be reported as vacant and abandoned due to the fact we can not live in our home and nothing has been done in months. When we brought this to Safeco's attention they brushed it off as though it was a joke and kept pressing on the matter of our bills.
There entire investigation has been centered around how much my wife and I make and how much we spend in bills. Not the damage caused by the occurrences. After the fire we had a contractor come out who estimated $4000 worth of damage due to the fire. But after the trees falling the amount is much higher and getting higher everyday as mold spreads though our home due to the hole that Safeco had Serve Pro cover with a tarp. My wife suffers from a debilitating lung disease and can not even step foot into our home because of the amount of mold that Safeco has allowed to grow with in the walls and on the floors and ceiling.
I have 2 children under 8 years of age who have been uprooted and moved around, both my wife and I are full time students and I am employed full time. We are stressed with the whole situation and Safeco is only increasing this stress, by refusing to do what they have been hired to do. This stress has caused both physical and mental aliments with in my family and Safeco just plainly, DOES NOT CARE. You purchase insurance because it is a necessity; you have the hopes of never needing it but in situations like this you expect them to there and do their jobs. Safeco is not, they are spending more time and money trying to figure out how to get out of doing their jobs.