Fiat Chrysler Autocall center/rental department

S Aug 15, 2018

On Saturday, August 11, 2018, I opened a case (Case # [protected] - Case Manager: Amanda) with FCA in an attempt to obtain a rental car while my 2019 Jeep Cherokee was dropped off for service. While the service wasn't scheduled, it was immediately necessary as the truck wasn't safely drivable due to a warning light indicating the electronic throttle control needed service. I did not feel comfortable using the vehicle; whether I was the sole occcupant or having my wife or two children in the truck. My wife and I both have full time jobs and our children go to daycare. For the last five (5) I have been without transportation, relying on colleagues and Uber, to get to and from work. The fact that I didn't hear from Amanda until Tuesday, August 14th at 4:53pm, is unacceptable. I quickly learned that your call center is set up in such a way that it is impossible to obtain your case managers name and contact information upon request. Phone calls on Monday and Tuesday, where I spoke with call takers Alexander and Paris, respectively, were useless. Each party advised that not only could they not provide me with a phone number for Amanda, but they also refused to let me speak with a supervisor. Then, when speaking with Amanda, she was short and dismissive. Only providing an option of me renting a car out of pocket and then submitting a bill to her for POSSIBLE reimbursement. How do you expect a customer to successfully submit a bill for reimbursement when placing a simple phone call isn't possible? I've placed two (2) calls to Amanda today checking on the status of my claim. Both calls went straight to voicemail and, surprise, Amanda hasn't called me back yet. As I said to Amanda, I'm not asking for anything unreasonable. I don't need a large SUV rental for an entire month. I'm asking to establish a rental car, the smallest car that's offered, for an initial 2 days until my car is inspected by the dealership. I'm just asking for something to alleviate the burden of asking friends and taxis to get me to work so I can pay my bills. This has been the single most disappointing customer service experience I've ever had. If this is how your business model was intentionally structured then shame on you. This has left the most sour taste with regards to every vehicle brand you represent. I have no faith in any future dealings with your company or any of the vehicles under your umbrella. I have told, and will continue to tell everyone I speak with about how incredibly negative of an experience I am having.

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