Fiat Autofiat tipo gasoline buoy

M Jan 09, 2020

Dear Sir /Mme
Hope all is well at your side inhale a major complaint from fiat dealer in Cairo
As we have bought a fiat tipo 2019 on the 27 th of Feb 2019
And for over 3months now we have has a problem with our gasoline buoy and I contacted the dealer so many times in these past 3months and they keep on telling me that they will contact me once they receive the spare part and nothing really happens I m really really disappointed with the service I m getting as I have a bmw my self and there is no comparison between the 2 dealers .
The fiat keeps on stopping with my kids cause indicates wrong fuel sign and they refused even to supply me with a car for my kids to move with till they get the spare part .
Vert disappointed with the service they dont get back to me when they say they will
The spare parts over 3months hope you can help me thanks

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