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Gabuza on Nov 21, 2018

On the 11 September I broke my foot at the gym and went to ER. FEDHEALTH refuses to pay for anything, i was advized to ask for a late authorization which i submitted in September and when i ask for feedback they told me the authorozation was only sent on the 12 Nov 2018. Doctors are... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / non-payment of pmb conditions consultation.

Loyiso on Oct 25, 2018

My Fedhealth memebership no. 82400287180. My daughter has a heart condition recognized by my medical aid as a PMB. on 27 Sept. 2018 we took her for her annual checkup with the pediatric cardiologist as required. Fedhealth only paid half the bill and sighted wrong codes for not making full... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / ariana janse van rensburg - fedhealth

Hetfield on Oct 17, 2018

Please see correspondence below from one of your agents. She has been unhelpful, vague and does not explain things properly. She has even questioned if our GP's actually exist and on the first question I raised, she simply accepted my mail without the decency of further explanation. and... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / in hospitals claims not paid?

Rimona Singh on Sep 3, 2018

I am a member and was in hospital patient. According to my plan I am supposed to be covered in hospital for pathology blood tests. However this was not the case. I have sent numerous messages with no contact from fedhealth to solve the matter. I am extremely upset as its false advertising...

Fedhealth / option

baabetse on Aug 17, 2018

Good afternoon I joined fedhealth in July and I have been getting a raw deal since I have been phoning for so long without getting help when I joined them I was on maxima entry zone then I changed my option to maxima entry saver no one called or emailed me to tell me that it had changed I... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / sanlam reality activation

Marlvol on Jul 10, 2018

Good day, The below email was send to Fedhealth on the 06.07.2018. After numerous attempts to sort out my Sanlam Reality registration. (Start of mail send to Fedhealth on the 06.07.2018) "I have phoned Fedhealth spoke to a consultant, PITY I can't remember the name as she did not even... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / expecting additional premium of r7500 at end of july for august

ColleenMerleBrown on Jul 10, 2018

Dear Sirs, Membership: 80000000587 - COLLEEN Merle Smart I resigned from Fedhealth Medical Aid on 2nd July 2018 as 1st was in a Monday. They have responded accepting my resignation, however stating that an additional premium is due at end of July as my payments are in arrear and not in... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / unlawful practice and no customer service

OszieJohnson on Jun 25, 2018

I have been with Fedhealth for years, and they service is getting tremendously worse every year. My daughter has a very rare disability, and requires to have chronic medication, this must be part of PMB. Fedhealth refused to pay until the Paediatrician Neurologist had to write a letter of... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / non payment

Stephanie 2 on Jun 19, 2018

I am a member of fedhealth maxima basis, member number; 80300441987, I have been for over 8 years now... But I think that it might be long over due to change to another medical aid because I am sick and tiered of feeling like I am being robbed every month. On my plan you get 2 free dentist... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / im complaining about the bad service

Phumla Dingiswayo on Jun 15, 2018

I called on the 7th of June to follow-up with payment as my son went to see a doctor in hospital- its been more than 2 weeks that i have been calling the fed-health medical Aid and still im not helped they keep telling me that they will get back to me but none does they have been giving me... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / not paying in hospital account after giving authorisation number

entrysaver on May 21, 2018

Good day, [name removed] was given authorisation to have her wisdom teeth extracted at Milnerton mediclinic but after the procedure accounts that should have been covered in hospital including the hospital bill have not been paid by fehealth and are sending it to Me. Please assist as I am... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / bad customer service

UnhappyWithService on Apr 26, 2018

I submitted a letter to the management board of FedHealth regarding a medical aims query. Thereafter, I received no updates. Please see details below: I have called the customer contact centre numerous times in an effort to reach someone in the credit department, with the following  results: On... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / r25000 co-payment for total knee replacement

Martin Bouwer on Apr 20, 2018

Good afternoon JRP Bouwer member number 80500176272 Below is my email and Dr. Gelbart's and to date we haven't received any response. My dad had to pay a R25 000- co-payment on a knee replacement and we are very upset about this and would like the matter escalated to your board for... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / medical aid terminated despite me promise to pay

Christa Maans on Mar 27, 2018

Client number: Mrs. CJ Maans - 82800007977 I missed two medical aid payments, for January and February 2018. On 19 March, I contacted Fedhealth to ask them for banking details as I wanted to pay the instalments which were outstanding. The consultant I spoke to said she would email the bank...

fedhealth medical scheme / monthly statements after it was paid in full was reversed

hildaronel on Mar 26, 2018

since December 2017 we struggled with Fedhealth not solving in Hospital bills .Their monthly statements change for same docters and dates . The savings account is a mess!! In hospital accounts is paid and then just reversed without any reason. We have to ask every month for updated... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / termination of my cover membership terminated - 82400250258 [mi606493606]

Shena brigitta on Feb 6, 2018

Goodday, I received an email stating my cover has been terminated. I have not given permission. I said in the email I want to continue privateley, by paing the full amount myself because Im not with my previous employer. I am going for a gynae check up thursday.. What a mess. Now Im worried... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / desperate need of knee replacement

VincentNaidoo on Jan 23, 2018

I changed my fedhealth option on the advise of my then broker at the beginning of 2016 believing that I would be covered for all medical requirements. I had been for a arthroscopic of the knee in November 2016 where the surgeon advised that a Knee replacement is strongly advised or... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / lack of customer service

Wendy852 on Jan 16, 2018

On the 2nd January 2018, I call Fedhealth Call centre to get authorisation for surgery that my 5 Year old Daughter needs to have. Only to be told that my daughter has an exclusion for her tonsils. This was the very first time I heard that she was excluded for this condition. I joined the... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / Problems regarding my submitted claim

Clintyp on Jan 12, 2018

Members no 82500052129 Clinton petersen Ref nos 100118qkd1hy 090118qk907r Consultant ms mbali At this moment.i am extremely anoid Last year when I submitted a claim got conflicting stories from your consultants. About my claim taking so long This time around I submitted approved the... / Fedhealth Medical Aid / bad service and very heartless

Nico Bora on Dec 7, 2017

On Tuesday 05 December I needed to take my son to doctor which was very urgent I called fedhealth and asked them to please unblock my account which I was owing just over R900 and they refused as I told them as soon as I'm done at the doctor I will pay the balance I owe them, after I got to...