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I bought febreze air effects Spring & Renewal Air Refreshner Ambientador. It is not even half empty. First th can dribbled out. Then dripped out. Then air. And now nothing. I am very disappointed in this product. I liked this type beause it was quiet and they all smelled great. But this is a bad can.


  • He
    heath2011 Jun 07, 2011

    I have gotten a bad can of febreeze before but I did not tell people to stay away.

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  • Cl
    Clungi Jul 13, 2011

    I purchased one of these thinking it would last longer than it does, especially considering the initial cost, and man was I disappointed. Not only can I not get my money back but you have to continue to buy batteries for this thing as well. The fragrance should last longer than a day or so, cause that's all I got.

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  • Sh
    shazzit Mar 27, 2012

    I have had at least 6 cans of mist and refresh, with the same effect. Half way down the can it starts to trickle out, then wont spray at all. All of these have had to be thrown away half full. I for one think this is getting a bit ridiculous. All of the cans were purchased from different places, so i think their must be something wrong with the spray nozzle. Please put this right as i adore your products, and would hate to stop buying them, which i will do if i get another can that dose not work. I would very much like a response to this from someone who can correct the situation.

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  • Ma
    Ma Panto Apr 18, 2017

    I bought six cans of febreze and am very disappointed all six cans spray a couple time then dripple and quit now I have half cans of nothing what the heck at 3.99 a can get the nozzle to work very unhappy I buy these for my job as a cleaner now I have to find something else I am not wasting anymore money on this product

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  • Ra
    Ray Spotswood May 05, 2019

    Hi, purchased your product which I find very pleasant and not overpowering ideal to spray in the bathroom.
    Purchased 6 spray cans out of which 3 failed to spray after using 2 or 3 times, threw one away but have kept 2 for your perusal if so wished, please inform of what you intend to do about this problem.
    Kind regards Ray.

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  • Am
    Amy Fiorello Jun 09, 2019

    I purchased the Febreze air vent car air freshener for my vehicle.The air Freshner leaked all over into my air vent and outside of my air vent and ate through the plastic. It also dripped on my center counsel and ate through that plastic. I take great measures to make sure my car is maintained and to have it damaged by an air freshener is awful.

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