Famous Footwearracial profiling/ discrimination

T Aug 14, 2018

8/6/18 @ between 3& 3:10pm

Famous Footwear in Lee Summit.
Started walking in store and just trying to look for shoes foe my daughter for school, while waiting for my oldest Daughter on her Interview in another store on the strip.
As we're looking for shoes for school in about the first 5-10mins I notice that that a lady that waa working there started following us around as if we we didnt seem to be there.. So i was like ok" maybe it was just that she was justvdoing her job of looking for a type of particular shoe, And just so happen it just was in the same aisles that we were looking in.
But it was when i notice that she was really beginning to get very obvious of what it seem to be, Harassment.
So then i started walking towards the front because my daughter wanted to look at these converse tennis shoes and Once Again everytime here she comes again following Us in the same area and staring... and so then we're like what is going on here" are we not suppose to be in here because we were the only African American in there along with and cacasion mother with maybe her young daughter and her mixed/ african American friend along her side, at this point I notice that Not one persons... But me and my Daughter being Followed.)
And at that point I told my daughter lets go look and find your Father and brother some shoes and there she ((Kelly)) comes Again!

Sooo at this point I turns around and Ask the lady is there a problem why your following us but she looked and didn't reply which i thought that was a Lil odd... Cause surely she should wanna reply then just ignore the issue"" At this point it didnt Stop!

So then I tell my daughter lets go because it seems that we're not wanted in here and felt sooo Very outta place at this matter.
Before we left I stopped at the front desk and asked the young lady at the cashier who was the manager and she replied ((kelly)) which was the lady that had been following us thoughout the store.

That's when I told her what had happen for the reason why I had asked. Then me and my Daughter proceeded and left very extremely pissed and very Uncomfortable all at the same time.

Want Further Action at this matter... Or some type of disciplinary Action.

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