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C Aug 03, 2018

I hate to be that customer who complains about customer service but i am very bothered by an experience i had in the middletown ny store today. Over the past month or so, my family and i have spent hundreds on new shoes within the store and also online. Bogo is my favorite time to shop as our family has lots of growing boys. One pair i got was for my toddler. A pair of all white leather converse. We tried them on in the store and thought they were the right fit. Upon going home, i noticed they were bothering my sons feet so we didn't use them I put them right back in the box with the receipt and brought them back to the store for an exchange. He wore them in the store and that was it! The manager at the time was so rude to me without even giving me a chance to explain that the shoes were only worn in the store upon trying them on. Pure white shoes, can be expected to have some kind of worn looking parts. In fact the day we bought them, we had to go through a few boxes to find ones that looked freshly white. I am aware of the policy and have also worked at this store in the past so i would never try to bring visibly worn and dirty shoes back to the store. The manager was nasty and very unprofessional. And after all the fuss, she allowed me to exchange the shoes. I don't understand why she felt obligated to give me such a rough time only to honor the exchange. I just find it very unfair to treat any customer let alone a pregnant and unthreatening customer with such rude service. I am also aware of what is acceptable to exchange in the store. I am very bothered by this treatment and would hope that managers of other FF stores do not adopt this behavior. I'd love to continue shopping here but from this experience i will not. I will also make sure other moms and dads do not use this store for their back to school purchases. No one deserves that. Thank you

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