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fear to go to work

I'm a assistant manager at store 10. I have made phone calls everyday for a couple of days now. No one calls back so here you go. I have 45 plus pages of data. On tuesday the store managers friend who used to work there came in to bring jenny pizza. I said hey aj he said you are still nothing but a piece of # and walks out. Jenny ask me what he said I told her and she laughs and says don't pay any mind to that. I over hear her talking to her friend of 15 years who also works there and they worked together at kmart for years anyway she is telling her laughing about it. You should have seen her face. Jenny told stacy that I can't write her up for not doing her job I have no athurity and to stay away from me. Jenny also told stacy a cashier about aj coming in saying that to me. I'm also told that I can't smoke on family dollars property. I have to be 15 foot off property or I will be fired on spot but work for 14 hours in a day with no break cant leave the store. I have been written up for stuff I didn't do. I was told if 3or more buggies got gone from store I would be fired on spot or pay 150 a buggie. Jenny has also told a cashier about my written tranfer request word for word. This is all in a week. I have day by day diary of events that happen in that store. District manager never answers the phone. I have requested meetings nothing. I fear to go to work because I never know what is going to happen. My job is threatned all the time. I went to hospital on wensday because of stress from my job phone calls from employees telling me things. I don't want to be there any more this has been going on for 7 months. I can't take anymore drama. I thought a store manger was to keep there mouth shut. Right of privacy??

  • Wa
    waterbugx Mar 26, 2010


    I'm in Mass. I had problems with my boss,, I called the Div of Unemployment. They told me that I was better off getting fired and then challenging the the unemployment office..then, quitting the job..It's a mean world out there and jobs are scarce..

    Try to ignore those people. Send a certified and registered letter (from the US Post Office) politely asking for a meeting with the district manager. When you get the appointment, politely present your proof of harrassment and ask for a transfer.

    While you're waiting for your appointment, speak to someone at your community center..a counselor/peer/mentor..someone you trust and respect..ask them for advice.

    It the situation persists, go to the unemployment by the state, your state and file a complaint.

    Good luck.

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  • Pa
    parrisjet May 01, 2010

    I also work for Family Dollar and our whole entire staff is harrassed by our store manager and the dms tell you that they cant tell her what to do in her store when you contact them with a complaint. My store manager lies about store policy and refuses to give me or the other employees an employee handbook. I have had my comments from a Pip read to other staff members (I was issued a pip from the store manager because I was 2 minutes late and I called the manager who opens the store late at least 15 min everyday for the past 4 years to tell her that there was construction up the street from Family Dollar and that I would be a few minutes late because I am always on time she says okay when I got there she gives me a pip stating that I need to be on time and ready to work my shift and if I was late 3 more times that I would be fired. I said I called you to let u know i would be late its not like i didn't call she said it doesn't matter. I couldn't believe it that after the 4 years I have worked for the company everyone calls if they are going to be late I have worked and hour later or so because someone called her and said that they were going to be late and I stayed on there behalf but I get a Pip anyway and I wrote under the comments exactly what I just said she read my comment to two employees in the store and they told me because they were uncomfortable with the whole situation when I reported it to the Dm he tells me he cant tell her what to do in her store. I said to him so its ok for me to get a PIp for being a 2 minutes late and I called and if I am late 3 more times anytime in the future I would be fired he said yes. So I asked how was that fair the manager that gave me the pip is late opening the store at least 15 minutes 5 out of seven days a week and he knows it because I have to call him to locate her because customers are outside angry because they cant get into the store and there mad at me because I work there and I don't have a key because she is late opening the store every morning and I'm there on time but im only the cashier I have to call the dm because there are customers outside flipping out at me and delivery trucks are angry because there on time schedule but i get a pip because I was 2 min late and when I reminded him of this he tells me we are not talking about her we are talking about me. So I called the alert hotline and sent emails to the corporate office and they sent someone from loss prevention out so I could file a complaint in person and everytime I have a problem I just do the same thing. Things are a little better but at least I have my complaints on file so if things escalate Family Dollar cant say that they never knew what was going on I try to tell the rest of the staff to do the same because maybe if more of us file a formal complaint Family Dollar will have to take resposibility for training there store managers to be proffessional at all times like they expect us as cashiers or asistant managers to be professional in the workplace at all times because if we don't we will be fired which means they should be fired as well.

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  • Th
    theevildeadgirl May 24, 2010

    who are JENNY and AJ? WTF are you talking about

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  • Na
    N/A1225 Dec 15, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was also an ASM for Family Dollar for a little over a year, but three days ago i got terminated because i have a felony record. I am fighting my employment ... Send an Email to Mike Bloom the CEO and have as many people you know and whom can complain about it saying that they have seen this... I sent the email to him about mine and the next day i got a call from our DM he said that they will be contacting me this coming week by tues. maybe and not to get my hopes up it's not a promise but it is looking very promising that i will get my job back! I hope your situation gets better and that this may help you...

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rude customers

I have worked at Family Dollar for seven months now, and i never thought I would be there near that long. I'm a college graduateand was downsized when the Property mgmnt company I was working for went belly up. I have never encountered customers like this in my life, but this ### takes the cake. Mr. I'm too good to even be in here argued with me about using his out of date coke coupon telling me it was only expired by one day. My reply was the coupon IS EXPIRED and therefore cannot be used. He went on to say food is outrageous, gas has gone up, taxes are skyrocketing and then looked directly in my face and said "How many kids do you have that my tax dollars are supporting?"

I dropped his money on the counter and said to him-Im done-I'll go get my manager-I'm not dealing with you. Where do people get off!!!

  • Po
    popecko Mar 19, 2010

    That seriously sucks. Some people are just not happy unless they are being rude.

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  • Mi
    MichaelAIL May 06, 2010

    he probably killed himself too, since he couldn't get the discount of gas at the local 7 who did that quiet a few weeks back to save 3 cents per gallon if you use cash not credit.

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employee with big mouth

I was in the Family Dollar in Chandler Indiana and over heard Peggy (a manager) speaking very rudely about someone in the community that had recently gotten theirself into a bit of trouble. It is not our job to judge anyone!!! That is God's job! Anyway, Peggy was speaking very badly about this person and did not care who was listening...what kind of manager is she or was she? Would she want anyone to talk that way about her?

She was telling about what this person had done (which again, is not her business to repeat) especially in a place of employment!

I over heard her telling Lisa not to get close to or be nice to this person because she is friends with this person in trouble! Why is Peggy telling other employees to treat customers in a rude way?


Hey Peggy, u need to SHUT UP and JUST DO YOUR JOB!!!

I recently fell outside of this store

February 20, 2010 Family Dollar Store 5927 Martin Luther King Jr. Hwy Capitol Heights, MD [protected] Phone...

my purse

I went to this Family Dollar on 3-9-10 at 7 pm I entered the store and the Black Woman Cashier told me I...

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bad attitude

I was in the store on homer rd. and there is a girl in there with dishwater blonde hair and she is the rudest...

rude treatment

On Sunday Feb. 15, 2010 went into the store . I only saw 2 employees, one checker and one person stocking shekves. The 1 checking was doind her best to keep up with checking people out. There was about 10 people in line when she called for help, the lady finally came up after about 5 minutes and had a attitude when she opened up. She never even greated anyone !!! No name tag she was about 38-40 stocky bulit and brown hair. I went to her and had about $25.00 worth of items, there was a sign saying please don't give us 50's or 100's, so I then said I am sorry but I don't have quite enough so I will have to give you a 50, she then jerked the 50 out of my hand and never even acknowledged me in any way except to push my change in my hand . I then told her she was in the wrong business and if she didn't like her job she shouldn't take it out on customers. I will let you know I will not shop Family Dollar again and plan to pass the word about that store!!! Word of mouth is by far the best way to let people know about stores Dollar General has never treated me this way at any of their stores !!! I worked retail for over 3o years and know how to treat people maybe you all should have secret shoppers to find out how your cutomers are treated. I have read other complaints about your stores so I know I'm not the only one complaining.
Thank you for listenting to me.
Sharon Holbrook

  • Je
    Jeffrey L. Jan 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am totally unhappy with your Family Dollar Store. I have never had such a rude, disrespectful, insensitive employee of your store in my life. I will not go back your Family Dollar Store again. I was originally going to go to Dollar Tree, and stopped to pay a little extra from the Family Dollar Store on North High Street in the Short North, in Columbus, Ohio. I am thoughly discussed with the treatment I recieved. Remember, The economy is in a recession, Jobs are Scarce, and I dont have to take the employees treatment of me while I was there., AND THERE IS TOO MANY COMPETIVE STORES THAT WOULD APPRECIATE MY BUSINESS. Darious, An Afro-American is TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS SEXIST DISCRIMITIVE UNCARING ATTITUDE I HAVE FOR YOUR STORE. I WILL NEVER, NEVER GO BACK. If you really cared about how rude your employees were, you would make your site more accessable. You dont deserve to be in business, when you are not concerned about how your hired employees treat the "Paying Customer". GET A GRIP, OR YOU WILL NOT SUCEED IN THIS COUNTRY. I have owned and operated 3 businesses in my life, with 1 still going strong, and believe me, Customer service is the utmost importance of any businesses, DO YOU GET IT!!! JC. my email address is: [email protected] If you dont reply, then I assume you dont care. I will take my business elsewhere, and remember, for every 1 dissatified customer, that one customer will tell a minimum of at least 7 other people. Go Back to business school, because you apparently didnt learn before you embarked on this business venture. JC

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defamation of character

i worked for this company almost a year ago. i thought that my manager was and fair distant person until i realized that she was racist. 1st she wrote me up for something that wasn't true she then realized that she had lied and told me to tear them up but i didn't. this was for friday then when i returned to work on and wednesday i was later told after unloading the truck after my store mgr, the other asst from my store, and an store mgr in training had left the offices discussing this missing deposit then they came and got me ( mind you i was only employed with the company 3mos). then while in the office and deposit that was mine came up missing and the mgr had scratched out where the other asst mgr name because she signed off verifing this deposit. make and long story short my mgr told people that it was in my car. how will she have know that. the police wanted to go further but because they said i was set up but the dm stop the case. but before they told the police that they found the money they had gave the asst who had the money her job back.

  • He
    HELPmyREPUTATION Jun 08, 2011

    well i just started working for FD after i walked into a store in winston salem nc and the gm asked if i wanted a job i said yeah because i needed a second job ! all i had my was my ss card and my birth certificate ! SO THATS WHAT I USED THEN GAVE HER MY ID LATER ! well the one supervisor asked me if i wanted to buy weeed ! i said no . well the last half day i worked the phone rang ten times without being answerd so i answerd it it was the gm ! and im went to tell the manager on duty ! wel she was out smoking weed with her cuzz!!! so i left ! the nexxt morning the gm is say n i stole 667 dollars that i droped it on the floor and picked it up and went arouond the corner and put it in my pocket ! so i needed to bring it back well she txt me nonstop for four hours ! and there was no way i had 667$ but ever night my till has been screewed up and im nt allowed to count it !!! she has to thnak god i hate this store i wish i woulda never worked there when she ask if i wanted a job the hell with FD!!!

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I visited the Family Dollar store approximately 7:30p.m. on December 15, 2009. My five year old son and I...

26 comments Lawrenceville Retail Stores

bad service and racism

My boyfriend, my daughter, my grandbaby, (who is 2 years old), and myself went to this store to buy a dre...


I was injuried on the job and the manager and District manager both said they were not concerned because it...

bad management

I too worked at a Family Dollar Store, and though it was a fun place to work. But the harassment from the District Manager (Tim)was unbearable. Our store was always kept clean and neat for the customers. We did everything we were suppose to do(the way he wanted us to do it). Every time he came he did nothing but *** and complain, asked who told you to do that (of course he did, but denied it). So as a result our store got low rating from him all the time, but the messy store across town always got high ratings. My co-workers were intimidated by him, we complained but got nowhere. They do treat the employees terrible they expect you to work hard for low pay, Especially the Managers they want them to put in a 80+ hour week.

  • Da
    danesummers Dec 12, 2009

    I have only worked at Family Dollar for 3 days and it has been the worst experience I've ever had in my 10 years of retail. When I was interviewed I was told I'd be working 20 hours a week as a cashier and would have 3 days off. I have worked 24 hours in the past 2 days, not given a work schedule, no w2 forms filled out, no other documentation on company policy or other paper work completed. When I discussed this with the manager, she simply shrugged it off and said she'd get around to it when she has time. Now I'm wondering, will I ever get paid? Am I even in the system? When I expressed being unhappy about having no set work schedule, being on call or told day to day (not asked, told) when I will come in the next day, the manager told me I was making her angry. Well, being expected to work 12-13 hour days 6 days a week makes me angry. Those hours are ridiculous even for a store manager, and even more so for a cashier.Very disorganized, very unprofessional. They simply do not care about the employees, they treat them like dogs. The assistant manager told me 10 people have walked out of there after only working one day. I may not show up for a fourth day, for all I know I've been working for free not having the appropriate paper work filled out. Stay away from this company!

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  • Je
    Jenne74 Mar 23, 2010

    I am a college student that lives close to the Montrose branch. I visit the store almost everyday to shop a little and I also try to ask it they are hiring I have filled out an application a couple of times but never hear anything back. I also make a point of asking if they are hiring and I am always told no. Here is my problem, management at the store always tells me no but in the last four months she has hired two employees and they never seem to work out. What I have noticed about this store is that the manager is of Spanish decent and only hires Spanish speaking employees. I find this to be a little predigest of white applicants is this how Family Dollar would like to be perceived.

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clean store

I do love my job but, don't get this...Constant complaints on the condition of the store from corp. well store has been open for about 20 yrs, we only have so many employees in store at one time to do ten diff. jobs. the floors are a night mare and need to be redone they cannot even be cleaned when cleaned -- they are stained so badly and the shelves are in the same condition--- customer go through the stack of hand carts to find a have way decent one but, there are none without at least a quarter of an inch of what looks like tar ------ uuuuggggg --- they need to put some of these corp assssssss in the stores then let them judge !!! i know they work but they need to actually work the stores. we get busier and busier and more and more side work ----- no additional pay and judged like that !!! come on corp get a clue ...

  • Xi
    Xiala Aug 21, 2009

    I had to do a 22 hour shift while I was seven months pregnant because of the stupid floors!
    They got a company to come in and wax the floors. It was only supposed to take three or four hours.
    I was there for 22 damn hours straight! Not to mention it's not a good idea for a pregnant woman to inhale those fumes. I had to sit outside the back door.
    To top it off, I figured "we're in this together" and bought the four on the crew some pizza. They ate the pizza and three of them left the other one to wax the floor by himself.
    We were there until FOUR O'CLOCK in the morning! I then had to return to work seven hours later.
    It was a nightmare!

    And to answer jeffersontr75's question, no matter how much we cleaned that store, it was never good enough. Furthermore, we were lucky to be given 30 hours per week. Anymore than that and you'd get written up if it isn't authorized.

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I have worked for family dollar for only 4 months and it is hell. My job title is a cashier however you have...

awful, awful, awful

On June I walked into Family Dollar with a camcorder black bag with the camcarder in it on my belt around my weist.My sister/her son with autism and my cousin all together. As we walked out we notice a worker standing near the doorway? we left the store, my sister which is law enforcement was the driver. We were about a block and a half when the cops pulled us over? They claim I stole something. The cops serched me and my cousin. My sister was so upset she went back to the store escorted by the cops and returned all what she brought. When the cops asked the tall white lady what I stole she said "he have a bolg under his shirt"?? How STUPID did she look.She need to be fired just for looking and being STUPIT and wasting the cops time. All she had to do was ask. How many other people will this happen to.

  • An
    anonyMiss Aug 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You need to ask if she was a manager. If she wasn't complain to the manager that she does not possess the qualities needed in a respectful employee. Is she was a manager, complain to whoever is her boss and say she is not trained properly to deal with these situations.

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  • Dn
    dnn Jan 31, 2010

    Really, Stupid???

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  • Ty
    Tyevans May 08, 2010

    My daughter was also wrongfully accused of stealing she went in to buy a 50 cent Mother's Day card my daughter is an African American teenager and a Mexican and a white girl falsely accused her of stealing they did not watch a videotape they would not let her out o f the store they kept asking to check her bag, my daughter called the police to the store and they found nothing because my child is not a thief. Family Dollar racially profiles people. I will never go back in a Family Dollar store I don't go there anyway. I am pursuing this issue because I am a consumer and you cant just go around accusing people of being thieves. I am an upset parent and a consumer I want them both to loose their job!!!

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  • Me
    memphistenn Nov 13, 2011

    thats a lawsuit they can not accused anyone of stealing get lawyer

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extreme rudeness of cashier

I wanted to purchase a large print bible the sign underneath was $5.25 it rung up $10.00 I told the cashier (Ashley) that was incorrect she told me whatever the register ring up that's the price. I asked for the manager and he heard me he met me on the aisle where the bibles were. The manager picked up the bibles and moved them to the $10.00 section I told him I had some friends purchased them for the $5.25 the cashier interrupt and said you can either get your money back, pay for it and be quiet. I told her I was not speaking to her I was talking to the manager. She started to call me names and said shut the f--- up. The manager (Mr McGee) told her to go to the office which she would not. She said you old hag you need to take your old a-- home. Another lady in the store filling out an application I asked another lady working in the store why she was condoning what the cashier was saying the lady filling out the application jumped up and said b---- I will whip your a-- the manager told her to sit down. I go to another family dollar and the same bible is $5.25. I reported this to the district office but I have not received a call back like they promise this incident took place June 10, 2009 approximately 12 noon. This should be totally unacceptable. Please tell me what to do next.

scam company

On 2/22/09 I ordered a Sony camcorder from Closeout Genius that they listed as in stock. They charged my CC. A couple days later they called and tried to sell me a long life battery and said the original only last 20-minutes which I knew was not true, I declined. I received an email from closeout Genius saying my camcorder was back ordered and would take 2 to 3-weeks. A month later I emailed them and never received a response. THEY ARE A SCAM COMPANY.


I have been a Manager at Family Dollar for the past 2 years, I am on a salary to get paid for 52 hours a week but I don't think there is ever a time that I have been able to just work 52 there is weeks that I have put in 75+ hours with getting no help from the DM, Family dollar works you to death they are always cutting payroll hours and expecting more and more work to be done you can never take a break even if you work 12 hours a day, back in oct, 2008 I found out I was pregnant I was put on a restriction to work no more then 40 hours a week but since oct till now there has been only 2 weeks that have have worked 40 hours.

I have been wrote up 2 times for going over my payroll budget and can never get help from anyone, I have went over my DMS head I have called human resources and no one wants to help, since I have done this my DM has been has found anything and everything to make my job a living hell, I have been wrote up and he always finds something to complain about but before I was put on this restriction I was never wrote up and always told what a good job I do, I believe family dollar is a slave driving company they get people to do the the job under pay them, over work them, abuse them and put there lifes in danger and most of the managers are like me have children to support and bills to pay so I get stuck being there slave.

  • Nn
    nnotsoo Apr 17, 2009

    wow thats why so many openings with this company!

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  • Br
    brb1174 Apr 23, 2009

    Have any employee heard stories of age discrimination?

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  • Mr
    mrsquigles Apr 23, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "you can never take a break even if you work 12 hours a day"

    Whenever I hear this I remind people that by law an employer is required to allow you a break after a certain number of hours of working. Ask them if it'd be less expensive for them to hire a new employee or deal with a big ### lawsuit.

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  • Li
    lip0jd112 Nov 26, 2009

    Being an assisstant manager at a Family Dollar myself, I can completely understand the attitude and aggravation of this manager. It seems like everyone that works for this company is very overworked and underpayed. Why would they have DM's and human resources to help solve situations that are beyond our control. They get a write up that they refuse to follow up on unless it has to do with upper management. Family Dollar promises paid vacations to us which is impossible to take due to payroll cuts, lack of employees, with no other coverage available if it was necessary. Me myself had a miscarriage earlier this year and reluctantly returned to work the following day. Its ridiculous how we have to sacrifice what we do to keep a job. Its very underappreciated. I feel for you and understand completely.

    A fellow Family Dollar worker

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  • Ah
    Ahardworker Jan 30, 2010

    Family Dollar's HR and the owners are a joke . They say tell them about what's going on in secret but they tell the DM and she tells the manager and then you get treated like ### and they find someway to get rid of you...
    This company needs to be shut down and they need to pay the employees for being mistreated ..
    The manager I know is one stupid woman whom I lost respect for because she makes her own rules and she can't spell so we have to figure what in the heck she means.
    She starts out like she is your friend and a week later she is talking behind your back and the other employees say things that she said ..
    I will never trust her but I need my job for the insurance because of incurable disease I have and no other insurance would let me buy from them...
    Well I will not be working for them soon because I won't be able to get out of bed or stand until they find a cure for me...
    I've had other managers that was the best and remained until they had enough with mistreatment of the employees from this company...If they ( the company) would do something better for the employees they would have an awesome company.

    Not a happy employee...

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  • Ra
    rarebits Mar 11, 2010

    Sounds like Dollar General !!!

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  • At
    Atl worker Mar 25, 2010

    I also work for Family Dollars in Atlanta, GA. My coworkers and i constantly ask our manager when will we get raises. I am a cashier, and a full time student and i have been with Family Dollars for 1 yr. When we approach her she claims upper management is responsible for giving us raises, not her. I am a full grown adult and i have worked in management before, so i know she is lying to protect her precious bonus check and payroll. But i don't know if this is just how this company works... I do know this ; i am desperately trying to find another job, i am not a quitter but i work to provide for my household, not work to keep another family dollar store afloat. It is not fair, and this dumb bish(manager) had the nerve to ask me to work an extra hour 10 min. before it is time for me to log off! The point i am making is You want me to have a heart, and help unload the truck but i can even get an rubber nickel raise!

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  • Ps
    psed employee Apr 04, 2011

    me being an assistant manager for family dollar agree that we are overworked & very much so underpaid. ive been workin for this company for a year & a half & still have not received any vacation time. i was told that i wont get it til ive been assistant manager for a year but ive looked all through the handbook & there is nothing in there that says that. what i read says the first day a team member reports to work is his/ her official anniversary date. this anniversary date is used to compute the following benefits: vacation grant, tenure/service awards, 401(k) vesting.

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  • 20
    20yrfdemployee Dec 28, 2011

    I have been a manager at family dollar for 20yrs it's not the company thats working you it's you. It sounds like you need better people working for you. I have a great team and I work 52hrs a week because we all work together. It's all about you finding the right people-then you won't have to work all those hours. everyone complains about working more than 52 hrs. you knew when you took the managers position it was salary. i have four young children and run a million five store and still manage to take my time off. it is possible you have to stand back and look at who you have workin for you and make changes.

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terrible experience

Almost six years ago I began my career with Family Dollar Stores. I was told that I would do my training in a...

terrible place to work in

I am a current assistant manager with a family dollar store so I can't include too much info. Believe...

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