Eyemart Expressglasses

K Aug 17, 2018

On August 6th 2018, myself and my wife had an eye appt. with Advanced Eyecare of Maine. We got our perscriptions and then proceded next door to Eyesmart Express to get new glasses. Myself and my wife ordered two sets of glasses, with mine expected to be in before hers. I picked my glasses up the next day on August 7th 2018 and they did not have the glasses right, I couldn't see out of them they were blurry and the bi-focal wasn't right. They told me to give them a couple of days, where as it was a different type of lenses. So I took the glasses and gave it about a week to see if I could adjust to the lenses. I couldn't see out of the glasses from the sides and I couldn't see the bi-focal at all. So the following week on August 13th 2018 I went back to Eyesmart Express in Bangor to tell them that the glasses were not working. They tried adjusting them again, and I told them that they made the glasses worse. I spoke with the manager of the store and he told me that it was the doctors fault, and that they had done the glasses the way that the perscription was, I told them that I wanted my money back and that I was very dissatified with the product, they kept telling me that they could not give me my money back and that they could only keep trying to fix them. I made an appt. with the doctor next door and the doctor checked the both set of glasses that I had and said that Eyesmart Express had messed up the perscription. So I took them back over to Eyesmart and told them that they had messed up the perscription, and they said that they would try to fix them again. I left them with them and went back down on the 14th of August to pick them up. I still cannot use the glasses as they are still not to my satisfaction. The only thing that I ask is that I would like to get my money back for them, why should I pay for something that I cannot use, they are currently sitting on my counter where as I cannot use them as they give me headaches and I still cannot see out of the bi-focal. I put out a lot of money for these glasses along with my wifes glasses which we are scheduled to pick up on the 20th.

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