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Exxon Mobil Corporation

5959 Las Colinas Boulevard
United States - 75039-2298

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 751 5441 0 1
+1 713 682 5391 0 0
+1 713 782 1779 0 0
+1 281 588 4853 0 0
+1 972 444 1433 0 0
Mailing Address
P. O. Box 4654, Houston, TX 77210

Downstream Operations
22777 Springwoods Village Parkway, Spring, TX 77389-1425

Exploration and Producing Operations
22777 Springwoods Village Parkway, Spring, TX 77389-1425

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Exxon Mobil Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Exxon Mobil Corporation / customer service

Marla Harper on Nov 6, 2017
I went to fill up my tires and the machine did not work. I went into the station and told the gentleman about it. He acted like he was not going to help. He gave me a code which did not turn the machine on. I went to put the code in and didn't work. I had already put my money in the air...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / unethical behavior of employee

Jennylang001 on Nov 2, 2017
Exxon Mobil number 3? Im reporting the behavior of one employee by the name of Monica, she works the night shift at the Exxon on the corner of Westhill & Caddo in Cleburne TX. Over the last 30+ days she has her child at work running wild. Many times she runs out after her, leaving...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / gas attendant

Sims34 on Oct 22, 2017
Hello I have went to one of your locations for gas for my vechicle the address 750 memorial parkway in phillipsburg nj off 22. I had a issue on 10/22. Between 11:00 &11:20 an attendant ask my son how much gas he needed he told them 40 dollars the attendant said regular my son says yes. The...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / water in the tanks

Grace Boehm on Oct 20, 2017
I stopped to fill up my 2017 Volkswagon Tiguan at Mobil, 1107 S Patrick Dr. Satellite Beach, FL 32937 (321)777-0794 on Oct 10th, 2017. The charge was $40.92 of high test. I live 2.4 miles away and went directly home. The next morning I went out to start my car and it wouldn't start. I had...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / gas station attendant running side business

Joe Reck on Sep 20, 2017
My motor scooter broke down and there was a 120v outside receptacle being used by a group of car wash and detailer's not employees of exon. The gas station attendant sells electricity to these men $40 per day to run there car washing business via an extension cord. I asked these men if i...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / heartland express 4155 s, westwood poplar bluff mo 63901

Cathy Hall on Sep 20, 2017
We stopped into this gas station on our way to Dallas. We noticed that we had to pay first and not at the pump. I went inside to give them my credit card, but noticed where I had to pay was down the counter and around the corner. I held out my card and said I want to fill up on #5. She...

Exxon / rudeness of security

tittlebeagle on Sep 13, 2017
Security guard yells at exxon employees and gets rude with customers. She is an older lady. Bans customers for no reason at all. The store has lost many customers. Not baned just choose to go to marathon instead. A friend was banned today for sitting at red light. No problem with other...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / ongoing lack of stocked products during day time.

ConnieD on Sep 6, 2017
Tiger mart #3 100 e westhill dr Cleburne, tx 76031-6331 I use to go in and everything was fully stocked however, over the past month, there aren't cups many other items in the cooler or isles. There's almost never ice until the night shift comes on and stocks. There's usually 4 women and a...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / complaint regarding gasoline pumps

kathryn monroe on Sep 2, 2017
Crockett TX 74835 9/2/17 Betty Nash acc#7302419501932026 Purchased at BIG'S 3830 FG48117891001 1279 East Loop 304 Crockett TX 75835 Invoice 087684 Pump #5 Total purchase $3.36. Problem - pumps are empty but clerks are still trying to sell gas. Diesel pumps are already covered as they are...

ExxonMobil / cashiers

Pat Morgado on Aug 29, 2017
Bought gas today could not use any of my plenti points as no one working knew what they where doing . Extremely rude, vapid cashiers told me I needed to speak slower as they could not understand English . I live on a budget and now thanks to the incompetent employees I must stretch money I...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / nasty store rude employees

Sherry s. on Aug 15, 2017
One male working stinking of alcohol rude spending time flirting with all the females. Nothing in stock. I have try to be loyal to the store but due to the rude disgusting condition poor management. And employee who are more interesting in cell phone then customers. The bathrooms look and...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / the station

girtman20 on Aug 6, 2017
i just moved to this area rowlett tx from dallas . My company and i use Exxon everyday. My company ask for a receipt when we buy gas. Well i've been to this station 6 times and there is never any paper in there pumps for receipts. i even ask why do i have to keep walking in here to get a...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / service

Danna grayson on Aug 5, 2017
It is August the 5th Saturday morning at 7:20 I pulled in the Exxon station at Spring Cypress and I-45 in Spring Texas I pulled the pump number one I walked over to the service window with says pay window the tray was out pushed out I put my $7 in it in the lady had her back to me leaning...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / red sticker

Christine Villarreal on Aug 1, 2017
I went to get gas this morning. After I finished pumping my gas I noticed the red sticker on top instead of where it is supposed to be. I went in to tell the clerk and she sends someone out to put new stickers out. I sat a watched them just put new stickers on each gas pump but didn't even...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / appearance of this facility

Elvira Petty on Jul 26, 2017
This filcility is located in the 4100 Newbern Avenue, Raleigh, NC it looks like a condemned building all the other businesses a round looks nice and neat with curb appeal. This place has pumps with string holding the handles up which is a Hazzard, they have had card readers on their pump...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / sanitation, employee becoming verbally and physically aggressive (including spitting)

Tshull on Jul 25, 2017
The employees names are Brittany Shifflett and Robin Shifflett. There was also a Mr. Baker hanging out in the store (boyfriend of Ms Shifflett). The employee came across the counter at exxon went outside and grabbed up the rescuer (of the kittens) She defended herself and Ms. Shifflett...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / denied gas service because "too much change"

WLewis7947 on Jul 24, 2017
On 7/24/17, I went to an EXXON gas station called "The Bouy" located at 5718 Sandy Point Rd, Kinsale, VA 22488 (804-472-4283). When I went to the counter to buy gas, I had $2.00 in cash and $7.00 in change... and I was denied gas service at this store. The Lady at the counter shook her...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / cashier (poor)* customer relations

Anyabwile N. Kuthakwakulu on Jul 10, 2017
On Saturday July 6th, 2017 I was at the Exxon gas station 2206 Central Ave. Humboldt, TN 38343 and helped a friend pump $14 in gas at the station. After going inside the station and buying for a few more items and waiting inside the store for someone to pick me up from the station, the...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / trying to make a payment/refused to accept

INFIDEL51 on Jul 4, 2017
Shame on you! Trying to make a payment below minimum due, refused! I am handicap, fixed income & last several months spine surgery. But, that does not matter! Shame on you for refusing any payment a senior can offer, You need to know when you were a tiny company, who kept your pockets lined! But #1, if not for customers there would be no exxon/mobil.

Exxon Mobil Corporation / pumps and service

ELSA M. GONZALEZ on Jun 30, 2017
Today I visited 7-eleven store in Laredo, Texas store #36528 located at 2719 Sanders St. Laredo, Tx 78041. I rarely go there because the pumps rarely work. Swiped my card and It asked for my zip code. I was unable to enter it on the key pad, it did not work. My concern was I could not...

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