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ExxonMobil Complaints & Reviews

ExxonMobil / Cashier

Llet on Mar 23, 2017
I went in to purchase some items and only had a large bill with me, I asked before I got anything and the lady at the front, Jacky, was extremely rude. She didn't even check the register before telling and told me that I had to spend over $20 to get change back. When I first walked in, she...

ExxonMobil / Gas station employees

Keysh on Mar 6, 2017
I went to the Exxon gas station located at The Peach Stand (1325 hwy 160 Fort Mill, SC). I purchased gas and went to pump my gas when the pump didn't work. It was paused as if I hadn't paid yet. So I went back inside to inform the employee Laura and she was very ride stating she did not...

ExxonMobil / Gas attendant

Gotrump on Feb 16, 2017
I go to this Exxon station all the time. My gas came to $25. I gave him $40. I had no other bills. He yelled at me to look for smaller bills and I should have gone to the bank to get them. I was livid. Of course he spoke little English. He was rude and abrasive. I will NEVER go back to...

ExxonMobil / Employee

Sydney Blake Browsing on Feb 7, 2017
I come to the exxon mobil on fm 1488 everyday. I have never had an issue and normally employees are polite and kind. Today I came to buy a pack of cigarettes and they're computers were down unable to accept card. The only cash I had was coins (Not pennies but quarters and dimes). There wa...

ExxonMobil / Customer service at a mobil station

meao on Feb 5, 2017
on 1/31/17 at 15:34:47, I visited the Crossroads Mobil station located at 3864 Hopkins Crossroads, Minnetonka, MN 55305 (FE27137789001). I purchased a hot chocolate and was tasting it while walking out of the door. Nearly reaching my car, I turned around and walked back into the store to...

ExxonMobil / Job offer

jm.worrall on Feb 5, 2017
To confirm the recent screening process, which was conducted by the screening department of Exxonmobil (usa). we are pleased to offer you an initial position as the. Position: hse advisor Job location: texas, usa. Starting date: march 6th 2017 on this date, you are to report at 9:00 a...

ExxonMobil / Service station attendants verbal abuse.

Michele Paley on Jan 17, 2017
Date of incident: Tuesday, January 17 Time od incident: 6:30 a.m. At 6:30 this morning I pulled into the Exxon station on Rte 57 in Warren County New Jersey. The pump before me was occupied by a man slowly pumping his own gas. The attendant started yelling at me for stopping at the...

ExxonMobil / Service complaint on a station

Brandon Clayton on Dec 22, 2016
This morning around 4:30am, I pulled up to station 8781 sw 72nd street, sunset, florida 33173, near sw 87th place. This is the 2nd time this has happen to me at this location. It's open but no one is there to help me with getting additional merchandise or any issues I may have. On thi...

ExxonMobil / The pump for fueling your car

RichardWare99 on Dec 20, 2016
Hell I visited the new Mobil gas station located at 4501 Union Blvd st.louis, mo.63115...At 245pm 12/20/2016 I purchased almost $20 worth of fuel the octain selector was broken the excuse given was I had to juggle it or push the button had.This station has only been open 1 day brand new...

ExxonMobil / Your manager & cashier @ the greely, co store

Karen Davis Stroup on Dec 15, 2016
My husband and I were layer over... Went in this morning to get a cup of coffee... As always we got a 44 oz. soft drink cup... The cashier wanted to charge us for 2 - 44 oz. cups... We have never had to do that before... So we chose not to get it at all... I told my husband to pour it...

ExxonMobil / Unethical discriminating behavior

Gloria MK on Nov 28, 2016
Hello, My name is Gloria and I just had a discrimination issue with one of the cashiers at one of your Exxon Mobil franchise in San Marcos, the address is STRIPES #1505 1636 AQUARENA SPRINGS DR SAN MARCOS, TX 78666 (512) 353-8303 The cashier's name is Maks and he says he is in Charge of...

ExxonMobil / Gasoline service with Credit Card Usage

Susan Johnson on May 29, 2016
Hello! All Exxon Mobil Serice Station, as I traveled over 5 states, do not give receipts at the pumps when using any credit card or debit card. Even their own card when used one must be forced into the store and wait in line for a receipt that should have been given, when " yes" i...

ExxonMobil / Human Resources

Angela Ashworth on Jan 20, 2016
ExxonMobil Contacts & Informations Posted: 2013-12-25 by Angela Ashworth Unethical Business Practices Complaint Rating: 43 % with 7 votes Dear Mr. Tillerson, I received a letter from Mrs. Burket in the Houston Human Resource Department responding to the letter that I sent you regarding: 1...

ExxonMobil / Unethical Business Practices

Angela Ashworth on Dec 25, 2013
Dear Mr. Tillerson, I received a letter from Mrs. Burket in the Houston Human Resource Department responding to the letter that I sent you regarding: 1.  The  consequences when your employees fail to disclose parental obligations when requesting expatriate assignments. 2...

ExxonMobil / winner of 450 000

Tshirang on Jun 20, 2012
i received an sms this morning saying: Congradulations! you have won 450 000 in 2012 Exxon Mobil Oil Sim Promo; with Ref UKRSA01. Please contact Selina on 0799951679for activation and cash claim. i called and they want all my personal details and even bank details. i just want to warm...

ExxonMobil / Fraud

pachuk on Sep 13, 2011
from: office file <officefile.1@centrum.sk> date: Thu, Jul 29, 2010 subject: JOB OPPORTUNTUNY FROM OFFICE OF EXXON MOBIL UK Dear Applicant, With reference to your application on our job consultants, your CV matches our requirements and has been shortlisted for considerations at Exxon...

ExxonMobil / discrimnation or flse information

holly hall on Aug 17, 2011
this is Holly hall in reference to her husband jeff hall jr . i would like to have the manager of the store contact me becasue my husband nore i stold from the store. If the people with us did we were unaware at all. the people that were with us did not have anythng in there pockets in our...

ExxonMobil / Scam

zakl on Jul 28, 2011
from: Exxon Mobile <lottery@lygsh.ilc.edu.tw> reply-to: oilcompany_exxonmobil01@yahoo.com.hk date: Fri, Jul 16, 2010 subject: WINNING NOTIFICATION mailed-by: lygsh.ilc.edu.tw FROM THE DESK OF THE EXXON MOBIL, West Africa Edo State. Nigeria. OFFICIAL WINNING NOTIFICATION! Award number...

ExxonMobil / overcharged my account

upsetsinglemommy on Jun 15, 2011
I purchased $30.01 of gasoline and I checked my account history for my debit card and I was charged $74.00, this is unacceptable, I had a couple dollars left in my account but if I didn't I would've been charged a overdraft fee, I couldn't even get lunch, I don't see...

ExxonMobil / Scam

krisco40 on Jun 11, 2011
I recieved an e-mail in my personal e-mail account from EXXON MOBIL MALAYSIA (House Committee on Foreign Payment) and PRIZE DELIVERY in the Subject box with the name KUALA LUMPUR. This e-mail stated I was a "Selected Winner" of $500, 000.00 USD and that my e-mail address had been selected...

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EMail Scam Targets Bank Accounts
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