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Express Flooringa very unprofessional floor installation and customer service experience

We purchased a laminate flooring at the end of March with Express Home Services. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the salesman and how well he sold the company not only on their product but their wonderful customer service! That quickly ended as soon as the installers entered our home.

The company promises next day installation. Ours was scheduled 3 days after our initial appointment. The installers showed up and at first we thought everything seemed great! They proceeded to work about 4 hours before calling it quits for the day. We were told they would be there for at least 8 hours. We proceeded to question the installation manager as to why this was and received several explanations as to the reasoning behind it. We let him know that we were not pleased as almost all of the work could have been done on the first day. We then became aware of some damage to our 2 week old dining room table and also mentioned this to the installation manager. We were told to let the installers know as they are licensed and he would take care of it.

The next morning I was promised that the installers would arrive at 8am and would be finished no later than 3 pm. Around 8:30 the first installer arrived alone and I questioned him about his partner. He let me know that he would be arriving by 10 am. Again not what I was guaranteed the prior day.

The second installer finally arrived around 10 am and worked until he decided to stop for lunch promptly at 11:30. After returning from there lunch they worked until about 3:30 at which time I went down to take a peek and noticed that the work was not completed correctly. We were to have the new laminate from our entrance way, through the living room and into the kitchen and dining area. This was not the case they had left the original vinyl in our entrance way and had moulded around it as if they were going to leave it.

We had questioned this the day before as it seemed odd to us that they hadn’t ripped it up with the rest of the old product, and were assured that it would be removed. At this time I let the main installer know that this was incorrect and he proceeded to raise his voice to me asking me why I had not informed him the day before. He then told me it would be at least another 4 hours of work and began ripping the moulding off and throwing it across my living room with my child and a relative standing in his violent path!

At this point I was very uncomfortable being left alone to deal with this man as my husband was working. So I proceeded to contact the company and make them aware of what exactly was taking place. At this point I was shown some concern by certain employees of the company and they even spoke to the installer and reprimanded him. I was also promised that something would be done for me and I would be taken care of regarding this situation.

Within a few hours the installer called me downstairs and let me know that he was finished. I immediately began looking over everything as quickly as I could because he was in an extreme hurry to get out the door and was still very angry at this point. I began pointing out a few areas that were left very unprofessional and it was as if I was not even speaking to him. He was very dismissive and was hardly even answering me at this point. I then asked him about moving the furniture back as this was another one of the things our salesman had promised us was included. I instructed him to help me with a few large pieces and at this point I gave up because there was such a mess left that the area had to be cleaned before anything else could be put back. Honestly at this point I just wanted him out of my home.

He slammed out of my home and tore out of my driveway in such a rage that he failed to notice his own bucket and he ran it over and got it logged under his van. At this point my husband arrived and witnessed the installer removing his bucket and leaving our home.

I again contacted our salesman and let him know that the installer’s behaviour did not improve and made sure he was aware of how the rest of the day went. He assured me that this was unacceptable and I would be contacted on Monday from the owners of the company. That never happened.

It wasn’t until many phone calls and lots of complaining that I finally became so irritated that I wrote a letter to the President of the Board. Again no response. I again began calling and was told to speak with Henry Jaffee, who listened and took notes about the situation and guaranteed me that the items on my list of complaints would be taken care of and that someone would contact me to schedule a time for someone to come and repair these items.

It has been over 40 days since my initial installation and I have since cleaned and made the majority of the repairs to my home myself. I am still getting the run around about what I need and when if ever it will be completed.

I was able to find one employee out of this company that honestly was concerned and disturbed about the events that took place during my installation. He battled on my behalf to those that are in a position to make this right and in doing so has potentially jeopardized his future with this company. I think this says all that needs to be said about there wonderful customer service.

This company could care less now that they have my commitment to pay for their services. I have requested some type of adjustment on bill for the way this installation took place and I have been firmly told that this is not going to happen.


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    TruthGrenade Jan 29, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I worked for Express Flooring. I can confirm everything this customer is saying. In all my years I have never worked for a more scummy company. They seriously DO NOT CARE about ripping off their customers. In our sales meetings we were explicitly told to lie to the customer.

    The materials are pitched as "commercial overstock", when in fact they are literally the cheapest products on the market. We were instructed to tell the customer about our "Lifetime Warranty", even though it is understood that they do not stand behind it. They will always find an excuse to negate the warranty. I once saw a repeat customer who had bought carpet from us not FOUR MONTHS prior, and their hallway was completely worn bald. The company called this "normal wear and tear".
    The double wammy is that their prices are nothing short of con-artist level. I watched a fellow salesman rip-off an old widow to the tune of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for 2 bedrooms of garbage carpet. They are absolute crooks.
    The owners of this company really should be arrested for fraud. They've been fined $100, 000 by the state of Arizona for deceptive practices, and I can only imagine that eventually they will be shut down entirely. Until then, AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!

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  • Pu
    punter45 Jan 05, 2013

    My wife and I just had a salesman stop by and give us an estimate for a small tile job (around 340 sq/feet). The salesman (Don) was nice enough early on, and I explained to him that I wanted to get an estimate and then if it was 'reasonable, ' we were prepared to go with them for the job. Well, it took a while before I could even get Don to bring in the tile sample we were interested in (he was 45 minutes late, claiming he had to go back to the warehouse to get our sample). The sample matched our current tile, so I said lets do it. He went off to measure the area (I asked him how many sq. feet it was, and he said he couldn't tell me that -- he just plugged in his dimensions into a program and it spit out the results). At any rate, he comes back with a quote of $5200! That's over $15/sq foot. I immediately said no way -- that is way out of line. He asked me what I thought was reasonable, and I said around $2200 or so. I told him I can get the tile at Home Depot for 1.70/sq foot, and installation for around 2.50/sq foot. I had a small area (about 200 sq feet on a second floor, so it would need some backer board). They were charging me $1100 for that (about $135 from HD for the board). When I told him my price was around $2200, it didn't seem to phase him, he just said he needed to talk to his boss. After a while, he said they could not match that price, and said he wished I had told him my price before he wasted his time. I told him that is not the way it works -- I am the consumer, he is providing a product/service, and if he is not competitive, I am not obligated at all. He seemed miffed at the whole affair, but left under cordial terms. I would NOT use Express Flooring ever after this experience.

    Just as an aside, their business model is very flawed. As the salesman was measuring our hallway, I asked some questions about the best way to integrate the tile in with our current tile. He was not knowledgeable at all about laying tile (not really his fault), but I had to tell him how I wanted things done. Even if their prices had been reasonable, I would not feel comfortable that any 'special' requests would ever make it from the salesman to the installer.

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  • Sa
    Sahara1019 Nov 26, 2011

    I just had a sales rep from Express Flooring leave my home, and not too happy with me. He was trying to strong arm me into agreeing to purchase today. I told him I only wanted an estimate, as I was also going to get an estimate from a local company, and go w/ the best deal. He told me that he could NOT give me the promised estimate, as the company did not work that way. He told me that the retail part of the company, was only selling leftover commercial carpet from commercial accounts. He said that the carpet he has today, might not be available tomorrow. So, to get the carpet, i would have to agree to the purchase today. He also tried telling me that one of my 2 rooms was huge, measuring 30' x 35'. Ha! I had recently measured that room, and it was only 18' x 22'! I had another room, close in size, and he was thinking that the 2 rooms together would be $5500! But, if I wanted to go w/ a cheap carpet, could probably do $3500. Wow, that much for 2 rooms! He also told me that no-one was going to come out to do an estimate. Not true. Other companies do in-home estimates. And, I am sure that they are actually legitimate. I most definitely am going to spread the word about this company!!! Gee, here I am w/ 7 children, on my own, and this guy has the gall to try to strong arm me! Shame on this company!!!

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  • Ki
    Kirby20000 Aug 10, 2011

    August 9 2011
    I just recently bought my condo and I want get the carpet n laminate floor for my living room. Anyway the sales man arrive so nice and start talking about how this company work and all the crap he said and I was so annoyed by him . He bought 2 sample of the cheapest carpet and ugly and approach me saying was great carpet and I said no. He said will save you some money and he also bring some sample of fiberglass laminate an was awful. First option totally bad and he went o his car get another sets of carpet and laminate, first things he said to me was this going to more expensive will over your budget, in my mind how he know how much $$ I have and I wanna spends? I reject all his second option very low quality and thin carpet less than 35 thickness . After all I told him forget it about the wood all his choice was thin laminate and look old fashion. So I ask him just show me the good quality carpet and he did bring the better quality . I said okay just tell me how much for 2 bedroom and stair over 75 yard carpet I need . After he measured and he said it's $4000 . In my mind you must be ###ing kidding me? I have 3 company give me an estimate expresss flooring was the worst company and sell person wanna rip me off the biggest money he charge the biggest commission he got. Anyway 2 other company was below $2000 for my 2 bedroom and stair . Lowe got the cheapest price over all with 58 thick carpet and installation only $97. Anyway folks in my experience please never call for express flooring. The worst ever, , , , , , , ,

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  • Lp
    lposey May 02, 2011

    we just had carpet install with this company was told our install would be on thursday never got a call to confrim everything was a go, started calling the day of our instal was told would be called at 9am with a ETA at 920 we called them again being told some would call us at 945 called again now plaed on hold for 15 mins told a manager would call us back after 20 mins a supervsor called us back letting us know our install will nt be done today they will send some one the next day. advised not happy and when where they planningto call us he said we wil credit back 50 can do mor since nt a 5000 order wht kind of cusomer service is that. and what they prmise would be done was nt when iaske to speak to some one higher wa tld no one higher that no one else

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  • Ca
    Cajun Out West Jan 15, 2011

    OMG, the rudes people ever! I called because the offer "Free" in-home estimates. My husband ended up meeting the estimator and when my husband told the estimator that we would "think about it", the estimator huffed off in a temper tanturm and then the manager called my husband and chewed him out for "wasting their time"! Later that evening i received a very rude email from Express telling me my husband was incompetent and if i do call another carpet company for an estimate, that i should be honest upfront and tell the company that i am infact just getting estimates. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE RUDE PEOPLE! the best part is their estimate was twice as much as the two other estimates i received!

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  • Mi
    MikewWest Dec 18, 2010

    Express home services did us wrong with they're warranty we have a 25 yr wear and the lifetime install that they don't honer, So I am going after there LIC by going to this site and file a complant, , this is where they got they're LIC and have to comply

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  • Pe
    PetePo Nov 30, 2010

    I can't understand how stupid all of you are who agreed to hire these guys despite the OBVIOUS warning signs. These [censor] businesses exist because they know that there will always be weak minded consumers like you. Try waking up BEFORE you sign a contract with a scam artist!

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  • St
    Stacy Ann Nov 19, 2010

    I ordered flooring with this company and got preapproved for a loan. The company discontinued doing business witht the bank so even though I got preapproved for the loan that didnt matter. So I tried to pay the debt I owed the company off in full. They state they never received my check. However when I talked the Henery on the phone, he stated that he was not going to cash my check. I am not sure why? So they sent my debt to collection and are trying to charge me intrest on the loan I never agreed to with them. So I am trying to pay this bill off and I keep getting the run around. This company is not working in good business practices or good faith. I would not use them again. They are cheats and they lie! Beware, Beware because if it where me and someone send in a check to pay off a debt they owed I think I would at least try to cash it. Instead they lie to the AZ Attorney General and expect you to buckle when they think you will stop precusing justice.

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  • Wr
    WRF Jul 07, 2010

    I agree that these complaints are legitimate. I cancelled my order after seeing the rating with the BBB of an F, and all the complaints with the Registrar of Contractors. After a month I'm still waiting for my credit for the 1/2 I put down and cannot get anyone to help me. I can call anywhere from 8-10 times a day and get no help. I get put into people's voice mails and then my next call I'm told that person doesn't talk to customers. I've left numerous calls on the manager's cell phone and he does not call me back. It was amazing how he picked up the phone everytime when he was trying to push me into continuing my order, and after I told him I definitely wanted to cancel I can't get any of my calls returned. I can't believe anyone would do business with this company because once you sign on the dotted line it is a completely different story as to how they treat you.

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    Expensivequote Jan 14, 2010

    I am so pleased to see that we are not the only one's with this same problem with the same sales rep. We too had Paul Smith out of the Denver location come to our home. He seemed nervous right off the bat (that should have been our first red flag). He showed up at the house 2 hours before our original time. My husband and I were not prepared or respectively notified that he was coming so early. Of course, we let him come in and do his thing. Upon our walk through of showing him what rooms we wanted carpeted and tiled, he did nothing but walk around and nod his head. He wanted us to sit right down and get to the pricing. Before we saw any samples. Every question I asked him, he could not give me an honest answer. The final quote he gave us didn't even come close to our budget. He laughed when we gave him our budget for putting carpet in just 2 rooms. We told him we could not afford his quote. He told us we needed to make up our mind fast, because we would be less likely to change our minds in the future. He was pushy and I felt extremely uncomfortable with that response. In the mean time our 2 children are needing our help with homework. He showed some iritabilty with them being in his personal space. Note: He did show up 2 hours early. If we knew he was coming so early, we would have made other arrangements for our children. The more I write this complaint, the more upset and frustrated I am with this whole experience. We we told him that we may not have the funds for the quote he gave us, he insisted we go online to our bank account to see "if" we have the funds to cover just 2 rooms of carpet. We still have yet to see any samples of both carpet and tile. We told him, we don't work like that and we will have to do our research and get two more quotes, then we would decide. He dropped his head and sighed, like we took away his birthday cake. I've never seen anything like it. My husband and I told him in the beginning that we have to stay within our budget no matter what. He shifted through his paperwork, I noticed he was covering up the measurements and ran some more numbers that came close to our budget. By this time, I wanted him to hear what we were saying and take his things and respectively leave. But he pushed and pushed until he finally gave us a small discount and he came somewhat closer to our budget. After an hour and a half, I ask him if we can see the samples. He brings them in, and they don't have the type or colors we asked for over the phone. He claimes, he was never notified of the colors that we wanted originally. Upon showing us the samples, he made us take off our shoes and feel how soft it felt under our feet. I was content on feeling the samples with my hands, but he insisted that we do it his way. The sample he brought, was very thin and you can see the hard plastic between the stitches of the carpet. Still no tile samples. I wasn't pleased with the samples he brought in, but gave in to his final quote. Next thing you know he's asking for a deposit. I was floored, isn't this supposed to be a FREE quote???? I've been a home owner for 6 years and have had lots of quotes and have never been asked for a deposit. We gave him a small one (thankfully). Sleeping on it over night, my husband and I decided that we don't have a good feeling about it and we called the very next day on a Saturday to cancel. The person we talked to canceled our order and said that we would get our deposit back. Here it is over a month now and we have yet to get our deposit back. Our deposit that we gave them cleared our account the very next business day. After, we told them we wanted to cancel. My husband and I have called and we have had the worst customer service with this company. They told us that we possibly might get our deposit back. And if we do, it may take a month. What do you mean, we might "possibly" get our deposit back. It's ridiculous that they can give you a free in home estimate, but they can take your money quicker than they can show you their samples. Express home services is a FRAUD right down to the salesrep. I strongly agree with all the other people that have posted their complaints. I feel very bad they had to go through such a horrible experience. Now I wish I should have shown all these complaints at the time Paul was at our home. Then, let's see how long he would have pushed us. Shame on you and all the employees who can't take repsonsibilities for their actions. Your resume won't look good with the name Express, Expensive out of home services!!!

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  • Wi
    widow47 Dec 21, 2009

    Also purchased tile flooring from Express, The installers were friendly, but showed up late, were carless. They scratched our stainless steal refrigerator, we called to complain and they sent the installer back out to check the damage. I found out that if he had to replace the refrigerator he would be in the hold on the job. Express flooring contracts with the installers therefore they don’t have to insure the work for damage done. The installers work under express flooring’s ROC and therefore are not insured and bonded.
    We felt sorry for the installer who only made about $500.00 on the job for his crew of three. Next time I have any work cone I will assure the workers are employed by the company selling the product.

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  • Wr

    Express Flooring:
    I had Paul Smith out of the Denver Loction. He was more interested in talking about his family and getting personal calls then working, when he finally sit down to write out the measurements, He was hiding all the information by covering up all the measurements of what each room and stairs. We were shown some carpet samples and he was trying to push what he thought would look good. Then when he told us the price it was close to $9K. We at first said no. but he said that a very good price, we asked if we could get a copy of the measurments but he refused and said that was against Express Flooring policies. Canceled the contract the next day, and they still have not canceled the credit card that they pushed us to get. BEEN CALLING FOR MONTHS TRYING TO GET THEM TO DO THAT.. THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF NEVER USE THEM...

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  • Ht
    Htt Oct 02, 2009

    Had an Express Flooring sales rep to my home to give me a quote last night. It was an unbeliveably terrible experience and I would NEVER, EVER recommed this company to anyone. He was so pushy, and when we told him we were going to obtain another quote he got a serious attitude and basically told us that it was now or never, that he was not willing to make the drive back to my home, when I told him that if we decided to go with them I would drive the deposit to them, he states "well then I would have to drive all the way to the shop" I was so appalled that I told him to get out of my house. I then left a message for a "manager" who by 10 am the next morning had not returned my call. When I called him back he initially had me on a speaker phone, I asked him to please pick up the phone. He did not seem the LEAST bit concerned and when I told him I wanted to speak to the owners he said that was not going to happen.
    DO NOT USE THIS RIP OFF, RUDE company!!!

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  • Ro
    Robert Klingenberg Aug 25, 2009

    I agree with this complaint whole hartedly as after trying to deal with this company, I would not recommend them for dog catcher. If it didn't cost soo much, I would take out a full page add in the news paper about how They LIE at every turn, hoping You will go away so They don't have to deal with You anymore.

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  • Tu
    Tuscon tattler Aug 04, 2009

    Anyone reading this should also google Express home services or Express flooring rip off bait and switch. A few weeks ago a disgruntled employee wrote a lenghty letter spilling the beans about the whole opperation. These people are criminals. The only reason they get away with this stuff is because AZ does not have a price gouging law. Check the BBB and ROC there record speaks for itself.

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  • He
    HEND Jul 15, 2009

    I agree with this story 100% Epress Flooring has an F rateing with the BBB. I have never been so pressured by a salesperson in my life as I have been with Express Flooring.
    The price quote was 5 grand for 2 sets of staires, 2 bedrooms and a hallway about 800 sq ft. Express Flooring was double what the compitition was. Then offered me more of a discount if I wrote a good letter about them and put a sign in my yard. Express ended up going down to 2, 200.00 was still more then the compitition and I never heard of the brand they were offering me. I will not trust a comapny who just tried to rip me off and gouge me just 10minutes ago to my face. I would stay clear of these people, I kept saying I would consider the offer and get more estimates and the harder they pushed to get me to commit with them. It was the most insane thing, these people need to be put out of business. I was never given a business card of the sales person or as of yet a follow up call. they want your business then and there or nothing at all. GET OTHER ESTIMATES YOU WILL BE SHOCKED AT HOW EXPENSIVE EXPRESS FLOORING IS AND HOW PUSHY THE SALES PEOPLE ARE

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  • Bu
    buy4low Jun 23, 2009

    My wife stopped by their booth at a trade show, to get some prices. The two people who manned (well, one man and one woman, so I guess also ""womanned") the booth got in an argument about how soon they could send someone out and complete the job, if there were to be a purchase. It tipped us off that this was a company to avoid and we never pursued it further. Best decision we ever made!

    Use some judgment, avoid the pressure and give yourself some time to shop around. Make sure you withhold some payment until the job is completed so you do not lose your only bargaining tool. If they demand full payment up front, walk them briskly to the door and bid them a good day (as the door is smacking their backsides)!

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  • Do
    dodiepal May 08, 2009

    Just check with the Better Business Bureau and the Registrar of Contractors. There are many complaints about this company. Their record speaks for it self. I've attached a few photos showing the kind of professional job they did you me.

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  • Ex
    Express Flooring May 05, 2009

    The problem with blogs of this nature is the sure fact of it be anonymous. How can anyone know who posted the above response and what their real agenda is? The fact is that anyone could have written that posting including a competitor of Express Flooring or even a disgrunteled employee.

    Sure, some home remodeling jobs go smoother than others. Some even have "problems" along the way. But never, and we mean NEVER have we recieved any reports of any installation team acting in the manner in which it is described in the above posting. We use extremem caution when hiring any representatvies of our conpany including extensive background checks. And we can assure you that if for any reason any customer was unhappy with the behaivor of any of our installers, design consultants, or office staff, that individual would be extensivley reviewed and their employment status would be re-evaluated. And if we recieved any report of this nature during an installation, a manager would be dispatched immediatley to be at that job from that moment forward until the job was completed so as to ensure that our customer's experience was nothing short of pleasant. Or, if the customer desired, a new installation crew would be assigned to the project, whatever our customer preferred.

    We would also like to point out that we are the only floor covering company in the state of Colorado that offers a lifetime installation warranty. We feel that this is the single most important factor that differentiates us from our competition and has turned us into the most rapidly growing floor covering provider in that market. For the above individual to say that they have complaints that we did not response to is, quite frankly, impossible. We have an entire department dedicated to warranty and service work, and there is simply no possible way that if we were made aware of the issues, that they would not be addressed. To our credit, we install literally thousands upon thousands of jobs each and every year, and have maintained a complaint quotent ration of under one tenth of one percent.

    This message was posted by Express Home Services, LLC, and we encourage anyone reading this to contact us directly at 1-800-EXPRESS to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we have been able create tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of happy customers over the years and we sincerly hope that we are given the opportunity to do that for you. If you mention this webiste when you call in we will automatically extend a $250.00 discount to any order you place. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • An
    Andrea Dec 09, 2008

    If they have been revoked why do they still have commercials on TV?

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  • Ar
    Art May 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called to have someone come over for an estimate being assured on the phone that they could cover any budget. The man that came by was very nervous, chatting incessantly and not directed at answering my questions, which were... what can you provide for me, how much will it cost and when can it be finished. I told him my budget was $600 to $800 for one 16X19 bedroom. Even though I asked him to stay in the room I wanted carpeted, he wandered around my home commenting on this or that improvement I was making on my own. He eventually got some samples (one set) and proceeded to tell me about the wearability, quality and warrantee/service, etc. Finally he got to the price and it was $1, 200. I felt trapped because I needed the carpet in and completed in two days so we could move in (closing on the house was delayed which messed things up a lot). When I told him it was above my budget he just stared at the floor and kicked the sample a bit with his toe. He didn't say anyhting. Desperate, I signed the agreement and forked over the check, but after he left, I had extreme case of buyer's remorse. I got back to my job, stopped payment on the check and called to cancel the installation. The guy acted like he didn't know what to do. "Well, this has never happened to me before. Can I asked you what's changed in the last 30 minutes that you want to back out ont he agreement?" I know the drill so I just told him I choosing to cancel the contract (Arizona allows three days to do so) and that I stopped payment ont he check. End of story. I then got a call from the "warehouse manager" asking if there was something he could do to make the deal happen. I said no. I'm done. If you can't give me the deal I wanted first thing, then don't come back to me later and say you can. This morning I had a call from the installer saying he was on his way with the carpet and to call him back in 30 minutes. I called and told him I cancelled the order the day before within an hour of making the order and that he should not go to the location. I also had two calls from the "warehouse manager" wanting to talk about the deal. Strong arm tactics, don't listen to the client, and questionable business practices (sending a someone on a cancelled order in an effort to push it through ("We tried to stop the order but it's in process, everything's ready to go and we'll try to make this right for you.").

    Never consider them again.

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  • Do
    dodiepal May 09, 2008

    On November 15, 2007 this company's accreditation/membership in the BBB was revoked due to a failure to eliminate the underlying cause of complaints and a failure to support the principles and purposes of the BBB by engaging in activity that reflects unfavorably on the Bureau and its members. The Bureau processed a total of 220 complaints about this company in the last 36 months. The Registrar of Contractors has also received many complaints against this company. There have also been several Civil suits filed against them.

    I had to fight with Express Flooring for almost three months to get a small bathroom tiled satisfactory. A total of 28 tiles and I had to fight them every step of the way. It wasn't until after I filed a complaint with the Registrar of Contractors that they corrected the problems and finished the job. The first joker they sent didn't have enough tiles to complete the job. He laid 26 tiles and left. My calls were unanswered until I filed a complaint with the BBB and then they sent out another joker who brought a larger size tile and didn't even cut it to fit. His anwser was that's what they gave me to do the job with. My calls again went unanswered until I filed a complaint with the ROC. The only complaints they will do anything about are the ones filed with the Registrar of Contractors.

    I am also very sure many, if not all, of the positive reviews written on some of the reveiw sites are false, authored by their own employees or family members.

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