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Everest Collegefalse advertising

everest college is a scam and we are so screwed...this is a warning.
i feel sorry for myself that i am going to everest college here in toronto
i was laid off a few months ago, and wanted to find a way to further my education
since i was too late to register to a semestered school i opted for a career college,
back then i thougnt i had to start something before my employment insurance ran out
so i looked around got into a couple of interviews with different colleges
the presentation made at everest looked too good to be true and it was ...[censored] was all a scam:
for 16, 000+ loan (network administration program) that i now i have to pay back
1.i got a book list for all the courses/modules that i have to take.( i have to buy the books myself ) instructor to guide you to do the work..he was there but your ignorance annoys him
3.can't ask questions in doing final projects..(i was told once "it is your project")
now you have students teaching other students what to do on their projects and hopefully you get it right.
besides the know-everything teachers, we have a school president who want to talk about himself...
he told us how he excelled in this and he did this and that..well he didnt go to everest.
and if we talked about our problems with what is going on in the school...he talked about himself..again.
4.certification vouchers.. i have been waiting for 4 months now for 1 voucher, and i am almost done..
the school diploma is nothing without the industry certification, other students who graduated are still waiting..
anyway i am reading books on my own, i am doing projects on my own, getting lectures from youtube
i am behind in my so called self paced studies??? ...when i am trying to do everything on my own???
and with no one there to help we survived this many months..i don’t know
well i admit i was scammed..and too embarrassed to tell my friends about it.. i tell them im ok
and everyone that complained..ends up getting dropped out of class or leaving the school
i am an old man, who's prospect for good employment has passed but i am trying everything i can
but this could be the last straw that breaks this old man's back..this time i think im really screwed.
i am stuck with this student loan, i still need to get the voucher i was promised, i am broke, no job
and at best i did all the studying on my own with no help from the teachers there,
i learned to do this the hard way, at the very least i know how to do this now
i could have done all this at the comforts of my soon-to-loose apartment.
I could have worked at McDonalds during the day and did all the reading that i wanted to do at night
maybe i wouldn’t have a loan to worry about and could have come out of this a wiser man.
everest college took advantage of my ignorance..i have to pay for that.. for a very long time
but what goes around comes around ...when that day comes i hope they pay big time


  • Ry
    Ryan.Pratt Dec 08, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'd have to somewhat disagree with everyone complaining about Everest. I agree that for the most part they do only care about your money (but this is true of all things in life). The advertising is false as you will not be certified upon graduating (you get vouchers as part of your tuition and you need to try those exams separately) I went to Everest College in Mississauga and despite some stupidity going politically at the school here is why I disagree.

    More then half my class were full of kids that had no interest in learning. Instead of paying attention to the lecture they decided to talk in the back and/or play web based games. 3/4 of the class cheated on the exams by texting each other the answers when teacher was not looking (however he knew what was going on) You do have a lot of self learning to do and it is very fast passed however that's the price of cramming three years of material in one year. You DO have to work very hard, reading one 600+ page book a month. You should know something about computer technology before starting. You don't NEED to however you do need to work that much harder if you don't (the A+ course teaches you everything from the beginning).

    I had a few people that sat next to me brand new to computers. Two dropped out but one girl who was committed to learning stuck with it. She graduated and the school has been calling her trying to set her up for interviews. One year later as I get more certifications the school is still trying to place me with a career (despite having a job). They are proud of their hardworking students and want to use them to reflect what Everest can bring to the table.

    They will not waste their time trying to find interviews for students who don't commit. Even those students that graduate however and don't follow up with the career department or show a lot of interest. Again this would look bad on the school if they said you were a good candidate and then slacked off on the job. They will only recommend dedicated and professional students.

    One year after graduating with honors I am Security+, A+ and CCENT certified. I am making 50 000 a year as a network administrator at a small company. This isn't going to happen to everyone but you need to remember. They are not going to hold your hand along the way. This isn't high school this is your life; if you put in the effort and take control of things for yourself you will find something of value here.

    I'm not sure why it took your school so long to get you, your vouchers as I got mine as soon as I asked (one time I had to wait for a month as they were only able to order is blocks of 10). Even a year later I am still getting the vouchers I have not used one at a time.

    Everything Everest teaches you, you can learn on your own at home however you are going for the Diploma. Don't register for Everest with the expectation you will graduate with all the certifications and credentials advertised. No one is going to hand things out to you. You need to work hard and learn the material. It is also not only about what you know but how you act. You need to work on your soft skills and be professional. Most people in my class didn't act as if they cared and that's why they will not get any help after graduating.

    If you need any more information or if you graduated from Everest and would like some assistance with the IT work let me know. [email protected]

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  • Br
    brad douglas Sep 01, 2013

    Everest College Mississauga: OSAP should blacklist Everest College

    Please go to the link below and sign a petition against Everest College

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  • Es
    esmeralda26 Mar 21, 2013
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    Verified customer

    this school is a rip, the teacher i had starting off showed favoritism in a racist way and tried lying that i let a student copy off my work so i wouldnt be ambassador. i would participate the most, know the terms and loved typing class. throughout the whole time i found out only towards the end that i couldnt be ambassador because of beeing accused of allowing someone to cheat off me. i took it to the president of the school and he ### his way out of it and it was unfair because i was in his office with five other girls explaining the teachers actions and my word didnt count for ###. so later on in the mods, an ambassador is chosen and im thinking " this girl has raised her voice and disrespected the teacher to her face". they dont care, nobody in this school does and i blame myself for not going on the internet to read all of these negative reviews about the school.

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  • Di
    Disgruntled Student1 Jan 31, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm attending Everest College, Newmarket Campus, taking the PSW Program. I had a bad feeling about this school from day 1, but the rep I met with kept calling, encouraging me to enroll. I gave it a lot of thought, and decided to attend. I thought, 7 months, and I'll have my Diploma, and get to work in a field that I love. I used to be a Health Care Aide, but in order to get a job, you have to have the PSW Diploma.
    My problems started from the beginning of the program, start date was supposed to be Sept 5, 2012, so I quit my job, because I was going to be in school full-time. A week before the start date, I get a call that the start date has been moved to Sept 17, 2012. We start the 1st week, and all was going well, the 2nd week, we had our "psw" teacher, not the original teacher as outlined on our schedule. 3rd week starts, NO TEACHER. We went 4 full days that week without a teacher. The administrative staff would come in and tell us that the teacher is sick, blah, blah...The friday of that 3rd week, we got a "new" teacher, the same teacher on our original schedule!! And we were told the other teacher isn't returning because of "health issues." Really???
    Things were starting to get better, and our teacher was AMAZING, an RN with a lot of knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, she had to go away for personal reasons for 3 weeks, and were told we'd have a "substitute" teacher while she's gone. We waited 3 more school days for this teacher to show up!! The substitute was amazing, and thankfully our original teacher came back as planned.
    We finished our theory hours on Jan 24, 2013, and were to start Practicum Hours on Jan 25, 2013, according to our schedules. It has been almost a week now, and still no word on where or when we are starting! 15 students' lives are "on hold, " single mothers have paid for daycare for the week, some have quit their jobs, as practicum is "full time" hours.
    We get a phone call, most of us, every day, to let us know there are "no changes, " "we are finalizing everything, " to "no confirmation yet, " are you kidding me????
    I'm thinking of dropping out of this school, and start all over at a REAL school, like Seneca or George Brown. All our hard work, assignments, exams every week, practical exams...all out the window!! WAY TO GO EVEREST!!!

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  • El
    ElenaGilbert Nov 02, 2012

    Hi I'm currently enrolled at Everest College and have no complaints.!
    My Instructor is professional and nice! A little strict but thats college!
    Everest IS a hands on learning school and its a learn on your own school!
    I strongly disagree that it is a scam. In fact they have kept their word on all the promises or suggestions they made me.
    I think many people on here are full of themselves and probably didn't go to college let alone Everest.
    As for you, I'm sorry to say it sounds like you got a raw deal. Maybe it's just that campus or just THAT instructor...]
    As I said before I'm going there now and evrything is fine.
    My books, Tuition and fees/kits were ALL included in my loan. Which by the way is OSAP's fault NOT the school!

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  • I Graduated from Everest in early 2010, needless to say, ALL I got out of it was a huge loan, that I have to pay back! When it was time for me to do my externship, they placed me at a VETS OFFICE, WHERE I DID NOTHING BUT CLEAN UP DOG CRAP, CLEAN OUT CAGES, AND ALPHABETIZE FILES, THAT THEY WERE TO LAZY TO DO THEMSELVES! THAT TAUGHT ME SOOOOOO MUCH ABOUT BEING A MEDICAL ASSISTANT! They did NOT help find me a job, and the only job, that I have had, since I graduated, was at a laundry mat, where I had to wash other peoples dirty clothes! I WOULD NOT, REPEAT WOULD NOT!!! ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO GO TO EVEREST, UNLESS ALL YOU WANT OUT OF IT, IS A HUGE LOAN, AND A MINIMUM wage PAYING JOB!!!

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  • Wo
    wolfenhawk Jun 13, 2012

    I recently went to Everest College (Hamilton) to inquire about a Logistics program and was repeatedly steered away from what I wanted to take, instead they tried to steer me towards a CBass Program instead, no job placement involved.
    The parking was a joke (getting potentially called from class to move your car), facilities I found to be very grungy like, not much in the way of room in the corridors they would call a hallway.
    My Favourite part had to be when it came to the money, what I felt was like a constant was the pressure to either apply for a loan, apply via OSAP or perhaps go via a bursary loan, being assured from Everest that there were many ways to get some form of financing to attend.
    I repeatedly stated that I was not going to apply for anything as this is a second career that I was coming in via.
    They may talk a good game, but what a complete joke my experience was.

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  • Dp
    D.P.O'Neill Jul 27, 2011

    I went through second careers and attended HBI college in Mississauga, had a great teacher, however I did not get a placement. I found out that if I had gone through this program via WSIB, I would have got the job placement. Live and Learn!!

    Darren O'Neill

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  • Lu
    Lucille Jones Jun 14, 2011

    Everest is a big scam I went to Everest University between Dec. 2008- Oct. 2009 and I am very upset with their recruiting practices I was told one thing and they did something else I could write a book about all the false promises they made before you sign half of your life to them they are so attentive but as soon as you sign on the dotted line they act like they don't want to accept your calls I could not sleep they called me so much but when I started there it was like please call back they're busy, what? it's very sad how they can get away with these kind of scam and it's suppose to be legal but let me not be able to get a job do you think Sallie Mae and the rest of the gang will wait for you to get a decent job. Some of the students did not have a G.E.D but you know they said that they can still go to school but they will have to finish their GED before they get there diploma why not offer the GED class at least they will get something for their money. I for one will not let them get away with what they did to me I will fight to the bitter end first. So to everyone smart enough to listen to my advice DO NOT GO TO EVEREST UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE or any other college that is nationally accredited make sure they are regional accredited

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  • Ba
    BAMF! May 20, 2011

    Everest is a complete joke. Medical assistant? The commercials are hilarious...some minority with a kid who rambles on about supporting their family and calling the school immediately. Nothing like an uneducated salesperson telling me to gain an education. Go to a real institution of learning and. Forget about this joke of a school.

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  • Ev
    Everest Stinks Mar 08, 2011

    Wow, so much to say about my experiences with Everest College. About the post above, you have no clue what your talking about. Everest offers degrees, like mine is in criminal investigation. I would agree about screening people before entering the school, they actually do but it's mostly based on if they can get a loan.

    Here's a list about the school that makes it a complete joke:
    Admissions- doesn't go over an individuals background, meaning if you go into CJ/CI, being hired is based entirely on your background. Kind of important eh?
    Instructors- Zero teaching background and skills, rude, don't follow the course materials and books.
    Books- speaking of books they can cost up to 300 dollars and they don't offer buy backs or trade ins...and once again the instructors don't use them
    CI kit- Once again, you buy this total crap of kit to use for classes and you don't use as much as 10% of it, in which the instructor already has
    Financial aid- I was paying cash and they couldn't even get my payments right. They forgot to bill me 4 or 5 months and blamed me haha, they had my card on file and were supposed to charge me.
    Career Services- after graduating, they call me once a week to know my status, they offered me one job in which I don't qualify for and all the jobs are at the sam PD. I'm believing this is the only lead they have which is a disgrace. They constantly ask me if I'm going to attend another school cuz once you do that they are no longer responsible for you.

    I'm not going to proof read this so sorry for any grammar errors, to mad to look over this.

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  • On
    OnlyThe Truth Feb 22, 2011

    I think it is very apparent looking at all of the spelling and gramatical errors in these complaints that, at the very least, Everest College, and CCi in general, is NOT interested in the students' future, because they don't make sure that the students they enroll are capable of this type of education, which is very hands-on and self taught, in many cases. These schools would not remain in business if they DID do the proper screening needed to ensure that the students not only finished the program, but also had the skills to actually be employable beyond food service. It takes a lot more that a "certificate" to have a good, rewarding career; it takes an average of 12 years of post-secondary (after high school) schooling to be a doctor or a lawyer. Some people can ONLY work at McDonalds, and it is truly a disservice to fool them into thinking anything differently just so these schools can get their hands on federal money, which should be spent on getting these folks some the basic skills they lack, before trying their LUCK at a career school.

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  • Ev
    EVERESTSUCKS Feb 09, 2011

    I attended Everest North York campus for the Health, Fitness and Nutrition consultant, recently I graduated with a 92% average. Most would think that this is great but they would just be looking at the numbers. I was in class for 52 weeks, I had a teacher for 5 months who literally copied all of her notes from the textbooks and knew nothing of anatomy, physiology or she just gave us the exam answers! When asked a question she would look for several minutes then say "I don't know but I'll look it up." and then always forgot to. She was a very nice person but a really bad teacher, several of the students complained, including me and there was never any outcome. I have graduated at the top of my class feeling inadequate and unqualified; needless to say I will be attending a REAL school for the exact same thing this coming fall. I am so ashamed that I was doped and gave triple the tuition to a school that taught me nothing and now I have to go to school for 2 more years and pay tuition all over again. The certification and information they offer is available for $400 and a week-end of your time through Can-Fit-Pro, my advice to anyone considering this course is to save the time and money and do it that way…or if you are like me and want to learn all you can go to Humber or George Brown, DO NOT GO TO EVEREST!

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  • Ju
    J U L I A Dec 05, 2010

    ""You may not be satisfied with our services. We only pretend to care ... please don't get this confused with actually caring. "

    After going to Everest, I could not come up with a more apt slogan. Perfect.

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  • Fo
    forgiven707 Oct 08, 2010

    I am too a Everest student, which was the worst decision i've ever made. I am more then half way done and have no idea what i am doing if i was to start work tomorrow. When I ask teachers for help, they tell me to get tutoring (im not a bad student) but tutoring is no different then the teachers. They don't want to spend extra time on you. So im trying to stop my enrollment and no one will answer the phones, return my phone calls, or e-mails. I am sooo mad. I want to start a new college but can't cause Everest can't pick up a phone. I'd like to take this school for court, but I can't afford a lawyer of any kind. And since they make a living of robbing people, they would most likely win.

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  • Ar
    arevalo Jun 24, 2010

    I graduted from Everest College, In 2008 I still dont have the career and University I wanted to go. I am still stuck at my old job. It took me three years to complete my degree in Criminal Justice. I was working at a correctional facility while I was in school I had to quit my job because I wanted to finish my school. I had made many sacrifices to go to this school. I am ferious of the out come of time and money as well my troubles to get this degree. Now I am stuck with my loan. I had try to apply for my hometown police department they never heard of the school and was not fully accredited. I tried to enroll to different Universities but nothing was accomplished. These schools are for profit only and take your money as taxpayers and government and they are very rich S>O>B's Our president needs to stop these schools and make some changes, we need our education to get ahead in life and we have families and these [censor] are laughing all the way to the bank. There are many investors and polictians involve. Its got to stop many people are getting hurt. This is outrage ... we are Americans, we work hard and want an education to make our lives better. To our leaders and governers of our nation help your fellow Americans to stop these people in taking advantage of our taxpayers money. We want Justice and Laws to regulate these kind of acts.

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  • Kr
    Krystawitt Jun 11, 2010

    Many of these complaints are written in anger, therefore may be exaggerated. However, I believe they are based on facts. I am a former medical assisting instructor for Everest. Even before I agreed to take the position, I noticed and discussed problems with the school and the curriculum. Throughout my employment, I tried (in vain) to report and correct problems, mistakes, OSHA violations, and unfair practices only to be ridiculed, harassed, demoted, and then fired.

    Everest is only interested in one thing; money. I have done tremendous research, as has my attorney, and discovered some very disturbing business practices. Because of the government's lax regulations regarding 'for-profit' post-secondary educational institutes, Corinthian Colleges, Inc (Everest) has made a huge profit by preying on the poor, minority, and underprivileged in the US as well as Canada.

    CCi has gone so far as to target homeless shelters, government housing (Section 8) projects, unemployment offices, and domestic violence shelters to recruit 'students', knowing these individuals will qualify for government grants and loans. One homeless man in Michigan is quoted as saying it is a known fact that if you need money, just go enroll in 'school'. What these people were not told was, after they sign the enrollment forms and pay their tuition, there is NO refund. You owe the money whether you complete, or even attend, the program or not.

    I was repeatedly told during my employment to "keep my eye on the ball"...meaning it's about the money, not the education. I even had a superior tell me, "We're not here to teach, we're here to collect money." The Everest campus I worked for even went so far as to accept and admit 'special needs' students, fully aware that their high school 'diplomas' were not acceptable for admission. I am not knocking or insulting the special needs population, my daughter is special needs. I am, however, disgusted by Everest's claims that they are "trying to help educate an 'underserved' population."

    It is one thing to try to help the financially needy or 'underserved' obtain an education, it is a whole different scenario when a multimillion dollar corporation is just taking advantage of 'desperate, ignorant suckers' (my boss's words, not mine).

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  • Cv
    CVoll69 Jun 06, 2010

    And the reason they are more expensive than other colleges in because they are private, not publicly-funded. Most colleges and universities have 2/3 of the tuition paid by the government to make them more affordable. Everest is not yet a publicly funded college, therefore you pay the whole amount yourself. If it was considered by the gov't to be an inadequate college, OSAP would not fund it. They research institutions and the liklihood of graduates being hired BEFORE they decide to fund them.

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  • Cv
    CVoll69 Jun 06, 2010

    Of course you have to buy your own books; this isn't kindergarten!
    And, yes, you have to work hard. How else do you expect to fit a two or three year course in eleven months?
    You get out of it, what you put into it. If you're looking for someone to hold your hand, you probably shouldn't be in college in the first place.
    I am a current student, and I would definitely recommend this school to others...that is, others who would be willing to work for it. Nothing worth having comes easily. They told us in the orientation to expect 3-5 hours of homework per night. If you didn't look into it enough to find that out, then its your own fault.
    I know several people have graduated from Everest College, ALL of whom found a job without a problem- but they understood that they actually had to go out and APPLY, not wait for the college to do it for them.
    I also called hospitals from Comox (B.C.) to Halifax to make sure they would hire me before I enrolled, and they all said the same thing; as long as I do my job with dignity and know what I am doing, they don't care where my diploma came from. (I called all of these places because I am a military spouse and wanted to be sure that I could find a job regardless of where we get posted.)
    Before you quit or decide against it, ask yourself objectively "am i quitting because the school is too hard, or because i am not trying hard enough?" you have to pay back the loan anyway, so you may as well try to finish and at least have something to show for it.
    I have read hundreds of complaints, few of which actually have some reason to be upset. They didn't find you a job? Find your own job! They won't call OSAP for you? Come on, they tell you up-front what you need, if you don't provide it, whose fault is that? (Yes, I am on OSAP, and my funds were there, ready for me two weeks before classes started. I just had to attend a week of classes to get access to it. How did I get it so quickly? Simple- I gave them what they asked for the day after they asked for it.
    So you have to work your a** off for a year to improve your life- BIG DEAL! Go to university and work your a** off for four years! Think about it, people!
    If you are too lazy to put forth the effort, don't go. Don't make ridiculous complaints on the internet bashing the institution for your inadequacies. Grow up.

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  • Sk
    skittles2010 Apr 08, 2010

    if everest was once cdi and they went under and had several lawsuits then y would they be aloud to change their name and claime they are better when once again it is nothing but lies they have lived up to the same ### expectation and they are doing the same things to their students. what i want to know is who do we go to, to complaine or even get a lawsuite going i mean we can do this we are ppl who are trying to improve our selves and our lives and these colege ppl and going to let that get in our way we need to change this so that others like us whom are trying to better themself do not get victomized anymore like we did and some of us still are. ITS NOT FAIR.

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  • Sk
    skittles2010 Apr 08, 2010

    i was recently in everest newmarket campus and i amtotally decussed with the school their advertisments are so untres no teachers to help. all they want is the money and this is becomming to be too much i left because of medical reasons as did my husband and they do not understand by anymeands. to fast passed and u ask questions and half the staff has no answers i am wanting to get them investigated by whom ever it is that needs to check into them and i think we all here in ontario need to look into a lawsuit.
    afrer all i have read about cdi/everest is enough to wish i never ever steped foot in that place. and the attitude of the staff is unreal there not in it for the students to better us they all are in it for the money selfish ppl, they say they work with u thats a lie they work against you they will do anything to keep ur money.
    if u are out there looking to go there i would think twice and read up on thier college because there are allready sevelal lawsuits against them and i bet many more to come

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  • Ri
    rightful_complainer Apr 03, 2010

    I HAVE to agree with everything said above about the netw0rk administrator course...Z-E-R-O guidance from instructors unless you practically beg and not to mention the instructors are running 10+ courses at the SAME time!!! Rediculous!! This "school" that promises you the world REALLY needs to get their act together. I graduated and because my diploma says "Everest College" on it...i need 5+ years MINIMUM to use the diploma that i worked so hard SELF-TEACHING myself. So I'm now working a no-where near my career choice job that i worked so hard to struggle through the course to get NOWHERE and wondering...hmm now what can i do to fix this crap...i think im just going to have to go to a real school and get a real diploma in what i really should've taken rather than what Everest "thought" they would tell me would be perfect for me.

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  • Ji
    JIMBO11 Sep 10, 2009

    Why haven`t you looked into filing a lawsuit
    im speaking to everyone whos been scammed by them

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  • Ja
    Jackeline Andere Jul 16, 2009

    I am a student at Everest College and I really regret it. If I can turn back time I would choose different college but unfortunatelly that's not possible and now I'm stock in this College that doesn't teach you anything, if you want to learn something you have to learn on your own, reading your books or doing some researches.
    I beleive this College is a scam they just want your money and all the advertising they do is a lie.
    Everest College doesn't care about the students needs, they tell you they will always help you with anything you need at Orientation and after that they forget about you.
    The teachers they have dont' really like teaching, is not their proffesion. They migh have experience as Medical Assistants or Medical Administration but that doesn't mean they're teachers.
    Colleges like this should not exist.
    I really don't want to pay them, I owe more than $13, 000 and I feel the kind of education I'm receiving is not worth that much money, it is probably worth $500 dollars.
    I don't know If I shoul take any legal actions against this College or If it will be worth it.

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  • Jb
    J B in Mississauga May 17, 2009

    Thank you for the warning and maybe it will help others. I too am stuck with a student loan from a career college - HBI College - and not the slightest chance of getting a job in the field that I studied for. For anyone out there who is considering a career college do not waste your time if the course does not have work placement as part of your course. I finished my studies with an overall average of 95% however, without any actual work experience no one will ever hire me and I still have to find a way to come up the money to pay my high tuition costs. The school has not been very helpful in finding me any job leads and the places I have applied to myself are not hiring anyone without experience. Please do not waste your time and money - you will regret it just like I did. Remember - without on the job experience you cannot expect to find a job.

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