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European Jewelery Horror Story! Long but should be worth reading...

I am finally deciding to make my "experience" public here on the internet so other consumers can make a wise choice before spending thousands upon thousands for a store that hardly seems to really value each individual consumer. Certainly like anything in life some people will have great experiences and some horrific. Normally with purchase of such luxury items you are far too excited sometimes to even realize or care but as the situation got worst for me it became time.

To introduce my story i'm a young watch collector who has brands such as Raymond Weil, Fortis, Omega (sadly) and soon Rolex. Have dealt with jewellers all over Ontario and even a few in USA with pleasant experiences. The things you will read a little further down will hopefully ensure you get better service from another dealer or speak up about things as most do not.

Summer 2007 I started a new job in downtown Toronto and of course one of the main things on my list to experience was a new watch to the collection. Considering all the local dealers and brands my obvious first choice was Rolex but wanted to take small steps and work my way up having nice variety to the collection. A second place childhood dream was the Omega SeaMaster Professional so a lot of comparing was done in terms of dealers and models. After the first visit to European Jewellery in the Toronto Eaton Center there was definitely a tough choice to be made, being the way I am sometimes it is a pain to wait too long especially when your favorite brand is planning updates on the model you want. That day in European Jewellery all that was done is a quick browse of the Omega display case.

This now brings us to visit number two, because of course this is no impulse purchase. In the afternoon I had left the office dressed in business attire (Hugo Boss shirt and Armani tie) not that it matters, but wanted to go have a closer look this time to try figure out this tough choice. Arriving at the Eaton Centre from the Yonge street entrance of course I'm headed directly to European Jewellery. The store was not busy at all at that particular time, so after a few moments an older gentleman approaches me and asks if he can help. Responding to him I say yes of course and explain how I'm considering this watch but want to have a closer look. With my knowledge of the watch industry it is known to me that after a watch comes out, gets popular and does really good sales the retailers can and will offer you deals of 15%, 20% and sometimes near 30% off list price. Having with that in mind well examining the watch in my hands I asked him what it was selling for there, he quoted me the list price of $3, 800.00 CAD. Knowing the other dealers had given the discounted price with including tax of $3, 200.00 CAD ish I just bit my tongue and told him how i'm considering the Submariner which at the time was $5, 750.00 including tax but had a list price of $6, 260.00 CAD. He then continued to give me this look as I noticed from the corner of my eye well looking at the watch and literally stated "Do you even have the money for this watch?" That really shocked me, the fact he would say such a thing regardless but especially to a person who is well groomed and dressed in designer business attire. Frustrated as hell I obviously left and did not pay any attention to that ignorant salesman due to the turn over rate in that job also knowing he was not even wearing a watch himself, which really should not matter anyways.

Keeping in mind now that this is the doing of one silly employee and not the company, I decided a while later to call them on a Saturday and see if they still had the watch in stock for me to look at and try make a choice based on what they offer me. The reason for obsession with price is the fact that Omega watches have terrible re sale value unless it is kept for years and develops some special demand similar to those old North American Muscle cars sold at the Barrett Jackason auction in USA. Car's that when new cosed no more than $15, 000.00 Max in most cases sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars restored like new. The lady who answered the phone in the watch department said to me, "We are having a BIG sale". This got me interested so asked her what it was selling for, their policy was they do not say on the phone which I respected and knew some places don't but funny thing is every other dealer called before was able to quote me on the phone or at least give me a range within a few hundred so I know if it is a waste of my time for now or not. She said the only way she could tell me is if I go down to the store.

Figuring to myself ok that sounds fair if the sale is as big as she claims but would have still been nice to get a range. Living near Ajax, Ontario it is quite a distance to travel down to the Toronto Eaton Centre. Being such a big interest of mine I just went. Being it was the weekend I wanted to dress more comfortably instead of the shirt and tie worn each and every day in the office. Wearing a pair of Blue jeans and an Adidas light spring jacket I'm on my way, waiting for the Go Train to begin this long trip. Upon arrival when she saw me and realized that it was me who called she gave me this strange look, told me the price which was virtually list price and took the watch out to show me. Having seen it before it never hurts to handle it again to make the choice easier. Knowing they have security procedures was obviously no issue to me but the way this was done was hardly "procedure". From the corner of my eye again noticed a sales person further down behind the other counter give this head nod motion to a salesman standing n the middle who then walked over to the door. That of course if fine be me and even better so no one walks in and tries anything. What was strange is how he stood faving me and staring right at me the entire time. Personally I love the stores that you need to be buzzed into, I feel safe in there with my money and looking at watches with a security guard or two around. This was now strike number two and my anger level was rising.

Remembering the first mans comment and this incident I was now out to do what I do best, prove people wrong. Now my mind was made up and to me it was leverage to get a more accurate price. Finally with the amount of money in hand I was told by other collectors to aim for and what they paid, it gave me the power to walk out and go elsewhere but was too determined to show them. The same lady was there, accept this time she saw me straight from the office dressed up in business attire and was kind of shocked it seemed. Offered a proper price and that was it, deal. After an incident with the bank not raising the debit card limit in time I walked from Eaton Center near to Wellington street at the TD branch there only to come back with cash in hand. The watch was taken behind the counter and before I could say anything the tag was cut off. To some of you it may not matter or may be like "it is just a tag" but it turns out from recently contacting Swatch Group Canada they say it should have NEVER been cut off and I should have had it included. That was obvious to me because all the other watch collector friends got it and the tag is a nice keepsake for the future. Being too excited at the time to argue with them after he seemed to place it under the counter they cleaned it, the same lady on my way out said "She did not think I was going to ever come back to buy it" I replied well yep I just did...

Some time passing now realizing that more and more people obtained this it just did not make sense. Contacted the store and the manager said they could not get me one, that they are thrown in the garbage after. That really made me wonder, why on earth take it and throw it out instead of just giving it to the person who buys the watch it was attached to? Took it a step further after retailers let me down, called Swatch Group Canada and before they told me it was standard to give it, they said one could not be issued or re created. Going now directly to the source and making an international call to Omega in Switzerland, they were appalled at the story of my experience, made a formal apologize and have since then ordered me a tag and the lady also mentioned giving me the COSC Certificate too. They seem confident in re gaining my as a "customer" but too late for that now.

Swatch group Canada soon followed, the day after two separate people called me in less than a two hour period to say how sorry they were and how they will make sure this issue is passed on to those further up, and the stores review sales procedure. Deciding to call back the store manager and give him the update on the situation he was not in but the other manger was. After getting the run around I was placed on hold for quite some while until he became available. He was told this ENTIRE horror story and was "Flabbergasted". Claimed they would make it up to me and Tomorrow some lady from their store who is out of the country on business will call me to discuss it. She did call today and did the worst damage control I could ever imagine. Trying so hard to get me to go back and buy stuff overlooking the bad taste left in my mouth and tarnished image. She said to give them a "second chance" but if going back to buy a watch from there after all that stuff is not a second chance then WOW! The conversation ended and as promised to them, regardless to who cares this story will get published on numerous forums, watch blogs, complaint boards etc so future consumers know what to look out for, do not make the same mistake I made of going back and actually speak up because the majority of people let things slide and never bring issues in the open to peoples attention. At first I was like that but as the treatment from Omega and European Jewellery declined it became my duty to make other aware of this experience.

I will now certainly NEVER shop at European Jewellery as long as I shall live, going to make sure none of my family members, friends or any locals on watch forums etc go or at least know this. From this point forward Rolex will get all my business. They treated me like royalty on the phone with Rolex Canada, had all the info needed. The retailers on Bloor street too were incredible and gave me the best experience one could ever imagine. Omega claiming to be going after "Direct competition" with Rolex to me is a joke with service like that and against a brand that even those who know nothing of watches realize it is among the best out there. Hopefully you all speak up about any situations similar to this! It is not only to let the store have their bad things out there but to help protect us, the consumers. The lady that called me today did not want me to post this on the internet but too late they should have thought of this several months ago. If even one person decides not to buy from European Jewellery or Omega due to this article or the love of other brands also I am satisfied.

Thank you for reading.


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Aug 16, 2016 7:14 am EDT

I had a horrible experience with European Jewllers. I wanted my Tag repaired which I purchased from E.J and they could not have it ready until the new year. No problem. I looked at buying another watch from them and picked out a Tissot that was on sale and was told that it was 50% off the retail price. I loved the watch, the store rep went to fill out the paper work showing the price minus 50%. Everything was great until I went to to pay. The other rep punched in the sku and told me it was only 33% off and that there was zero she could do. The store manager came over and gave me the same response. I asked him to call someone with more authority and he proceeded to call the owner (so he claims) and I was told NO! I wanted to be fair and said that I would split the difference and pay an additional 8.5% for the watch. I was told NO! Please understand that jewllery is very personal, I loved the watch, it was the arrogance of being treated like a mule that pissed me off. Honor the price that was quoted, don"t treat people like pigs. I tried to be fair and split the difference and was treated as if I was not even in the store.

They are not a company that honors a price that was written down by the rep, they think of you and I as cattle. they don't care about the amount of money being spent for jewllery and that you should be treated fairly.

Please shop around, give your hard earn money to owners that care about your business, not rich owners who could give a damn about any of our friends and family.

Mar 02, 2016 7:22 pm EST

I had a terrible experience with this place! They sold me a supposedly brand new Omega watch for over 4K. The watch had some marks on it and its movement was out of tolerance. Now, after a few months I am seeing air condensation inside the watch! I highly suspect that they sold me a used watch instead of a brand new one.
As I am writing this comment here, I am communicating with Omega customer support to find a solution. No help from them! I advise never step inside that shop, let alone purchase from them. They are crooked!

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Nov 26, 2015 7:59 am EST

I have no clue how European jewellery is still in business. cant they just close now? there are a lot better stores selling jewellery, clothes, purses all in 1 store. real luxury stores and European jewellery has the nastiest sales people. what is there phone number to the head office or email so I can send them information? rude customer service, slow and everything is overprices and cheaply made. do they have a big bank payment that keeps them in business? I couldn't even look at a necklace because the salesperson told me she doesn't have a key and has to get one after I spoke to a manager. there went her sale of the day. I went to mappins and got it a lot cheaper and was able to have a friendly salesperson explain it all to me. Mappins has website with prices and are very friendly.

Jun 29, 2015 12:19 am EDT

Well i purchase omega because it has good brand value in India and wanted to gift a couples watch to someone special. But after one year of purchase the watch had some battery issues and i took it to service center. After this visit I realised how big a 'thug' Omega watch company is. I just want to say to omega management & their cheap owner: there are better ways to steal public money than this. No wonder that Rolex and other brands has much better reputation than this stupid brand.

Nov 26, 2014 1:45 pm EST

this store smells like ###. the employees were talking about doing a circle jerk one day. I need my watch fixed and I heard some homosexual talking about his bf that is picking him up. I would rather go to mappins and pay less for better service. the jewllery looks soo old too. no new modern jewellery.

Jan 26, 2013 6:35 pm EST

I dont know what everyone is complaining about on here about fake and/or broken watches... If you buy from an AD listed on the Omega website you will be buying an authentic watch with a valid international warranty.
I went for a price quote from European Jewellers in Eatons and they were okay sales associates nothing spectacular.
maximum offering me 20% off an Omega Speedmaster professional... Service and staff were okay but nothing amazing.

To the guy who wrote this: wow thats rude the SA alluding to or literally asking if you can afford it. If that happened to me I would tell the manager and write a letter to head office. That is completely unacceptable! -- At least say it behind your back!

I am 21, and I get treated generally well whenever I go to snooty places in Yorkville or wherever so this review may be biased. I went to every AD in GTA looking for the best price for my Omega Speedmaster prof. and I got it for 3500 all inclusive this summer (retail 4500+HST)

*End of story with these high-end boutiques, treat the sales people with respect interacting with them ask how they are doing etc. and wear an expensive watch (I usually wear a JLC)

Hope you guys find my mini review somewhat informational...

Jul 05, 2012 12:50 pm EDT

The one inside Yorkdale is good. At least the sales were polite and the store manger is very kind and friendly as well. I went there two times trying to find a matching wedding ring to my engagement ring. Didn't buy anything but they were still very helpful and didn't make me feel uncomfortable. They understand I want to make sure I will be happy with this ring because I am going to wear it everyday!

HOWEVER, the one in the EATON CENTRE SUCKS! Or at least one of the sales was very judgemental, inpatient and simply rude.

I walked into the store, thinking I am just going to look at the rings first before I asked for help since I don't know if I am going to find it or not - The sales agent came out from the watches section, gave me a smile but while she was saying hi to me she looked at my shoes, my watch and my ring.

Then she walked me to the wedding bands section - after showing me two rings, she asked me " So which one do you like better?"
I told her none. And asked to see the third ring. This one was pretty and matches well with my engagement ring. So I asked her how much is it. She told me it was $749 but with the promotion its now at $586. However, on the price tag it says $699.

I thought maybe she looked up the wrong ring - so I asked her again, can you double check - is there any further discount. She then takes the ring, put it back into the case and said - " This is already a great deal, you are getting almost $200 discount (which is not true coz the ring was $699), you are wearing a good engagement ring and watch, you should know how things are, this should be easy for you - do you want to get something cheap to go with you ring and make the ring cheap?"

She then locked up the case and just sat there. She looked at me, like she is waiting for me to said thank you ? And give me this look like " I am done with you, you can leave now".

My fiancé asked me how I feel about the ring - I turned my back to the sales and said " I like it. I will for sure buy it, if it was a different sales agent. I don't understand her attitude. " I said it in a perfect volume that her and the two people beside us can hear, and we just walked out the store... I understand people have opinions and feelings - but to lecture your customer is something new to me...


Mar 01, 2012 8:46 pm EST

I am going through a terrible experience with the store at Yorkdale and I am wondering whether anyone has the direct number for the TAG place in the USA that they send the watches to get fixed?

Jul 04, 2011 8:53 pm EDT


Jun 07, 2011 2:27 pm EDT

Agreed... they suck. Someone just bought me a watch from there and I called to get it fitted 10 minutes ago. The lady at Sherway Gardens answered the phone, listened to my question and said "yah okay, well the stores closed now, call back later" and then hung up before I could even say good bye. They clearly have no sense of customer service. Glad I looked it up online to see that tons of other people also think they are ###.

I agree. Every time I've step foot in their I'm turned off. I've given the place three chances since it has been in Sherway Gardens and each time I can't believe that they are still in business and get away with being so down right rude and belittling to customers. I wish the general public would wise up and stop buying from them. I made the mistake once of going back for a repair after many years of boycotting and never will I go back again.

About Me: owner of a very successful retail store. So I know a thing or two about good business practices.

Jun 26, 2010 9:36 pm EDT


Jun 26, 2010 10:29 am EDT


Jun 18, 2010 7:09 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I only recently discovered that the Tag this establishment sold me some years ago is a fake. My receipt has long since disappeared, so I have no ground to stand on and from the comments above (except for the illiterate, vindictive ones) they wouldn't be very receptive to addressing this deception.

Please do, when buying a Tag, check that there is a serial number below the logo on the back. Anywhere.

Jun 12, 2010 11:03 am EDT


Feb 22, 2010 12:35 pm EST

ya no good. bought watch before.
battery no good. paid twenty dollars to fix. strap ripped in six days.
cant wear or return it too.
waited over 3 months to fix. store smells like mold too with old ladies.

Feb 12, 2010 10:12 am EST

ya there ###ing goofs alright

Feb 07, 2010 12:34 am EST

The EJ at Yorkdale is no better. I have many similar experiences with their poor customer service. After turning my watch into them to send to omega for servicing, they completely destroyed the finish on my watch by over polishing the case and bracelet after I left specific instructions not to do any work on it. I would have been fine if this was done by Omega, but it was clearly an amateur job done by someone in their store. When I confronted them about it they just apologized after spending another 15 minutes of polishing. They refused to send it back to Omega to get it restored. This is just one of many bad experiences with their customer service. Last year I refused to shop at EJ and have not regretted it at all.

Jan 31, 2010 8:02 pm EST






Jan 30, 2010 6:23 pm EST

I don't work for European Jewellery, but I have done A LOT of business with a few of their locations, and I do have an informed opinion on that business, as well as with wholesalers associated with many jewellery and watch stores. Thus, I present the following counter-argument:

Stores get a cheaper price on watch repairs, because that's the way business works. They also mark up repairs, as they park up the pieces the purchase from wholesalers. Again, that's how business works. No one wants to work for free.

European Jewellery will charge you exactly what other retailers will charge you when it comes to any LVMH repair (including Tag Heuer), Swatch Group repair (including Tissot, Omega, etc), Rolex, Cartier, etc etc. They do not mark up the suggested retail. From a company like Tag Heuer, you will not get the same price if you "go right to Tag, " because LVMH is not open to the public.

European Jewellery does not keep credit card numbers on file to re-use for any unauthorized reason. It's illegal, and would be caught by auditors immediately. If a credit card company pointed you in that direction, European Jewellery would be out of business by now.

Store credit is allowed to be used on sale items. Walk into a store and ask the policy.

If European Jewellery was selling used watched, or even OPENING a brand new Omega, the warranty would be void. Which means the dozens of people per month who needs warranty repairs would be cashing in on European Jewellery's dime, thus also putting the company out of business.

Most of these claims are bogus. Go into a store with a more positive attitude and ask a manager about every single one of these claims (especially about watches coming from flea markets) and listen to an informed answer as opposed to an uninformed claim by someone who probably also believes in conspiracy theories.

All employees make mistakes, all businesses have the odd bad employee, and all businesses are subject to ### customers day after day who refuse to listen to a valid explanation when one is offered. Take it all with a grain of salt and make your own INFORMED decision.

Retail is retail, anywhere you go. I'm sure Birks has just as many complaints against them. I'm sure Peoples, Mappins, Ben Moss and Mark Lash do as well.

Jan 13, 2010 7:46 pm EST

European Jewellery is an awful store - thanks for posting the story!

Aug 20, 2009 11:40 am EDT

Wow bad luck indeed!
The store actually does pay a lot less than the suggested retail because they dont get any warranty at all from Tag. This means if your watch breaks down tomorrow, Tag wont fix it at all because of this.
No warranty at all. I have also been buying items from Birks from now on since the omega deal.


one other comment regarding my rant is that the repair was handled through European Jewellery in the Sherway Gardens Store this last month, July 2009.


I have a watch story too.

Initially I purchsed my watch from European Jewellery 11 years ago, at the eaton centre, at the time I felt I got a great deal.

Recently I have problems with the watch and took it to get a battery which they said didnt fix the problem and it would have to go to Tag to get repaired and that the Full movement repair is usually $265 which I got the impression was the top end of the estimate.

I said fine send it out for the estimate and I have to pay $35 extra for shipping.

I called them back a week later and they said it was $395 to repair the watch, basically gasket overhaul, spring bars for bracelet repair (tag 6000 chrono)
I said wow that is more that I thought. Let me get back to you.

I left it for a couple days and thought I should call Tag directly. They told me that the overhaul is $265 but if there was other work to do then it would be more. I then asked them about my work order # from European Jewley and she told me that it is the basic Overhaul for $265.

I called european jewellery and asked to see the quote from Tag and they said they would have to call head office for it.

I asked them tohave a manager call me back which they did and explained that they would honor the price tag gave me.

So bottom line they came through but I am really pissed they were missleading and I don't feel that Tag gave them a wrong quote but that they were marking up the repair by 50%.

Also, the $265 is the suggested retail price Tag says the repair costs and it is the same cost if I went to tag directly. The Retailer will get the repair done much cheaper than the $265 so there is a markup in the repair for the firm.

After this I will never return to European jewellery. This is a place that I have gotten items for my wife and myself.

From now on it is back to Birks.

Jul 14, 2009 2:07 pm EDT


Jun 24, 2009 12:35 pm EDT

what company name was it under?

Jun 24, 2009 12:01 pm EDT

Ya they keep your credit card on file and charge it without your authorization yearly to 'maintain' a file on your purchases so they have you on record if you have any questions.

They charged me $75.00 last year for this. i couldnt get my money back either. they will charge it under a different company name but then my credit card company directed me to them after the long investigation.

The people are very rude too. When i was there they were eating like animals and talking with crumbs on their faces as if they never eaten before. I tried getting my bracelet fixed i bought at xmas and they wanted to charge me extra money.

Jun 22, 2009 2:37 am EDT

European Jewellery is the sleaziest store I have ever had to deal with. In sum, even though they have a "no refund" policy, when I bought a watch there in December, the salesman told me that he could arrange for a refund for me if I had problems with the watch because he "guaranteed" it would work. It didn't, and when I came back he was no longer with the store and none of the staff would honour his word. I went back and forth to that store (the Eaton's centre location and then Yorkdale) to sort it out to no avail. I settled on getting a store credit.

What they do NOT tell you is that you can only use the store credit towards an item that is not on sale and it can only go towards one third (1/3) of the price. Fortunately, my dad was buying my mom a $998.00 ring, so I was able to put my $326.00 credit towards it. If it was $997.00 they would not have let me use my credit. So to receive my $326 back I would have had to pay almost $1, 000. The sales people lie to your face all the while smiling saying they just want their customers to be happy. They want them to be happy until they open their wallets and sign on the dotted line. After that, you're on your own. BEWARE of this store, the sales people are the snarkiest ### of the earth... that's the nicest way of putting it that I can think of.

Jun 18, 2009 2:34 pm EDT

yes, they just change the straps and make them look like new. they purchase used from flea markets all the time.service sucks ### too.
they rip off people when changing the battery and damage the insides of it.

Apr 27, 2009 10:24 pm EDT

european jewellers are con artists, the watchs the ysell you are not even new, the sell you scracthed second hand watchs and claim they are new, con artists of the worst kind

Jul 16, 2008 8:07 pm EDT

The tag probably wasnt even put on with a string from Omega (Swatch group) because the salespeople are allowed to wear the watches and jewellery if they sign them out.

My friend worked at the square one store before.

So just considered that you bought a used watch. Also, they have jewellers onsite so if they scratched them while wearing them, then they would have had them buffed out immediately. They have also probably took the links out so that the watch would fit them and then reinstall them - meaning the links are NOT 100% original because they are scratched between them and the internal nuts!

They also do there own service on their watches, so the cover of the watch must have also been taken off. This means they seal is NOT 100%, therefore you will get moisture and the movement will fail prematurely, probably while the warranty is expired!
The automatic movement is very sensitive and will fail prematurely. Then when you want to get it serviced, damn you gona need a movement, gasket, labour, chrono...etc...

Jun 21, 2008 9:53 am EDT

fukn loser. u never bought a watch b4.
tags come off all the time!OLOLOLOLOL

no return policy2 .
so f u loser


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