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Complaints & Reviews

car hire scam

Europcar Hire Scam!

We hired a car over a long weekend and they happily told us we were able to return it on the Monday morning even though the office was closed. They failed to mention however, that if their return car park was full, that there was another car park a few KM down the road|. So, when we returned the car on Monday, their return car park was full and so some other cars had been returned and parked on the side walk|. It seemed as if they forget to tell every one about their second car park|. When we got the invoice we saw that an extra £65 had been charged for the parking fine! There was no information anywhere on where else to park the car if it was full".

I called and argued with them, and they changed their story saying this extra fee was actually because they had found a scratch on the car! I said there was no way of telling if it was us, and it probably was someone walking by as the cars were easily accessible to passers byers". They refunded the fee for the apparent scratch, that there was no photos of! BUT said that we would have to pay the parking fine if there was one, I asked them if they already knew about a parking fine as it had been almost 3 weeks since we had hired the car, they told me sometimes the fine takes a while to reach them:. The next Monday they had taken out £65 + 27 admin charges!!! I just don't know where to go and what to do?! This is clearly unfair and it is obviously a scam as there is no where to park the cars, they don't give out information about their second car park, they change the story about what the excess charges are for and then charge more and more, with out permission!

avoiding to pay damages

It has been 5 months of backwards and forwards emails between Europcar's staff without response or resolutions.
One of Eurocar's rental clients smashed into my car; and Europcar is avoiding to pay for the damages. I have submitted photographs, google maps, police case numbers and explanations in exquisite details on 22 November 2010. I even went into their offices twice.
All the Europcar staff/emails refer to Gloria van Zyl as the person who will sort out the Third party claim. Byron Govender, Senior Customer Services Consultant for Europcar also sent on all the information to her and still no response. Countless phone calls lead to voicemails with no response.
I had to pay R7500 to fix the damage to my car out of my own pocket. I was without transport for a month over the December holidays and Christmas period.
I think it is irresponsible to allow foreigners who don't know our traffic laws to drive around on our roads.
It is atrocious and unacceptable to have such a bad response from their staff.

they have no concept of customer service and they refuse to honor the terms of their agreements

For part of our family vacation to France in August 2009, I prepaid for a car for four days through Europcar’s website. On arrival in Pau, France, I walked over a mile from the train station to the agency where I was informed my car had been given to someone else because I was late. When I expressed my shock at the deception and asked whether a car would be available the next day, the agent then proceeded to berate me for my tardiness and informed me that as an American I needed to accept that I was in France and must adjust my expectations and attitude.

When I asked whether he could help me find a car through a different agency, he stated there were no rental cars available anywhere in the south of France. Finally, the truth! He obviously was officered more money by someone else and took it. All of this is in direct violation of Europcar’s printed Online Terms and Conditions which state, 8.2 Credit Card Details Provided – Guaranteed Reservation Hold.

If you specified at time of booking your debit, credit or charge card details and Driver ID (or your Driver ID only in which card details are stored) the Europcar pick up station is required to provide the requested vehicle category until the station closure or up to 12:00 (noon) the day following the due pick up time for 24/7 stations. Their agreement also stated the agent should have offered some minimal level of assistance in dealing with the problem of now being stranded in a foreign city.

Instead he rudely left the counter turning his back to me and left me to walk back to the train station where my family was waiting. He wouldn’t even offer to call a cab for me or try to find a nearby hotel. When we finally got into a hotel that evening, I lodged my complaint on Europcar’s website. They responded with an automated email and a supposedly real email address.

I have sent several requests for a refund to this email address only to receive another automated response indicating receipt of my complaint, an assigned “file number”, and a statement that I would have an answer in a few days. Two months later there is still no reply nor an attempt to rectify their misdeed. This is not a reputable company. They have no concept of customer service and they refuse to honor the terms of their agreements. Plus they use misdirection to shield themselves from dialog with their customers.

europcar cheat you

We rented a car from Lisbon airport, a Fiat Punto, from Europcar, recommended to us by EasyJet, as their "partner".

For 4 days rental. We agreed£193.57: we were charged on our credit card £237

They have ripped us off.

Looking at the sign back in form in more detail. they have charged us €40 for a missing warning triangle. It was never there in the first place. They mentioned nothing when we returned the car. A nice little scam is being operated here.

Don't use them. Their proces are higher than anyone else's.

  • Pi
    PiaG Mar 17, 2012

    We had similar experiences with Lisbon Airport Europcar March 2012. First of all they wanted to charge us for three days (we had rented the car for two and brought the car back on time). They also claimed the tank was not full even though we stopped at Repsol by the airport and made sure it was full.

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  • Is
    István Magyar Feb 15, 2016

    Don't rent a car at Europecar! They will cheat, or try to cheat you that is 100%. I rented a Car at Europecar though Wizz Air at Charleroi airport in Belgium. I rented a car in Volkswagen Golf category. I have received a Skoda Octavia. I indicated that I wanted to rent a Golf. They told me that the Golf indicates the category, not the car in particular. So they told me the Skoda Octavia is the same category. When I returned the car I was charged an additional 50 EUR because I upgraded to a bigger car. I told them I haven't upgraded. They gave me the Skoda. Disgusting company. Never go there!

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I will never rent a car from this company anymore

Being a frequent easyJet customer, I was used to rent my car from Europcar, their preferred partner. My destination is mostly Malaga, Spain. Recently I was abused by Europcar, since they charged me for a damage that was already present on the car. It was minor damage on the front spoiler, several small indents any car would encounter during its life, due to some projection particle on the road.

I am not the only one being abused this way, my father, who also frequently fly to Malaga already encountered this kind of problem time to time. The trick they use is almost always the same: they show you a more obvious damage, like a bump on a wing, or a big scratch on the painting, and they tell you it will be noticed on the rental contract so you won’t have to be worried.

Taking it as granted, you usually trust the employee and do not check the rest of the vehicle. But when you return the car, an “inspector” scrutinizes the vehicle for any other thing they didn’t mention to you, and inevitably they find something, like problems on spoilers or bumpers they were actually already present but you didn’t notice.

They usually charge you Euro 200 to 350 for this, and while you can complain, they argue that once the contract is signed, you accepted everything. I strongly recommend you will choose another rental company. Not only they are not the cheapest one. You might thing they would be since they claim discount when you fly with easyJet.

But they really abuse you when they can. The above is based on me and my father’s experience with Europcar Malaga, but for sure I will never rent a car from this company anymore.

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an extra charge of $1.500 had been made to my credit card

When I picked up the hire car it had a broken key. On raising my concern I was told it was the only car they had and a new key had been ordered and the broken one worked. There was also glue residue on the fuel cap door. I filled up with petrol and the car broke down late in the afternoon miles away from anywhere. I had inadvertently put petrol in a diesel car.

I discovered later from a staff member that both the diesel key tag and diesel sticker were missing and I had not been notified accordingly. On arriving home an extra charge of $1.500 had been made to my credit card. Europcar claims it was my responsibility to find out they were missing – yes that is true! I am meant to have second sight.

charge for fuel when car returned with a full tank

Car returned to Inverness Airport at about 1100 on 27 July. The gauge indicated full on arrival( more full than when I took it out). I had filled up on the outskirts of Inverness en route to the airport. As a modern diesel, it certainly didnt't use 8 litres (1.75 gallons) in the distance from there to the airport. Which is what you have charged me for, £12.48!!

totally unfair overcharge

I have rented a car for two days at a EuropCar London location at Marble Arch. The day of returning the car was Sunday. The servant at the company told me that because the branch will be closed on Sunday, I will have to leave the car at the ramp in front of the branch and if there will be no space, to park it at the car parking above.

When I came to return the car on Sunday, the ramp was packed with cars, so I had to park it in the car parking, which I did.

To my astonishment, when I received an invoice from EuropCar I found that they charged me £54 for the parking. This is ridiculous! Why did they charge me for something which is THEIR problem? There was no space in their branch. What did they want me to do with the car? To put it on my head? THEY could not make sure that there was a space, and it is THEIR problem!! Why should I pay for their problem?

I called the branch and explained the situation, but found iron wall in front of me. No one wanted to make even a step to help. The guy there refused to give any telephone of their Customer Services and help in any way.

  • Eu
    Europcar UK Mar 15, 2011

    I am sorry to hear of your experience detailed above. Please contact us at [email protected] so that we can investigate the matter further for you.

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  • Un
    Unhappy Bee Aug 29, 2012

    I have the same problem and now they are changing me 97, 40 pounds. I have spoken to them and I was told that it was a parking fine on the next day of delivering the vehicle. I was unware of this charge until I receveid my credit car statement. They didn't even sent an email, a letter or called to inform me about the charge. Totally unfair and far worse when they just charge us without our consent!!

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  • Ji
    JimMcL Dec 02, 2012

    Europcar: I hired a car for one day in Sheffield to drive to Bradford then to London. I left the car at the Kings Cross depot out of hours. It was picked up full of fuel and delivered back half full.

    I have photographs of the fuel guage and of the car.

    I was astonished to receive an invoice for over £430 for one day of hire. They charged me the hire and the one way fee, as agreed. They also charged me £2.30 per litre (forecourt price is £1.38) for 60 litres (a full tank) of petrol plus £150 for damage and an admin fee of over £30.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience with Europcar?

    I will update this post if it is a mistake and/or when I beat them in court! Disgraceful and outrageous.

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  • Ch
    ch420 Jan 02, 2013

    Im in the uk and just had a similar experience with them. They charged me 375gbp for a cracked windshield. the damage was already on the car but I didn’t notice it until driving away, I took a photo immediately though to be able to prove that I didn’t cause it. They didn’t even notice the damage when I returned the car the next day, I was the one that told them to ensure that I would not be charged and I was told it should be fine because it must be in the system. The very next day 25 December Christmas morning to be exact they email be a bill of 375gbp. 250 was from the deposit that I authorised and the rest they made another charge on my card without my authorization.
    Anyhow since apparently this is a common practice with them I am contacting as many people in similar situation that are willing to take them to court and raise a class action lawsuit against them. If you are interested email me at [email protected]

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damage charges

This may be of interesting read for you all. As an ex europar emplyee I can give you a 1st hand account of how this company operates . First one is damage, Europcar has sets target for spotting damage of aprox 10% of total rentals. They are very enforcing to their staff to obtain these targets, unfortunatly in the majority of cases damage is updated once the customer has left and then charged for damage. Another graet practice is the reservation side. Europcar priorotises certain accounts, i.e the ones that pay most money. Lex auto lease is a good example of this. They can book a car 2 hours in advance, if europcar already has reservations to general customers who booked weeks in advance they get knocked back down the list and have to wait longer or loose their car altogether. The staff then get told to make up excuses like "sorry the transporters broken down", or "the last customer has not dropped their car off", when in actual fact the car was at the station but they gave it to lex on their 2 hour notice

extra charges

I hire a car in Italy, Rome from Europcar. After 7 days we payed 214 euros for the car, everything seemed to be ok.
After 2 months, I received an invoice from Europcar for administrative fees for electronic notification of trafic violations !!! of 144 euro, for 3 traffic violations in Rome, 2 of them in the same day (see Foto).
It is outrageous to tax 30 euro / day for rent a car and ~ 50 euro / electronic notification !!!
AVOID EUROPCAR, at least in Italy !!!
I am a good driver, I escaped with the car without a scratch in the awfull traffic in Rome and Napoli and now I am scamed by europcar ! I will not return in Italy soon, and I will never hire a car from Europcar.

extra charges


europcar take advantage of late check outs to get more money and they have broken my trust

I booked a car online, deliberately excluding personal accident insurance, and then when I collected my car late at night, I was told where to sign by the agent, and he obviously deceitfully included personal accident insurance at an additional R30 per day (which I would have included when I booked the car if I wanted it!) and so when I got my bill at the end of my car hire stay, it was over R300 more than I was quoted. I am very angry at the deceitful way Europcar take advantage of late check outs to get more money and they have broken my trust. I will never use them again.


After hiring 1 car (BMW) almost every month for three years and several others at various times as well Europcar has seen fit to send an account for 400.00 NOK to a Credit Company because they could not get the money from the card that I registered with them three months after I returned the car.

In the last year alone I paid Europcar Oslo over 75, 000.00 NOK!!!

I have repeatedly requested that I get air miles credited to my SAS account, to date I have not received one single credit.

How I regret to have paid a company so much money and to be treated in such a way.

They will never get the oppotunity to do it again to me.

breach of contract & debit of pmt without consent

I simply cannot believe Europcar! In their terms & conditions they say they going to give me a car which shall be supplied with an alarm and immobiliser. They didnt even bother telling me this or give me an option to upgrade upon collection of the car! This was only found out when the car was broken into the Hyundai & my GPS stolen. Their contract was in complete contravention with what their offering of their terms and conditions was! I had since received an invoice for the damages and had since challenged them on this & referred them to their clauses! This was done on TWO occasions to which they didnt bother responding, and to top it off, subsequent to the two email complaints, they still had the audacity to debit my credit card for the damage! I was informed that debiting a customer's credit card would only be done once they had received the customer's consent! What they have done is absolute fraud as NO consent was EVER given!! In addition, I am going to lay a formal charge of fraud against them and have the payment reversed as this was done without my consent or my knowledge & I was only notified of this when I had received my credit card sment! I am absolutely disgusted!

credit card buse

Beware of the bill- make sure you check Europcar/Alamo. I have been hiring for years and am fed up with the charges Europcar in Watford keep adding on at the end of a hire using the credit card details they have from you. I have had success in refunds, I hire so much I have separate insurance, and thankfully Barclaycard continues to come to the rescue at its own cost. Getting Europcar to respond in some cases must only work if you take legal action against them, which I would like to do. No point in giving you details- you have plenty of examples from other complaints. So all I can say is check your bill and make sure you pay with a company like Barclaycard who will investigate the fraud.

rental car scam

My specific problem was a passenger door lock scam that was neatly played by the boss/manager of the day. The girl who had checked my car out three weeks before just sat there and I believe is fully in on this scam. The manager came directly out, saw no dents or other marks on the body and then walked over to the passenger door lock and tried to lock it with the key. He did not try any other lock. It would not lock and he claimed that it was damaged when I had the car. It had not been checked by agent before we took the car and not marked on my rental car sheet as being defective. The door worked fine and the doors all locked with the key using the driver's side lock, which as the only driver I used every time. The car was at Oyster Bay Beach Resort the whole time, except for our few trips out when nothing had ever been left in the car and no one ever seems to have been near it. This was so well played that I am sure it was done on that vehicle many times before and will continue to be done in the future. The car was a white I 10, license # R 1041. I would be interested if anyone else had this happen to them at Europcar and especially with the same car.

  • Ja
    Jan P. Aug 05, 2011

    We rented a car there for a week over Eastern 2011 and the experience was very bad. The car was old and scrappy and they made us pay 150€ extra for a "compulsory insurance" that was never mentioned in the booking confirmation from their website. Comment: "We don't care what the Europcar Computer says..."
    When we refused to pay they used the pre-signed authorization and charged my credit card anyway. Very disappointing and not at all recommendable. There are lots of others - book your car there.


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  • Tr
    trips3 Nov 30, 2012

    I was just in St. Maarten, rented a White I10 from Europcar for 1 week, (I think the license plate was 2531), and I noticed that the key did not work in the passenger door. Other than the fact that I could never open the door for my wife, I didn't really care, and just always locked/unlocked the door from the driver side. I never mentioned it and I wasn't charged extra for damages either. I'm just mentioning it since apparently it might have been used in the past as a scam. I wonder if it is normal, or at least common for the keys to only work in the driver side. (Maybe this happens when someone loses the key and they only bother to replace one lock.)

    Also, I reserved my car on Orbitz and it was $10/day + taxes which came to $120 total for the week. When I got there, they had a sign explaining there is compulsory insurance. There were 3 different levels of insurance, and the one we were forced to purchase was the cheapest at $8/day. I still don't know if I was scammed or not, but at $18/day I didn't care too much, since it was still pretty reasonable. Though I did ask for the final price, and was told something like $250. After I questioned that, and explained I was expecting 120 + 8*7 = approximately $176, they then told me with tax it would be around $185, which I agreed to. One annoying thing was the preauth on the CC was $800. But after I returned the car, they charged just the $185 and the auth was removed.

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  • Am
    AminaM Jul 04, 2013

    Just had the same problem with the same car!! We rented this Hyundai from Europcar for 10 days and just have it back to Safari car rental as Europcar's desk was closed at 6am. Already weird... The guy from safari told us the passenger door key was broken and didn't work. When we took the car 10 days before, this hasn't been checked.
    The rental car mentions a non-defective key and handle and I agree. My handle was working on the driver's side but not all the handleS plural. The nug wrench was missing but we never checked it with the guy from Europcar. Of course he had me sign that everything was in order. Why would I steal a nug wrench? Although it can be useful ;) I am so furious. Another tourist who was giving back her rental car told us it already happened to her on a previous trip (still Europcar) and they tried to play this scam on her again when she rented this car. So sketchy. I filled an incident report . How did it all end up for you guys? Was any extra money charged on your card? I am so furious.

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  • Di
    Disappointed7/2013 Jul 22, 2013

    I reserved a car online from Europcar and thought that I was going to get a corrolla or similar for $20 per day. Upon arrival in St Maarten, I was driven to the office and was told that they didn't have any corrollas and was offered a yaris. I made it very clear that was a rip off being that a yaris is smaller than corrolla. I was offered a Nissan almeda which in my eyesis similar to a corrolla but it would be $30 per day. The representative that we dealt with was extremely rude and i was turned off by his attitude. Being that it was late, i ended up taking the car. He told me that the yaris was a 2012 however, I later found out that it was a 2010. Do not rent with this company, hertz and thrifty are highly regarded on the island.

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  • Fr
    Frustratedguy1 Jan 13, 2019

    Just returned from St. Maarten, and Europcar is still practicing the same tricks. I paid the compulsory extra fee for the liability insurance. If it's required, why is it not part of the quoted price? Additionally, Europcar gave me a car that was substantially smaller than the car I ordered and offered me no adjustment to the price. A representative claimed that they were not "in charge" of their inventory. This has happened to me several times previously, but on all other occasions, other companies offered me a larger or better car than what I ordered. The car wasn't available at the time I reserved it, and when it showed up, they still had to gas it and "detail" it. The car was scraped and dented and the front fender was held together by sheet metal screws. I was in a pinch and took it on the chin, but I vowed to let other potential renters know about their tactics. I wish I had read these reviews before booking. There are lots of rental car options on St. Maarten and would not recommend Europcar.

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left strnded

My wife with her aunt and cousin as well as our 2 daughters had to fly to perth for emergancy family issues. 2 Days before the flight we booked an Audi A6 with Europcar via thier website. There was 3 full adults and 2 children along with the laugage and we felt the A6 was the largest car around, plus had the GPS built in.

When they tried to collect the car at Perth airport they were told that WE (not europcar) had canceled the booking and that there was no car avaiable. My wife insisted that we definatly had not canceled and that we had recieved no notice at all of the cancelation. To the service desk ladies credit she tried to arrange something, but all she had was a Hyndi Getz, which would be lucky to get 2 poeple and bags into. Fortunatly another rental company was able to supply a large sedan, but only after an hour of hastle at the airport in what is already a stressful time.

Be sure to phone and confirm your booking, make sure you take the name of the person. Do not trust thier website bookings as it managed to cancel our booking without warning !!

fraud use of visa card & excess refueling charge

We had a 3 day rental and left Visa for deposit only as the actual rental was a freebie from another company.

We returned car and there was no attendant to check fuel level after I just filled it.

Returned to Canada and got a Visa charge for $215.00 Canadian for refuelling. Note above, I refilled it at the airport.

I wrote to Europcar and no response after 10 weeks.

2 weeks later a $35.00 Cdn. unauthorized charge appeared on our Visa.

We are fighting both charges but the second item is scary it is clearly "fraud". the other refuelling charge is outrageous and borders on fraud as if it was missing fuel it would have been less thatn $14.00 or 10 Euros.

Beware of this company and be careful, the Web has a lot of Italian Europcar complainst, more than any other company. Maybe the employees get the money, who knows.

taking money from our visa for no reason

We rented a car from Travel Jigsaw Limited this Aug 10. We arrived in Alicante airport and collected our car from Europcar. We received a damage report on the car which we checked but nobody was there to check it with us. We returned the car after having a great holiday and handed over the keys to Europcar. They asked if everything was ok and we said yes.

2 weeks later we noticed that a fee of 340 euro was taken from our visa card from Europcar. We queried this through Travel Jigsaw who said that it would take 28 days for them to get a response from Europcar.

There was absolutley NO damage at all to the car when we left it back and we are horrified that they took money from our account for no reason.

We got an email back to day saying that it was for damage. No explanation just for damage!!

We replied asking what damage but it will probably take another 28 days for them to get back to us again!

I honestly feel that this is some sort of scam. They had no body at the airport to check the car when we picked it up or dropped it off. Can you please advise us on what to do next,

didn't returned money owed

Promised 13 rounds of golf, Ford Mondeo wagon for rental car and refund based on lower exchange rate. Have not received proper amount. Our itinerary was mailed to us and it looked complete. Then the car rental company Coolabar used ran out of cars so they booked with Discount Car Hire. The email they sent to Discount Car Hire said we were arriving at 0700 (I think they would have preferred 7:00 am). After two long flights we were at the airport with no car service. Upon calling DCH we were told to find another rental company, which we did and drove to St. Andrews, Scotland. Upon Coolabar finding out they had DCH send a car out to St. Andrews from Glasgow, despite my telling them it was not necessary as we'd rented a car for our two week trip and asked that they just refund that part of the itinerary. My request was ignored and DCH showed up with a car with over 70k miles and not near what we were promised in our contract. We were charged for a days rental by Europcar, who we'd rented from when DCH did not produce a car. I was told by Coolabar that DCH would return the car for us and the billing would be taken care of, however that turned out to be not the case. In addition to not being reimbursed for the one day car rental we were charged by Europcar we were charged the same amount for a lesser car than was promised by Coolabar. In addition to this our contract/itinerary stipulated that our trip included 13 rounds of golf. I was told by Coolabar that we would be reimbursed for the green fees at St. Andrews if we happened to play the three courses we'd preferred. We did play those courses and paid out of pocket despite payting for them through Coolabar as well. All other courses and all hotels checked us in with no issue and seemed to be paid by Coolabar, however: When we got home I contacted Coolabar to resolve the issues. After about two months of trying to resolve the issue we were offered a check of $348 against what we expected, roughly $750 per person. We were told the following: Royal Dornoch golf course and Holiday Inn airport didn't charge them, so we apparently were responsible for that. We were undercharged by Coolabar due to their miscalculations, so were responsible for that. The exchange rate wasn't ever fully returned despite being directly told by Kelly (owner of Coolabar) that we would be. The three green fees from St. Andrews were not returned. And to top it off we were not given the approximate $300 for the one day of rental by Europcar. From being owed $750 each were offered the $348 total based on some ridiculous calculations that Coolabar construed to keep from paying us what was rightfully owed. Upon returning our calculations we were told that their figures were final and we haven't heard from them since. I have the itinerary with all pricing and had we known we had to pay for St. Andrews out of pocket without being reimbursed we would not have booked with them as it would not have been a savings. That with the car issue made for a trying experience and I believe we are being wronged by a company that does not want to pay back what is rightfully due. You are forewarned. DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM.

damage surcharge

I normally hire with Hertz. This time I hired a compact car (Vauxhall Meriva) with Europcar. A very big...

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