Europcarfraud and cheating!

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My wife and son went to Ireland on vacation, she booked a car rental with EUROPCAR through the ORBITZ website. When it was booked it stated that CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) was included in the price. When she got there to pick up the car they said that the CDW was not included and she could not get a car without it. So they canceled her reservation and made another for her at a substantially higher rate. She did not print out the sheet that had about the CDW being included so she was stuck, either get the car or walk. So she had to pay the much higher rate. I contacted ORBITZ about this and they verified that it does indeed say that the CDW is included and EUROPCAR should have honored the reservation. I have contacted EUROPCAR multiple times, via email and telephone, and have yet to get a response. Also towards the end of my wife's trip she stopped at a service station and the worker there noticed her tire was low, upon further inspection he noticed that you could see the steel belts in the tire and told her that it was illegal for them to rent her a car with tires in that condition.

As stated above the initial reservation stated it included CDW, ORBITZ states that it includes CDW, my wife in a foreign country was taken advantage of by this car rental company. Plus the fact that they gave her a car that was not safe.


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    atlassi Nov 30, 2019
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    Europcar International — agence de location fermée à mon arrivée

    Please, I would like you to ERASE my complaint on internet.
    It contains my personal informations. It hurts me.
    So, please erase it as soon as you can.
    advance thank you.
    Best regards

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    Dan Spe Aug 30, 2019
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    Europcar has been a NIGHTMARE car rental service!! DO NOT USE!

    We used Europcar in Norway to drive from Oslo to Bergen August 7-14. After charging extra for our flight being delayed and needing after hours service, the employee refused to come check our car for damage at 1 am when we picked it up. We were so careful and took pictures of the car before / after using it and not a single mark was made. Then, out of nowhere, we were charged a 355 NOK administrative fee for tolls that we were never told about. We were also charged almost 7500 NOK for a scratch on one of the wheel's rims!

    We emailed them and called many times but never received more information. Finally, they sent us a picture of the tire with the tiniest mark. A professional told us this is likely a mark from changing a tire. We suspect Europcar is scamming us and trying to charge for damage they inflicted. They are not communicating at all and resolving the issue. They simply sent us a notice that the credit card on file will be charged.

    This company is FRAUDULENT and horrible! Do not use for you own sake. Even if the prices seem cheap now, you will incur SO SO many fees. We are so upset and still trying to contact them to resolve the issue - almost three weeks later and no luck!

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    adam52417 Oct 03, 2018

    europcar Manchester airport united kingdom that is the last place you want to hire a vehicle one of the worst dishonest staff so rude and abusive just hard to believe these guys would go this far is is beyond joke rip off merchants take your money and will never provide you service please dont use these people europcar there are bunch of cowboys with no respect or manners

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    pogojoe Jun 23, 2017

    Booked a Peugeot station wagon at Venice airport. Get there they said no Peugeot so they give us a Seat station wagon. We had checked before booking and found the Peugeot to have enough space for our luggage. The Seat they offered us could not fit our luggage. I ask for the VW station wagon and they said it was booked. Well so was my Peugeot, no?

    Only thing they had was a Mercedes so they ended up forcing us to upgrade at our expense.

    Return the car in Rome. They said there was a scratch on the bumper. I rub it out. Just a scrape where the other car left some paint on it. [Never park your car in one of those underground garage with car jockeys moving them about!]. The Europcar agent said that is still considered collision damage. I said that's barely a scratch. He said, and I quote, "Sir, it's a Mercedes so we must charge you."

    So they forced me to upgrade, pay more for the upgrade, then because of this upgraded car, inferring that they might have let it go if it was on a car like say a Peugeot instead, they must charge me collision damage penalty.


    Complain to Europcar through FB. They contact me on messanger. As me for my contract and some details after 2 days. A day later they tell me if I want to complain then send an email to customer service. I notice that they put the cost through on my credit card the same day they got me to provide them with my contract details. I think they just asked me for my details so they could expedite processing payment!

    Never again will I use Europcar.

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    TheHungryCaterpillar Oct 30, 2016
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    I had a similar problem with Europcar, being charged over £700 for scratches on the roof of the car. I was advised by a solicitor to contact ECRS The ECRCS handles cross-border car rental complaints occurring in Europe:[email protected] with evidence disputing the claim and they dealt with it on my behalf. The outcome was in my favour.

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  • An
    Antwerpen Sep 11, 2016

    STAY AWAY FOR EUROPCAR!!! This is the 3rd time I rented a car in 3 weeks, every Friday I need to rent a car. First 2 experiences were fine, the only negative point was the waiting time for pick up and the not-so friendly guy at the counter. The first time I waited 10min as there was a queue. Fine, understand Fri evenings are busy. Second time, I waited more than 30min, there was also a queue, but staff was working so slow with bad attitude, didn't acknowledge us at all. Anyway, it was fine. Car we got was clean and we had no problem.
    Last Fri, as usual I arrived to pick up the car, this time I arrived 5min later knowing I always got serve much later. When I arrived at 17:05, shop door was locked and staff did not let me in and said they are closed already and I was too late?! Excuse me, I apologise I was 5min late, it's my fault. However all the staffs were still inside the shop. By now, the staff already recognised me that I come every Friday! Finally, they let me in after lots of bad attitude to me (as a customer, I was already very angry by how rude I was being treated) The staff was even telling me that he had to catch his train too! (I don't care!) I have never seen such poor customer service!!! I was in shocked. The guy did my contract signing quickly, did not explain anything (fine, I was familiar with it by now).
    When I was about to sign the document, I realised 35euro were added on the bill. I asked him and he said yes because you are late!!! He did not even explain that to me in advance and just printed out and demand for my signature! I was renting a 70euro car and got charged extra 35 euro because I was 5min late! Ridiculous! At that point I was so angry that I did not want to talk to him anymore! Fine, I signed, took the car key and decided that it will for sure be the LAST TIME I'm using Europcar! Unbelievable how rude the staff were. This is only the beginning of the nightmare.
    I went to the car park quickly to get the car, I needed to arrive at my appointment at 18:00. At the car park, I found the car easily. I pressed the unlock button on the car remote, no reaction. It seems like the battery of the remote is gone. I went over to the car but realised that the car was UNLOCKED? It means the car was left unlocked before I arrive. I looked at the contract and noticed that the car had only done 1243km, almost brand new?! How can it happen that the battery on the remote is gone already?
    Then I tried to start the car, but I could not turn the key and therefore could not start the car! At that time the station store was closed already. So I called up Road assistant, but was told the engineer will come in 1 hour time, I could not wait that long as I had to go to my appointment at 18:00. Finally, I went by taxi, finished the appointment and came back to wait for the engineer. He found out the battery in the car has died. He is guessing the person who rented it before me forgot to turn off the light and so the battery is completely empty. Then engineer said to me I cannot turn off the engine now, and that I have to drive the car now for around 30min (!!!) WHAT?? It was already past 9pm!! I had no choice but to drive around the city for 30min!!! Otherwise the car would not start up in the morning! After 30min driving around the city, wasted my time and petrol that I had to pay. I parked the car and decided to have a look around the car. I opened up the petrol flap, and the petrol tank cap just fell out!!! OH MY LORD, the lid was not secure and was lose all those time I was driving! I was getting so stress already because of so many issues with this car!

    I returned the car last night, I didn't receive the invoice yet! I'm hoping they will not charge me extra because of any damage that they probably will find and blame it on me!!! STAY AWAY for this company!!!

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    eiezer kolodner Aug 18, 2016
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    hired a car in amsterdam airport 0n 13 /8 and brought it back on 18/8 on 6.00 am
    there was no body in the office after 1 hour they send me amail that
    they charged me extra 125 euro plus vat for cleaning a car that was
    not dirty
    they dont have any proof and the price for extra cleaning is a shame
    i request refund

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  • Ri
    Richard Harvey May 09, 2016
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    I forgot something in my rental car at Cape Town airport. Once I realized I was already through security at the airport. I called Europcar who said they would send it to me. That was in February. After numerous attempts to call the gentleman who I spoke too I had no response. I went to Europcar a month ago to see if could retrieve my item but all I got was a promise it would get posted back to me. I complained on the website with NO RESPONSE.

    Extremely poor customer service.

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  • Jh
    Jhon62 Apr 30, 2016
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    Europcar just stolen money from my bank account issuing even unfaithful invoices in Spain.
    Hope somebody will look into this fraud happening in Marbella, they issue lower amount 's invoices comparing with the charges amount in the customers bank accounts

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  • Jh
    Jhon62 Apr 30, 2016
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    Europcar is a total fraud company, they stolen by my account 532, 00 euros, that s happen in Marbella agency

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    Brian & Lorna Young Oct 20, 2015
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    Invoice [protected] and my emails, phone calls too numerous to isolate, STLL NO REPLY

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  • Rk
    RKAC Oct 07, 2014

    We travelled to London Stanstead airport and upon reaching the counter, the lady notified us that we had to pay double what we were promised would be the final price (online at because we booked from an American, not UK based
    site!! So we had to pay for the car insurance as it was not included! We were completely shocked and asked for the logic in this as if we had known, we would have done our booking differently and appropriately. Not only could she not help us, the Duty Manager saw our discomfort but carried on with his business and did not even acknowledge our disappointment. We tried to reason with what did not make sense for us, and even asked him to help us out but he replied “I cannot do anything and please show some respect!”. We were just asking for some acknowledgement and as a manager in any other situation in any other business, we would have expected some kind of explanation or apology. In the end we had to pay, we will never, ever
    rent a car from Europcar again and will tell all our friends about our experience. They obviously do not care about their customers. I told them we would file a complaint and only after this, to our surprise, the Manager came up and said “If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know”, as if it was just out of courtesy! We were left humiliated and outraged after dealing with staff at this branch. NEVER USE EUROPCAR, not only do they lack professionalism, they lack any sort of customer service skills!!!

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  • Bo
    boshk Sep 17, 2014
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    We reserved our vehicle online for September 2 of
    2014 for our day trip to stonehenge and dover from the 12 Semley Pl
    location in London. When we got there we had been told that the mini
    cooper we had reserved was not available and were offered a bmw 330 for
    the same price. so far so good i guess, i suppose a bmw would be just as
    fun for our trip.

    we were then asked if we would be using a full tank and would like to
    buy the gas in advance for returning it. since our trip would be
    roughly 330 miles, we accepted that. not knowing that they would be
    giving us a diesel car (the customers infront of us were given a car
    that required gasoline) and that the car got like 50 miles per gallon.
    so when we returned it after only using a half of a tank of gas, they
    basically said tough luck. but that is not the worst of it.

    when we were given our car, we were expected to look over the vehicle in
    a dark parking garage with no assistance. not seeing any damage to the
    car we were on our way. after returning from our trip we dropped it off
    in the same place we picked it up. only this time the attendant had his
    flashlight ready to go, and made a b-line directly to one of the tires.
    "oh, there is a cut in the tire" he says... except that i never hit
    anything, and it was right next to previously documented damage to the
    wheel rim. so i was sent back to the office to take care of it. after
    talking to the manager or whoever he was for a couple min, he said he
    would go look at it and took some pictures. about 20 minutes later he
    came back with his camera and showed us the tire--which, there was no
    way to even tell it was the tire to the bmw. it looked like someone had
    taken a knife to it and carved part of the tire away next to the rim. or
    even something that would have caused major damage to the rim other
    then the few scratches that were there from previous users. he claimed
    this kind of thing happens all the time when you hit curbs or leave the
    parking garage. except in all the vehicles i have ever owned i have
    never seen anything like this and i dont go driving around hitting curbs
    either. so he hemmed and hawed for a few seconds and said we would have
    to pay for a new tire and wondered why i didnt buy some fabled "tire
    insurance." tire insurance??? nobody ever mentioned tire insurance, let
    alone why the hell would anyone need tire insurance unless your running
    some sort of scam. he just kept saying this happens all the time, and to
    call and complain to europcar. but there was nothing he could do
    because someone would get in trouble...

    so with our great day of seeing the sights ruined we head back to the
    hotel awaiting the day we returned home to call customer service. when
    we looked at our credit car statement it turns out that they not only
    took our online pre-payment, but also charged us again for the rental at
    the office!

    AVOID EUROPCAR AT ALL COSTS! it may look like you will be saving money
    on your rental, but this place is running a scam on their customers, and
    you will end up paying even more money on top of your rental if you are
    not careful. i am just glad they didnt try and pull the 'ol damaged
    spare tire trick on me that apparently they have been doing to people in

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  • Ko
    koni Jul 09, 2014

    I just returned from Menton and i had a bad experience with Europcar in Menton.
    Your employee Manuel (he told us that name) behave very impolite, rude and aggressive.
    We arrived early to pick up our car and he told us go a way and come later.
    When we returned he was again impolite and aggressive.In the end we get a car from another agency
    i dont understand how such a person is allowed to work with customers .

    Unfortunately we as travelers will not choose Europcar due to these experience.
    Hopefully our comments reach a responsabile customer service person.

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  • Pa
    Pasha123 May 09, 2014
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    Verified customer

    So i have rented a car from them, did my driving, dropped it of after couple of days, back then everything was fine, no problems. Then couple of weeks had passed and i still haven't got my deposit back, so i wrote to the, about the same time they responded i received a bill in my post box saying that i have damaged the car, some scratches on front bumper and alloy and that now suddenly i owe them 1000 GBP, so i wrote again asking to provide some kind of documents on how was it determined that it was my fault two weeks after the rental, after couple of emails from them without any explanation on why wasnt this damage stated straight away and all, and who knows who was driving the car after me, they just started to withdraw money from my account, in the bank they told me that they cannot stop the transactions because they where entered manualy from Europcar, they got about 500 pounds of me before i could simply block the card, now of course they are ignoring my emails at all. The worst part is that its not the kind of amount you will go to a lawyer for, but its kind of still significant. I cant even imagine how much money they make on a tricks like that. SO PEOPLE NEVER EVER EVER RENT A CAR FROM EUROPCAR!

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  • Ap
    apikus Feb 26, 2014
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    Verified customer

    I rent car in Malpensa Italy.
    I return car when office was closed. I'm sure that was no new damages on car but on invoice they send to me charge me 75 EUR + VAT for damage fee. I was asking for report. On picture send in report is nothing visible and they charge me next 75RUR + VAT for report. I think is good oportunity to earn money. Charge for not existnig damage and if you ask for report next time charge. Who will ask for report? Only somebody who knows that have no damages.
    Never again car from Europcar

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  • Ly
    Lynz167 Nov 08, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I hired a car in Ireland via car, it showed the rental as Alamo but when I got there it turned out to be Europcar!

    They tried to charge me the CDW again even though it was included when I booked at the time. I refused but paid for an additional driver which was £30.

    The car had a scratch on the bumper when we went to collect it from the car park so I took a picture of it! Good job I did.
    I then discover that Europcar have taken money from my account without my permission! A total of £153.

    I am absolutely disgusted that they are allowed to take money from my account without even asking me or accusing me of causing damage!

    As it stands I did NOT cause any damage to the car, there was a scratch on the front bumper already when we hired it and I have photographic evidence which when you right click on the picture and then click properties it shows the date and time the picture was taken, which will then coincide with the time that we actually hired the car.

    Of course Europcar wont talk to me because I hired through a 3rd party so now I have to deal with and wait for their response.

    I have sent an email and the picture so we will see what happens but I am going to take this much further than Europcar ever dreamed for the principle!

    My advice is NEVER EVER use Europcar and check with all 3rd parties that they are not affiliated either.

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  • An
    Animal.23 Aug 28, 2013

    Europcar again! Had a courtesy Europcar vehicle supplied by my insurers as mine was in for repair. Just got my credit card bill and there is a mystery £42 charge!! No invoice, no explanation - where does this stop? Do any consumer rights representatives read this column?

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  • Lm
    lmp3 Sep 17, 2011

    My husband and I forgot to retrieve our sat. nav. from the glove compartment on returning our Harlequin (part of Europcar) rental car to Guernsey airport. We also left a large umbrella in the boot, which we decided to leave as too big to take on the plane. We remembered the sat.nav when almost home and immediately phoned Europcar to ask if they could please post it to us, or alternatively we could arrange for it to be collected from Guernsey airport. We were informed the car had been valeted already and nothing had been reported as being left in the car! We then asked if anything had been found in the boot and were informed there had been nothing found there either. We said we had left an umbrella, the man asked for a description! He suggested alternate places we could have left it, which we felt was fair enough. However we knew, without a shadow of doubt, we had popped in the glove compartment the previous night - it was the only time we had tried it out on the island! The man from Eurocar asked for a description of the umbrella which we gave! and said he would check with the valeters the following day. As we didn't hear anything further we contacted Europcar again for feedback. We were then informed the car had been cleaned by three valeters and yes, an umbrella had been found but not the satnav!
    The man from Europcar then suggested he could speak to the Managing Director to ask if a letter about the satnav going missing could be produced for insurance purposes. We agreed to this, although we don't really expect this to be a valid option, either from Europcar's view or our insurance company! Needless to say we have heard nothing further from Europcar! Hopefully our experience will serve as a reminder to others to check valuables are not left in any Europcar rental!

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  • My
    Mycetes Mar 30, 2011

    Europcar are corporate gangsters. Will never use them again. They scam their customers everywhichway.

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  • De
    Denburns Nov 07, 2010

    I booked a car with Europcar through a broker and was charged a different rate and they told me they made a mistake with the quote I received. They refused to refund the difference and when my credit card refunded this they blacklisted me. When i contacted them about this they said I had refused to pay for a rental. I would never rent from them again.

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  • Wa
    walid dwela Jun 01, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Europcar must be by far the worst company I ever had to deal with. I hired a car from them and returned it in perfect condition, on time, and with a full tank.
    After one week, my ordeal started. First I realised that Europcar have charged me a whopping £ 73.00 on my credit card. When I contacted them ( I waited 25 minutes on the phone before I could speak to an agent) I was told that the issue would be thoroughly investigated and that I needed to wait 5 working days. Then after a few days I got contacted by Europcar saying that I returned the car late. When I proved to them that the car was returned on time, they apologioised saying that the money will be refunded on my car.
    Unfortunately, this did not happen and I only got paid back £ 15.00. Again called Europcar for explanations, again 20 minutes on the phone before I could speak to someone. Finally, I was told that although the car was returned on time, it wasn't returned with a full tank. Had to prove again that the car was returned with a full tank and spent money and time on the phone and writing letters. Then I was sent an apologetic letter by customer service saying that a refund was on its way. After one week not only the money was not refunded but another £ 91.00 was deducted from my car. By this time I had enough and wrote an official letter to head office and spoke to a manager. Needless to say I spent half a day to do this. The manager said again that this will be investigated and that someone will get back to me. I am still waiting...this experience had officially turned into my worst nightmare! Will I ever get my money back???

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  • Be
    bellebabble May 04, 2010

    We had a negative experience with Europcar in Europe over Dec/Jan 2010. Everything went well until we returned to Australia. After our return, we received notification from Europcar that 180 Euros would be deducted from our Mastercard for GPS hire and for a drop off fee. I tried for 2 months to contact Europcar Customer Service in Germany to say we never hired a GPS and disputed the drop off fee. They eventually admitted to an error with GPS but would not refund the other. I asked for an explanation as to how the extra charges could have occurred considering we had an 8 week hire yet their charge was for 3 day hire of a GPS, and they replied that 'no further correspondence would be forth coming"!
    How convenient to add extra charges after the customer flies home and cannot query the charges. Sounds like a rort to me.
    Do yourself a favour, NEVER use Europcar...anywhere!

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  • Ma
    ManuChao Dec 01, 2009


    I got similar extra charges suddenly appear on my final bill from Europcar Ireland.
    When I question them with the customer services they told me "you should have checked at the time of signing the contract, no refunds".
    Avoid this company, they cheat and customer service is non-existent.

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  • An
    andygrg Aug 06, 2009

    I've been done by the 'Serenity Scam' - it occurs with Europcar France, notably in Bergerac.

    It's some mysterious extra charge, which costs in excess of EUR 20 a day, which is not contracted for or explained. Even worse they don't tell you they're charging for it - instead they take it from your deposit without telling you, as long as possible after the hire period ends.

    This is fraudulent and I'm requesting chargeback from my bank. I suggest if you have problems like this that you contact your bank as well as the police - at best you'll get your money back, and as a minimum you'll cause Europcar some hassle, let them know it's not on.

    In addition, tell everyone you know about this. Write to the airport, the other car dealers, and the brokers. Don't let them get you.

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  • St
    steevee Jul 07, 2009

    also had problems with overcharging, Fraud ? with this company

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  • Pe
    Peter Yorgin May 16, 2009

    We had problems with Europcar in Guadalajara.

    1. The person manning the desk in the airport asked if we would be interested in exchanging money at a better rate. We were interested, but were led outside of the airport to the sidewalk. It was still dark outside. We were introduced to his “friend” who was interested in exchanging money. We quickly indicated our unwillingness to exchange money under these conditions and returned to the airport building.
    2. The Europcar staff would not accept our reservation by Hotwire despite a Europcar confirmation number .
    3. The Europcar staff would not accept our American Insurance purchased on Hotwire.
    4. A Hotwire agent was called and was unable to get the Europcar staff to accept the reservation and price.
    5. The Europcar staff indicated that we could not rent a vehicle unless we accepted an obligatory charge of $118 for Mexican liability insurance
    6. Other customers were having similar problems with the staff. One customer who spoke Spanish indicated that the staff were laughing and were “going to get us when we returned the car”.
    7. We were not provided with the type of vehicle that we had rented using Hotwire. We were provided with a subcompact Renault Clio, instead of the compact vehicle (similar to a Ford Focus). We were told that we could rent a slightly larger vehicle for around $220 instead of the $68 on Hotwire.
    8. The vehicle was in poor condition when we received it. We noted 6-10 significant scrapes, pieces missing, body damage (the roof was wavy on the driver’s side), and the check engine light was on. We were told to ignore it. We pointed out each defect to the Europcar employee.
    9. When I returned the vehicle, a small bulge measuring about 2 x 2 cm along the outer edge of the tire near the tread of the right front tire was identified. There was no mark on the bulge indicating a collision. Nevertheless, I was charged 800 pesos to replace the tire. I had not checked the tires in detail when obtaining the vehicle.

    My family’s interactions with Europcar in Salzburg and Vienna Austria last year were outstanding. I selected Europcar because of our good experiences. The experience in Guadalahara was frightening and extremely unprofessional.

    Peter Yorgin
    Redlands, CA

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  • Ip
    IPS May 09, 2009

    How interesting as I have just had almost exactly the same thing at the Malaga office of Europcar. Initial form quoted 'multiple scratches ' on both rear wings and the rear of the car. As this was a fairly generic description I didn't bother to do a detailed inspection. Car was in a very poor condition and absolutely stank of tobacco and in addition to this the cover for the side mirror flew off as soon as we reached 80kph on a motorway. At this point I decided to photograph all the damage and write a letter of complaint to Europcar as on closer inspection EVERY panel had some degree of minor damage.

    On returning the car to Malaga I pointed out the missing mirror cover and mentioned my disapproval at the condition of the car...result...the very unhelpful lady did a detail search of the vehicle and decided I was a liar and had not only damaged the wing mirror but also damaged the front bumper, She insisted my credit card would be charged 380 euros extra. I asked six times to speak to her manager and each time she refused saying they had far too many complaints for the manager to see everyone !!!

    As I have since heard similar stories from other people regarding Europcar I am beginning to wonder if this is actually deliberate company policy in which case it would amount to fraud.

    At this stage I have registered a dispute with my credit card company and will just wait to see what happens. Frankly though, who needs all the hassle !

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  • Ro
    Roman Mar 20, 2009

    My recent experience with this car rental company...

    I have booked & used the car over the weekend 6-9 March 2009 in Brisbane . I have picked it up at the airport on Friday 6 March '09 and was given a condition report which had a couple of scratches mentioned in the Existing Damage section. I've noticed both scratches before driving the car and even pointed out one of them (a big scratch with peeled paint on the front bumper) to my partner who was traveling with me at that time. Knowing that the scratches were mentioned in the report, I took-off without the 2nd thought.

    When returning the car on Monday 9 March 2009, I was pointed out to that front bumper scratch by the car inspector. I told him that it was in the condition report before I've picked up the car. His reply was that it's a ‘REAR BUMPER' scratch and not ‘FRONT BUMPER' scratch that was in the condition report. Only then I have realized that I didn't pay any attention to the location of the mentioned scratches (‘front' / ‘rear') when checking out the car before driving it.

    When examined the rear bumper, there were NO any scratches found on it. I told the car inspector that it must had been a mistake when someone at the office was entering a description for the current scratches and that the scratch was already on the bumper before the car was used by myself (another person has witnessed it). He took the paperwork to the office and passed it on to the clerk who advised me that this would be checked and I would be notified in case of any problems.

    I didn't hear from Europcar and 2 days later realized that I've been charged the amount of $516.14 on 11/3/09 for something I have not done. That was without any prior advice, notification or discussion with myself which I believe was rather unprofessional.

    Contacted the manager & spoke with Customer Relationship Officer - lead to absolutely nothing. Apparently, they told me that there WAS a scratch on the REAR bumper previously but it has been fixed but not updated in the system and therefore it was still appearing on the condition report. They told me that they calledme (a lie!) but my phone was switched-off (it never is!); they also told me that they'd send me an receipt for the 'damage' found for the amount charged ($516) - never got one!.. Briefly, they told me that it was my fault not to declare the damage before I drove the car and everything after - it's my responsibility!!!

    Never again myself or anyone of my colleagues and friends would rent with Europcar!! By scramming collecting my $516, they have lost instantly quite a lot of customers for years to come!!! I've been told a few stories about Europcar in particular but now I'm convinced that they are just a bunch of people who wouldn't give a 'rat's ###' about the customers and providing a good customer service!! Don't use them or... abuse them if you can!!!

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  • Rs
    RSHouck3 Feb 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got an Expedia reservation for Europcar/Imperial in Cape Town. On arrival, the rate was substantially higher due to extra coverage which I could not waive, despite a large deposit. They still have not explained the relationship of the bill to the Expedia rate. They charged extra for gas/petrol when I filled up wthin sight of the airport. They tried to charge me for damage to the car discovered when a subsequent renter declined to pay for it and claimed it was preexisting. The thorough inspection on my own drop off didn't disclose it. So sounds like they have problems system wide, not just in England. I WILL say that they have been courteous except for their stock dunning letter which has the typical threats - designed to keep people from ever renting with them again. It works!

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  • Oj
    oj2 Jan 19, 2009

    The only way I could get a reply from them on the $1000 damage claim they put on my bill when I got from England was by writing their Managing Director. Altho I did finally get a reply I havent had any relief yet... 75 days now.
    They want me to file the protest with the broker, AutoEurop who set up the rental, even 'tho EuropCar was the one who charged me.

    They are hope less and I'd rather walk!! Very very frustrating!!

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  • Ti
    Tina Xirou Aug 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I visited England recently, as I reside in Greece, and I rent a car through the internet from Europcar. The reservation number was: RESERVATION CONFIRMATION res.-no [protected]. According to the reservation agreement the cost for the rental was 183.69 GBP (TAX 17.50% Inclusive). I agreed to pay 30 GBP extra for picking up the car out of hours. This makes a total of 213, 92 GBP.

    On my return I was charged 279.99 GBP!!! The invoice number is [protected] (date 24.05.2008) Firstly I was told that I had to pay extra VAT (why?) and secondly I was charged 51.96 GBP for fuel (full tank), while I returned the car with half of the tank full. Furthermore, while I was willing to return the car with the tank full, I was told that regardless if the tank is full or not, I would have to pay for the fuel, as if the tank was returned empty and that the best and only thing that I could do, would be to return the car with the tank empty, anyway.

    I demand a detailed reply to my letter before I take any action that I will consider appropriate and necessary. I am visiting England 3-6 times per year over the last 10 years and I always rent cars from all the major Car Rental companies, but this is the first time that I dealt with this kind of (I believe) inappropriate service.

    I have contacted Europcar with e-mails 4 times and every time I receive a reply that my complain will be dealt with and that I will receive a feedback, which has never arrived. Is there a way that consumers can be protected from nonpracticing business big as Europcar? What else can I do to protect my rights and get back the additional money that Europcar stole from me? Residing outside UK it is not easy to start legal procedures.

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  • Am
    Amelia Mauger Dec 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similar experience with Budget at London Heathrow. We had just flown in from the USA and were jetlagged. Budget claimed that our booking did not include insurance when our booking confirmation clearly stated it did. Budget then claimed that our insurance cover was in fact with the broker whose website we had booked through, not Budget and that if we had an accident we would need to pay the full cost and reclaim from the broker (!). We stood our ground and Budget eventually relented and agreed to rent the car at the price originally quoted.

    Word of warning... on returning the car, Budget tried to make us pay for very minor dents to the body work that were not detailed on the rental documentation. When we objected to the GBP800 Budget were trying to make us pay for the damage, they checked their records and discovered the people who had had the car before us had already paid for the damage. This experience left a bitter taste in my mouth.

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  • Ca
    Catherine Johnson Nov 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the EXACT same thing happen to me. I told them while I was in the US that I would need the extra insurance and they quoted me a price. I was to pay 152 at pickup at Shannon. Instead they charged 492 AND they were very rude. I am going to tell every9one I know about this. Being short an extra 340 dollars in a very expensive country was not pleasant.

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