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Europcar Internationalcar not available

Reservation [protected].
We booked a car 15 days in Perou Lima. Everything pre paid in June14th.
July 10th, 2017, we informed you to deliver the car at our hotel 4 points by Sheraton, on july15th, 2017 9AM.
You sent us an email on july15th at 7.25AM asking us some document (driving license, ...) so 1, 5 hours before appointment.
Result: we have lost half a day because your staff is not able to do their job.
Looking for a compensation.
Best regards

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    Europcar Internationalno show by europcar despite payment

    On the 3rd of March 2017, I paid a deposit on a car for pick up at Honolulu Airport on the 4th of April 2017.

    My booking and deposit were paid to Economy Car Rentals but my e-voucher 3007392 lists Europcar as the “car rental provider”.

    I went to the airport desk at arrivals, as indicated in my rental agreement but there was no one there to meet me. The guy behind the desk didn’t know about Europcar Rent a Car. He showed me the way to the shuttle pick up point. I asked him to please inform anyone looking for me at the desk that I was outside at the shuttle pick up point.

    After picking up our luggage, my wife and I proceeded to the shuttle pick up point to wait for the Europcar Car Rental shuttle. We got to the shuttle pick up point at about 22h00. This was our first visit to Hawaii and we had been travelling for 19 hours out of London.

    After waiting for about half an hour without sight of the Europcar shuttle, I went into the airport to phone the number on my rental e-Voucher [protected]). There was no one manning the phone and it went through to an automated system asking me to input the telephone number for a call back. I keyed in the telephone number of the public phone that I was calling from but it did not accept it.

    I asked three shuttle drivers (from other car rental companies) whether they had any idea when the Europcar shuttle would come by and the answer was the same: “there is no Europcar in Honolulu”.

    I realised that there would be no shuttle and that I had been scammed.

    On the 24th of June 2017, I e-mailed Europcar via their contact us page.

    A week ago, I received an e-mail apology from Europcar explaining the following:

    "We have established that Europcar is not present in Hawaii, however does have an alliance with Advantage Car Rental to service rentals on its behalf. The reservation confirmation should have indicated that the rental was to be serviced by Advantage and there should have been signage at the airport to direct the customer to the Advantage station." "Due to a technical failure, regrettably the station was not aware of your arrival thus the station was closed."

    The reason for this post is the same as my reply to Europcar and their lack of response.

    If Europcar wanted to restore my faith in them for any future hiring, they would refund me US 745.55 which was the amount which I had to pay to Alamo for the same car (final invoice provided to them via e-mail). That would go some way to compensate me for the inconvenience and stress of trying to find a rental at an airport remote location at 22h30 after being stood up for a confirmed booking with a deposit paid.

    Failing this, if they were a half decent establishment, they would refund me the difference between what I paid Dollar and what I would have paid should I had not been stood up = US$ 488.16 (US$745.55 - US$259.39)

    But from the lack of response and the dismissive attitude, I will be lucky to get back the deposit which I paid Economy Car Rentals when I initially booked the car on the 3rd of March 2017.

    Whether or not I have a legal claim is immaterial. I am certainly not going to spend more money trying to get compensation for what amounts to a breach of contract.

    no show by europcar despite payment
    no show by europcar despite payment

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      Europcar InternationalOvercharged for Insurance by Europcar portugal - Rip OFF

      Rental agreement no [protected]

      I booked a vehicle via with Europcar Portugal (Lisbon). As part of the agreement with I took out additional insurance for the excess on the vehicle.
      When I arrived at the counter at Lisbon airport, the attendant offered me additional insurance at this was a small amount I thought I was being safe and agreed, what he did not explain as this was 16euro per 326 euros which exceeds the total amount I paid for the car for 18days.
      I received a little card with values, but no total costs written on it.
      I have complained about being overcharged and thus far only has assisted me.
      Europcar is pitiful and deceitful! Disgusting

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        Europcar Internationalthe manager at bolton depot claire miles

        I spoke with Mercedes yesterday who are repairing my vehicle. They told me that the car would be ready late in the afternoon today so I could keep the courtesy car until then. This morning I had somebody come to my house and woke everybody up at 7.30 am asking for the car. I was not in as I am in London until later on. When I rang up to explain all this to Claire she was very rude to me and spoke down to me. I am not happy with her customer service at all.

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          Europcarcourtesy car

          My insurance offered a courtesy car with europcar from 16 April to 16May. On pickup I told the agent that the car has many scratches and them not to accuse me on return. Agent said everything has been recorded. When returning the car another agent checked and said there are scratches not noted, I again told the agents that I will not sign for this since I pointed it out initially.
          The company deducted petrol from my deposit and gave me back my refund accordingly.
          Now 25 June I receive an email stating I must pay R5490 for a dent on the car. I called the rental company to inform that I'm being wrongfully charged and Freeman said I should've signed, but I cannot sign for a dent I found already on the car.
          I am very angry and disappointed at the very poor service in Richards Bay. I will not pay for this dent and I regret using your rental company.
          I will never ever recommend this company and you want to make quick money from your customers.
          A dent on a picanto costs so much and you insist demanding money from me when I did not dent the car. All public channels need to know about this.

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            Europcarunethical behavior

            Booked a Peugeot station wagon at Venice airport. Get there they said no Peugeot so they give us a Seat station wagon. We had checked before booking and found the Peugeot to have enough space for our luggage. The Seat they offered us could not fit our luggage. I ask for the VW station wagon and they said it was booked. Well so was my Peugeot, no?

            Only thing they had was a Mercedes so they ended up forcing us to upgrade at our expense.

            Return the car in Rome. They said there was a scratch on the bumper. I rub it out. Just a scrape where the other car left some paint on it. [Never park your car in one of those underground garage with car jockeys moving them about!]. The Europcar agent said that is still considered collision damage. I said that's barely a scratch. He said, and I quote, "Sir, it's a Mercedes so we must charge you."

            So they forced me to upgrade, pay more for the upgrade, then because of this upgraded car, inferring that they might have let it go if it was on a car like say a Peugeot instead, they must charge me collision damage penalty.


            Complain to Europcar through FB. They contact me on messanger. As me for my contract and some details after 2 days. A day later they tell me if I want to complain then send an email to customer service. I notice that they put the cost through on my credit card the same day they got me to provide them with my contract details. I think they just asked me for my details so they could expedite processing payment!

            Never again will I use Europcar.

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              Europcar — case nb [protected]

              I rented a car in uk from 30 may 2017 to 10jun 2017. They charged my debit card straight away on the day I...

              Sydney Metro Area

              Europcarimproper billing

              In july 8th I rented a car in faro (Portugal) with keddy (Europcar). When returning the vehicle they have found a theoretical damage on the windshield, were two tiny specks that look like dirt from the glass and claim that the glass is cracked, charging me then a value of approximately 500 euros!!! When I got the car I could never see these tiny little dots, and i'm sure that this theoretical damage did not happen during my tenancy, because nothing hit the glass. They are trying to get me more money. I am waiting for an answer from them and I hope they cancel this abusive charge, but here is the tip, do not rent a car with this rental. This has ruined my vacation and can ruin yours too!!!

              improper billing

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                Europcar — car rental

                The company do not charge exact amount to your credit card but block an additional amount against any damage...


                When ordered car rental on I specifically asked for automatic not manual. When picked up car it was manual. They said it would be $40 more a day.thought everything was clear but Nothing was clear with purchase. Felt like we were scammed and had no choice but to pay extra.
                Would appreciated some compensation for our inconvenience. Way too expensive will not use online booking again.

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                  Europcarrental car

                  Please Beware of this company. I rented a car for two days and on the way back to the Airport another car hit me from the back and damaged my rental car. I filed the police report ( a joke in Namibia) and Europcar windhoek general man sent a representative and to police station and obtained the other driver's information and the police (I paid Europcar rep $40 fee for police report . Eurocar general manager assured me on the phone that they will file a claim with the other driver. I week later My credit card was charged with three different charges for the damages. two of the charges were exactly the same. it turned out that windhoek Europcar charged my credit card for the accident and also their regional office in Johannesburg South Africa charged me for accident. I have been trying to contact them by phone and email for two month to at least credit me for one of the extra charges but they do not respond.

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                    Europcarcharged vat on a rental advertised as being 'vat included'


                    Following on a 13 day rental from Gatwick/London I received an invoice way above what I was expecting which included a VAT charge.

                    The invoice is number [protected]
                    My name is (Angela) Jane Gardner
                    The date of the invoice 22/03/2017
                    Reservation numberr [protected]
                    Contract number [protected]

                    When I made the reservation the charge was £119 and I ended up paying £416.52. I did pay £19.04 for damage excess per day, but this is still a lot more.

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                      Europcarunethical behavior and dishonest charges

                      Date of Incident: 29 November 2016
                      Rental Agreement Number: 862736
                      Reference Number: [protected]
                      Case Numbers: [protected] and [protected]
                      Description of Incident: Reserved vehicle through from Europcar for trip to Ireland from 29 November 2016 through 12 December 2016. For vehicle rental waiving purchase of Europcar insurance, I was advised I required a US issued World Mastercard, proof that the credit card on which the vehicle was reserved had relevant coverage for the Republic of Ireland, and the Letter of Insurance from the credit card had to be dated within one month of the vehicle pickup date. All of these criteria were met, and all of this was provided at the rental station on 29 November 2016; however, the Europcar representative refused to accept it and would not release the reserved vehicle until she charged us an additional $536.83 for Europcar's insurance coverage. Since 20 December 2016, I have been trying to resolve this situation through Europcar Customer Service; however, Europcar Ireland is falsely stating I did not have proof of insurance at the time of the vehicle pickup.
                      Desired Resolution: Reimbursement of $536.83

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                        Europcarcustomer service

                        I am very disappointed about your service.
                        I have been working with your company for many years and I am your priviledge elit vip customer and I did not check and compare your prices with other companies because I am your loyal customer.
                        For the last reservation we lived very big problems, I called you call center and I made a reservation on the phone the lady told me 804 euro and all the conditions are we agreed on the phone I gave my credit card number 02 february 2017 at 6 pm in turkey time. And she took the deposit and everything was okey. (When you listen the phone calls you can hear) then when we get the confirmed reservation by e-mail we saw the cost is getting higher 834 euro.
                        I called many times to your call center. But nothing changed.
                        Also you did these types of mistakes many times.
                        İn your turkish agent told you they don’t find a authomatic car, but your system find authomatic car and when I called your call center, you found automatic car. We don’t understand how …
                        I am so dissappointed so I want to cancel everyting … I don’t trust any more to your company. I found better car, better conditions and better price with a very big price differences from other car company.
                        Also when I e-mailed to your customer service to ask or anything I got reply 5 or 6 hours later some times more time. This is very slowly service.

                        Also your usa collage company advantage also terrible. I wrote what a bad experience we have lived. We wrote you the important things to you to be better. Because I was your loyal customer.

                        But now you lost one of your previllidge elit customer… you made me vip customer, but you don't give me good service. What is the meaning of vip customer ?

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                          Europcar — overcharged 1677 us dollar, 5 days, in tromso norway car rental

                          My confirmation No: [protected] First, The europcar's stuff made a mistake, gave me a wrong page for booking...

                          Europcar — overcharged. rental agreement#[protected]

                          Rented a car out of Toulouse Airport and returned at Metz location during business hours.The vehicle wa...

                          Europcar — charging almost double for rental we didn't ask for

                          We booked a rental car though in November 2016 for our holiday end of Dec 2016 in Ireland...

                          Europcar — damaged not caused by me

                          I rented a car group T at OR Tambo Aiport on the 20 December 2016 i returned the car on the 4th Janaury 2017...


                          Europcar — very high wrong parking ticket price

                          ı have rented one of your cars md886fu. 14/09/2016 I parked on a private parking place with valid ticket in...

                          Europcar — europcar - fraud alert

                          Booked a car via their website for pick up at Zaventem Airport (Brussels, Belgium). I ordered the max...

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