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Etsy review: Worse company

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My encounter with Etsy as a platform for selling products has left me deeply dissatisfied and frustrated. In my opinion, Etsy is one of the worst companies to work with as a seller.

When I initially joined Etsy, I believed it would be an excellent platform to showcase and sell my products. However, I quickly realized that the support and assistance provided by Etsy were severely lacking. The experience has been fraught with numerous challenges and disappointments.

One of the key issues I encountered was the inconsistent enforcement of their rules and policies. Etsy tends to favor buyers over sellers, often neglecting to adequately address disputes or protect sellers' interests. This lack of fair treatment undermines trust and discourages sellers from investing their time and effort into the platform.

Furthermore, the customer service offered by Etsy is incredibly disappointing. It is exceedingly difficult to reach a real person for assistance, and when you do, the responses are often vague, unhelpful, or automated. It is disheartening to see a company prioritize customer service so poorly, as it ultimately affects the experience for both buyers and sellers.

Additionally, Etsy's fees and charges are excessive compared to the value and support they provide. The fees eat into sellers' profits significantly, making it challenging to maintain a sustainable business on their platform. In my opinion, this is a significant flaw in Etsy's structure that requires immediate attention.

Overall, my experience with Etsy as a seller has been extremely negative. The lack of consistent enforcement of rules, inadequate customer service, and excessive fees have made it clear that Etsy has little regard for the success and satisfaction of their sellers.

In light of these experiences, I cannot in good conscience recommend Etsy as a platform for selling products. There are numerous alternative platforms available that provide better support, fairer policies, and a higher level of customer service.

Please note that this review reflects my personal experience and opinion as a seller on Etsy. Others may have had different experiences, but it is important to consider these aspects before deciding to sell products on the platform

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