Etisalatelife services

I subscribed to Etisalat elife services on 29/09/2019 and was registered as prestige customer. Only to my utter disappointment that since then, one of my set top box and it's related TV Services are not restored and functioning at all.

I have called customer service and technical department daily, a compliant number [protected] was registered on Oct 2, 2019 but no one in Eisalat has been able to effectively resolve the technical issue at their IT back end. Also the customer service team despite many assurances have not professionally communicated with me to get the matter resolved hence my utter disappointment.

I had very high expectations from Etisalat and it's team but sorry to mention that they have all let me down so far.

I hope my message will reach those in senior positions to take appropriate action and help me get this issue resolved. I can be contacted at [protected].

Regards, Khan Sohail Tahir (customer account number [protected])

Oct 08, 2019

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