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I was traveling from hyd to SF via Abu Dhabi. We were 3 people but were carrying only 4 check in (instead of 6) at first I had total of 8 kGs more in total for 4 bags. I was asked to reshuffle and take some stuff so it meets 23kg, which I did to my best, when I took the bags back to the counter it still had 3kgs more, at this point a mannerless fat guy who calls himself Mirza comes to me and starts insulting me questioning what I did by taking the bags and reshuffling the weights ( as if I had imaginary weigh scales in my head ). And he goes on to say " you have 2 minutes before the counter closes do whatever you have to to bring the weights 23Kgs per bag ( is this how an employee of a reputed company speaks to customer?). Because the counter was closing I decided to pay extra for the 3Kgs. Then I confronted the Mirza guy and asked him who the hell is he to question what I did. And when I asked for his full name to complain, his reply was " I'm the only Mirza in this Hyderabad international airport, you could do whatever you want". It's so surprising that whilst the rest of the employees were so polite and courteous this mannerless crackpot tries to bully and insult the very customers who is feeding his pay check. I hope Etihad really does something in this case.

  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response · Oct 29, 2017

    Dear Vinutan, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Kindly send your full feedback including your booking details to [protected] Our Guest Relations Team will then be able to investigate this further. *Ela

  • Updated by Vinutan · Nov 17, 2017

    So I get the below email from Etihad after 3 weeks on "investigation" and he answer - totally unrelated explanation about how their excess baggage pricing is - which is not even the issue in the first place:

    Our ref: 595014

    17 November 2017

    Dear Mr Vasa,

    Thank you for sharing your experience in Hyderabad International Airport when you reported for your flight EY 277 to Abu Dhabi on 27 October. We do understand that excess baggage charges are never welcome. However, as unpopular as these charges may be, we hope you understand that guests must comply with our baggage policies.

    The free baggage allowance depends on where your journey begins and ends. The free baggage allowance is based on the weight of your baggage or the number of pieces you are carrying. As per the ticket you purchased, you are allowed two pieces of bag, maximum 23 kilos each.

    Having read your feedback, I understand that you had 8 kilos more in total of your four checked in bags. Please allow me to explain that during check in process if guest is carrying excess baggage and decides to re-pack over weight baggage rather than paying the excess baggage fees, we always request guest to re-join the queue after repacking. This practice is only to avoid delays for other guests, whose baggage may be within the limits and also prevents us from delaying the flight.

    I am concerned to learn that you were left with negative impression of our airport ground staff. Our baggage policy is strict, and our staff do not have discretion about applying it. I have also shared your comments with the Airport Managers who will use your feedback to help us improve our guests' experience at the airport.

    Mr Vasa, thank for writing and for giving us the opportunity to review your concerns.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Juliet Reyes
    Guest Relations Community Officer

    My response :

    I don’t think you have understood the my concern. There is no where I complained about paying, so you reiterating strict policy on baggage allowance doesn’t even relate to the issue I raised. In fact I myself offered to pay the excess baggage while I was getting insulted by your employee Mirza. Pl let me know how I could donate to help you fund to give some coaching to your one employee ( not All, as rest were quite polite) on how to even talk to a fellow person, let alone your customer.

    You should read the subject and the content of the email first.

    Imagine someone walking upto you when you have tried your best to reduce your bagage weight and say “ what did you do till now, you took the bags and the weight is the same” then goes on to say “ it’s your responsibility do whatever you can to reduce you have 2 min before the counter closes”. That’s when I offer to pay ( note: I OFFERED TO PAY. NOT one point during all this I was asked If I would like to pay).

    It doesn’t end there while I was paying this Mirza loudly tells the other staff with me hearing - “ don’t load the bags until he pays” - as if I’m a beggar who is asking for charity. You should really be ashamed of your Customer Service. Even with complaint you took 3 weeks to respond stating your baggage policy which wasn’t even the issue.

    Is customer service really "CUSTOMER SERVICE?!?" I did have little hope that someone would be empathetic. But shouldnt have had hope on Eithad's customer service - given all other complaints I just read on their "customer service" (quote / unquote intended)

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