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I have bought thousands of dollars of Ethan Allen furniture over the years. Five years ago I bought a very expensive sofa and loveseat upholstered with an upgraded chenille fabric and upgraded down pillows. After a year or so the fabric on the pillows began to "walk". They always look messy and wrinkled. I have called Ethan Allen on numerous occasions to see if they will do anything, no response. I took the pillows to an upholsterer and they told me that Ethan Allen should have put a facing/backing on the chenille so it would stay in place on the pillow and stay put. I paid a fortune for "Ethan Allen" quality and now have to replace them because they look so awful. I had a similar experience with a very expensive mattress I bought from them - $3000. After 5 years the mattress was totally shot and bulging at the sides. I am very disappointed that the quality of the product and the service has gone to the dogs - I would not recommend Ethan Allen to any one. Bite the bullet and buy American -


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      Dec 03, 2010

    60% of Ethan Allen furniture is made in the U.S. & the upgraded cushion you received and forgot to mention was a Down filled pillow. There is absolutely upkeep with such a cushion and you are crazy to think otherwise. So lets think and do some research before slandering a company that is trying to make it amongst this failing economy, and consider, 'could some of these ACTUALLY be my doing?' AND by the way, after some research of my own, I found that Ethan Allen doesn't make the mattress sets, Kingsdown does.

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