Esso Lindsay, Ontariotexting on cell phone while pumping gas

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My daughter received an important text from me, (her mother ) and the woman told her through the mic, she was shutting the pump down. My daughter had no idea why she was shutting the pump down until she got in the store. When my daughter went in the esso to pay, the woman spoke loudly to her in the store, in front of the customers standing behind her and all around her at the adjoining Tim Hortons, and my daughter who has extreme anxiety was very upset, and embarrassed. Not good customer service to Center a person out. The woman/employee at Esso, (Diane) kept going on and on. My daughter as well as myself did not know why you couldn't be on the phone texting as well as probably a lot more people did not know this. There are no signs up in the store as well as the pumps indicating this. If this is such a big deal I want to see signs at every pump and that people can make out as well as posted in the store so Diane could of backed herself up as to why. There was no reason for Diane to fly off the handle at a young woman (18) or anyone for that matter. Diane has no idea what any customer is going through that day or medical condition. There is a way to speak nicely and go about this without embarrassing a customer out loud. This is not acceptable with NO signs posted. This particular Esso gas station is on Hwy 35 north and Hwy 7 in Lindsay, Ontario. I would like someone to follow up with me on this by phone call. You can reach me at+[protected]. Thank you,
Heather Hamilton

Mar 22, 2019
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  •   Mar 23, 2019

    Well, yeah. Sparks. That is not new. The cell phones still interfere with airplanes and medical equipment.

    There should be a law, a finable law against cell phone use at a gas station pump while the pump is in action. You want your kid to blow herself and everyone else up because you wanted the 2% instead of skim?

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  •   Mar 23, 2019

    If she has extreme anxiety that she flips out whenever she is scolded for something she should know not to do by now, why are you allowing her out alone? Why are you texting her with anything -- that tweet or chime could automatically send her careening into a tree if she was driving.

    You are really selfish for doing this to her.

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  •   Mar 23, 2019

    Ok, that's it. Fvk you everyone who thinks their underlying sometimes imaginary ailment or disability is a get out of jail free card. It's not. Never was. Never will be.

    Grow up or stay locked in your room.

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  •   Mar 23, 2019

    You and your illiterate daughter are going DOWN.


    433 Kent St W, Lindsay, ON K9V 6C3, Canada

    Check out second picture. Zoom in. You can plainly see the circle x of that which is a cell phone.

    #try again.

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