Esso Gift Cardrefusal of gift card would not accept it


I went to use an Esso gift card I was given and was told that this Esso did not honor them as I had already filled with fuel I paid with my credit card only to find the machine tucked back under desk where I could not see what the clerk was doing with my card. I later found an Esso in Saskatoon Sk. who accepted it and apologized for the other store. I will not be using your services anytime in the near future due to that one experience as there are many other companies that sell fuel, I am not sure what I want done to rectify this because I would assume I am not the first to run into this experience at this particular Esso I will be I also assume that most would not issue a complaint I feel that would not help your image as a company because you can not fix what you are unaware of.


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    Jetski Feb 18, 2010

    I was very disappointed to find out that a $50.00 Esso gift card that I had purchased for an emergency was voided and the balance vanished when I needed it. I was told from Esso that after 24 months the balance is assumed back to Esso and the purchaser is out of luck! I think that this is illegal.

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