Eskomeskom bill more than doubled after smart meter installation


On 25th August I received my August statement reflecting a balance owing of R15408.18. I immediately called Eskom and spoke to a lady by the name of Adele (call reference [protected]) who says that she will escalate the query (which was a complete lie) according to her the system states that between March 2016 and August 2016 my usage of 11609kWh totaled R21380.76, this is usage after they installed the "smart meter" (which we were never informed was being installed), of that amount I have paid R5900 from the estimate accounts that they have been sending me every month. On the 26th August I then went to the Rivonia customer centre and was given the CIU. The lady at the centre was unable to assist me or explain to me why there was a drastic increase in my account, she too said that she was escalating my query. I then called again to follow up on the query on 31 August and spoke to Gugu and again on 2 September using the same reference number. According to all the consultants that I spoke to I was supposed to have been contacted within 24 hours, this is close to a month ago and I still have not been contacted nor have I had any feedback from the query that I logged.

Previously with the old meter I was able to submit my own readings and that curbed the errror of estimates. Now with this new meter my account has more than doubled and what concerns me is that this account they've sent me is an actual reading whereas from March after they installed the meter they had been sending me estimates. Is the point of the smart meter not meant to be actual real time readings and not estimates? How can I be sure that they will investigate properly and honestly, what proof do I have that the bill is wrong because this is a case of my word against theirs.

They introduce this new technology that even their staff has no idea how it actually works. The only thing that should have changed is the manner in which the electricity usage is being recorded not the amount/price of the electricity because ultimately electricity is still electricity.

Today 10/10/2016 I received a called from Bridgette Skele who is a customer relationship officer, she was not able to answer any of my questions and concluded that the answer to all my concerns would be an SABS certificate that authenticates the smart meter.

She claims that she too will escalate the query to her manager...I will not hold my breath it has taken them this long to return a simple phone call, they couldn't even do any research before phoning me to give answers. Apologizing for the inconvenience is not a solution.

I have all my accounts from 2015 to show that there is something not right with my account and if they did an analysis of my account in 2015 and compared it to the same period in 2016 they would see that even with the 19% hike it is not possible for the usage to increase so dramatically. I would appreciate it someone could please resolve this issue urgently as there is no way I will be paying Eskom for their incompetence. They are bankrupting honest citizens and sending us into a downward spiral of debt.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Gontse Kutoane

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