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Equifax Complaints & Reviews

Equifax / credit freeze

Robert Laginess on Sep 14, 2017
Due to no fault of my own, in fact Equifax`s fault I must freeze my credit lines. I can not get on via the net or telephone and your pre-recorded message is terrible, when you ask for mailing info it goes back to the beginning. I have already froze my credit with the other two agencie...

Equifax / credit report/ credit score

Humayun Motiwala on Jul 27, 2017
I had not a lot of time on hand as my landlord needed my credit report and score to begin the process of my new lease. I paid $25 CAD and I was given the credit report of my twin brother under his name instead of mine. I called to get this corrected and wasted 2 hours on hold. I had to...

Equifax / Employment verify

h01 on Mar 18, 2017
Keep getting calls from 866-736-8730 asking for employment verification. If this is actually from equifax then they need to have a method that I can independently verify that they are call me and they would need to verify that the employee actually gave permission for me to give them any...

Equifax / Credit score monitoring

Shirley22 on Feb 13, 2017
This is truly another scam. I realized yesterday that this company has been billing me the last 2 months for $19.95 each time. When I called the company, I was told that there was nothing they could do since I should have called them sooner. This "service" is nothing that I signed up for...

Equifax / Theworknumber.com

SingleMom2175 on Jul 16, 2016
So my resume was submitted to this company w/out my knowledge or consent. I was rather shocked when an offer came in for customer service. Since i had been unemployed since December, i took it, even though i had a really bad feeling about it. The temp agency made me jump through hoops, ...

Equifax / Advantage plan subscription

KMG40 on Jun 11, 2016
May 4, 2016 I called to have this subscription cancelled because it seems to me that Equifax website is more geared to getting the customer to buy more then to provide the services offered. David, the customer service agent promised me he would cxl. June 4th, 2016 I am charged again $17.95...

Equifax / Customer Service

Delete Account on Feb 25, 2016
I received a letter from Radiology Regional Center stating that there was a potential breach of my medical records. To provide assistance in protecting this information, I received a 1 year subscription to Equifax Credit Watch Silver. I signed up for this service and selected the option to...

Equifax / PayPal

Alexis McGroarty on Jan 11, 2016
I received an alert from Equifax that Transunion has placed a credit report on my behalf. January 11, 2016, I have not authorized anyone to access my credit report. If this is for Pay Pal, I opted out approximately 4 years ago when they wanted access to my bank account. I don't...

Equifax / Withdrawing funds from my bank account without authorisation

Reviewer60761 on Dec 16, 2015
From 2 June 2015 until today, 16 December 2015, Equifax has been withdrawing £14.95 on around the first of each month from my current account, using my debit card details, without my authorisation. I was very busy, travelling much of that time and buying a new home, so although I queried the...

Equifax / Not doing their job

BJ Adakins on Apr 15, 2015
I've been paying Equifax for over a year to 'watch' my credit. When I was informed of a change, I tried to check my file. After trying to log into my file, I called. No one can 'find' my file anywhere, yet they still take money out of my account monthly. Thi...

Equifax Consumer / Fraud

Charlie C. on Sep 24, 2014
Multiple charges of $19.95 for a service from Equifax Consumer, a company that I've never heard of. I've never looked into finding out my credit score so this is a mystery. Called my credit card company and reported the unwanted charges. They're classifying it as fraud...

Equifax Canada / Service

Angela16 on Aug 6, 2014
Consumer's Original Complaint : Equifax Canada is not using Fair Credit Reporting Act Equifax Canada is not using Fair Credit Reporting Act, Scores are dropping for no apparent or negative reasons. They wont answer questions when asked about matters.Negative information was removed from...

Equifax / They will not resolve complaint

regorba on Jul 16, 2014
Equifax like so many companies hide behind there corporate office and staff making them impossible to actually file a complaint with the people who are responsible for the policies like the CEO and or Board (ie. Board of Directors). The only real way to get these companies to adhere to the...

Equifax.ca / Rude, helpless staff

Robos on Apr 12, 2014
I tried to sign up on the website www.equifax.ca in order to obtain my credit report. I wasted so much time, but nothing worked. After several attempts, I finally contacted the customer service, but they refused to help me and hung up in the middle of the conversation. I don’t know...

Equifax Consumer / taking money out of my checking acct without my permission and were did they come up with my acct number

Wilma Smallwood on Apr 4, 2013
Both of the companies Equifax and Experian have been taking money out of my checking acct for several months now and I want it to stop and if it doesn't I am going to hire a lawyer to make them quit and get back all my money that they have stolen off me. No one should be loosing money...

Equifax / communication

brackenrsb on Aug 19, 2012
1.cannot contact them by phone because after multipe attempts it is clear that Equifax phone tree is convoluted and circular, and contradicts mailed unsolicited credit check solicitation, and seems to purposely thwart phone contact. 2. cannot contact them thru website because of "server...

Equifax Consumer / taking money out of my checking account without my permission

Rickgregory on Apr 28, 2012
I have no idea how these people got my account number to my checking account. I don't give this information out to anyone, I don't order things over the internet or the phone and put it on my debit card. They took $16, 95 out witch put me in the RED and was unable to get gas in...

Equifax Credit Reporting / False Record Reporting

DA Orner on Feb 9, 2012
Had a small SC State Lien reported 05/98, satisfied and released 11/98. Equifax reported it in 2000 as being "open". Called Equifax repeatedly and sent information from County Records Office. Equifax refused to accept any changes. Went to Small Claims Court, won Case against Equifax, with...

Equifax Cdc Credit / Credit Report Error

jimli31 on Aug 8, 2011
Equifax and their Texas company CDC Credit provided a negative report to a mortgage lender. They are the only credit reporting agency reporting a lien from the state Texas that was filed in error and release by Texas in 2006. Equifax CDC report the lien but not the release of the lien. I...

Equifax / charges

JaynPop on Jun 10, 2011
emailed Equifax (CREDIT EXPERT) to cancel my membership and stop payment of fee. They ignored my numerous emails and continue to use my card details to take money from my account against my wish. My bank says they cannot stop them because they are using my card details which I voluntarily...

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WSYX Columbus Coverage Being Used as Scam Source
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