Epson / Seiko Epson Corporationepson dtg surecolor f2000

A Oct 21, 2019

In Nov 2017, I had purchased the ESPON SureColor F2000 DTG machine to start Tshirt printing startup for about 11 lacs. After purchasing the product, I asked them to show me the demo. The service guy tried a lot, wasted a lot of ink and shirts but couldn't show the desired result. He asked us to keep on trying until we get the desired or a market-ready product.
We kept on trying for 2 months, tried to print it on a different type of T-shirts but nothing worked. The sad part is everything we switched on the machine, about 10% of the total white cartridge got empty. This is because the printer uses its white cartridge to clean the nozzle. The price of the cartridge is about Rs.26000 and without printing selling a single T-shirt the first white cartridge was over.
While purchasing the machine I never knew that about 90% of the cartridge will drain out due to cleaning of the nozzle. The company should think of some alternative or reduce the price of the cartridges. I have tried to sell the printer but no one is interested after listening to this drawbacks. Even the company is not interested in a buyback or fix their faulty product. I have lost 11 lacs and the machine is lying idle since last 2 years.
I tried to contact them but they aren't interested in offering any solution. They are ready to give service but when the machine itself is faulty and the ink wastage is too high will I able to ever make profit out of it?

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