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called customer service about defective ink cartridge

I have been a customer of EPSON for several years and order ink cartridges online. I had ordered a 3 pack of...

unauthorized credit card charges

After phoning support and speaking with Maria for help with WF 2630 that was not printing the middle part of...


printer is always having problem, not getting service

We have brought a EPSON L1300 printer vide Inv. No. PSR 16-17/008850 dt. 03/12/2016, UBAY006382, after...

epson 288xl high capacity ink refill

I purchased a Epson 288XL ink cartridge at Walmart on September 30, 2017. The box on the 288XL clearly...

wf 4720

Recently after buying the Epson printer I received a error code, after doing all that I can do I called the...

printer ink

My husband just bought a four pack of 200 ink for our WF-2540 inkjet printer yesterday 9/27 for almost $40 when our ink ran out. The printer was working perfectly fine prior to installing the new ink. After I installed the new ink, following the directions on the back of the package, all that would print were blank pages. I tried cleaning the nozzles and all of the other maintenance steps and it still would not print anything. Then I checked the ink levels and it showed that the black ink was half gone and all I had done was printed a few blank pages and performed maintenance that did not resolve the issue. Again, the printer worked before I installed the new cartridges and I feel that the cartridges were defective. Additionally, I feel that doing the maintenance procedure once shouldn't use half of the ink cartridge. That is ridiculous and highway robbery to the customer. At this rate, I would have to replace the ink after printing only about 10 pages. I would like a refund for the amount of the ink that was wasted when I couldn't even print one piece of paper. If I could, I would ask for a refund for the whole printer because it's almost a scam that I would have to spend almost $40 every few days to actually use it.

printer ink
printer ink
printer ink
printer ink

epson et-2550 printer

My ET-2550 Printer leaking ink continuously at slow rate even so it is sitting horizontally all the time. Warranty of the printer is already expired as I keep convincing myself that the problem could be temporarily. As can be seen from the attachment all the details; I am not asking for repair but only to replace my printer with new one from where I bought it as can be seen from the attachment and as a matter of fact I am not behind money but quality.
Please respond to my complaint as I am so frustrated
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epson et-2550 printer
epson et-2550 printer

1500 printer

I bought an Epson Printer and within the warranty period it went faulty. I tried to get it to work correctly, ringing Epson and they say it cant be the printer, anyway I took it to an Epson Approved centre paid £15 and they tell me it is the printer, but by this time the warranty had lapsed a few days. I then after a few letters wrote to CAB and Trading Standards

I read that the printer is supposed to print 12, 000 copies a month, this printer hasnt even touched slightly this fiqure.

Anyway, I was told that I could claim under the sale of goods act and get it fixed under this act. I tried this and am still under communication with the CAB (citizens advice burea)

I paid the £70 almost a month ago and rang a few times to find out what is happening. I have now informed the CAB and Trading Standards, that Epson after a few promises of getting back to me, as taken my money of £70 and my Printer has not been fixed and still remains here.

I have put extra complaints in to all the releavant assocations and FB sites etc

Best regards and thankyou for nothing
Stephen Handley


printer support help scam

Just purchased the WF 4720 printer and this complaint is about Epson support. After bringing it home, setting...

xp-420 printer/scanner wireless

After receiving updates for this epson xp-420 printer it would no longer communicate with my macbook air. I...

black print and photo black ink cartridges aren't interchangeable

I just spend an hour on the phone with two customer service reps, neither of which I could understand. When...


Today, April 24, 2017, I contacted Epson support by phone for an error code of 0x4D I received after having a...

workforce 3640 all-in-one printer

Purchased this printer in January at the same time my colleague purchased his. Within the first 2 months, hi...

multifunction printer

Wow, Epson has stooped to a new low. My Workforce 2540 printer developed a hopeless clog in the print head after only two sets of cartridges. So, now I have a printer with a clogged print head, that cannot be unclogged with the "cleaning" utility, and boxes of ink I bought at a discount, because I didn't think the printing function would fail this quickly. I have begged, pleaded and cajoled Epson; all I want is a new print head. Well, guess what? The replacement print head costs more than the damned printer. I hate this company. With a burning passion of a thousand suns.

cannot scan a copy

I cannot scan a copy of a letter, but I can print from my computer. I tried the self feeder and also lifted...


i purchased an Epson Printers - All-in-One Printers, Wide Format Printers ... 1. it never worked without...

ink scam

Apart from the high price of Epson ink - and the printer info trying to get you to change the ink when it i...

ink consumption

I thought I was making a good purchase for 69.00 on an Epson xp-410 printer. From what I read on box, It...

ink cartridges

We bought printer a few months ago. First cartridge did not last long, but we figured it was just a starter. Second one, #124 lasted about 2 weeks with well under the 200-300 black pages we should have gotten. We bought another which then would not work at all.After spending a long time on the phone, we were told that it will not work if one or more COLOR carts are low. This is NOT what is stated online or on the instructions with the printer. It states that even if a color cart is "expended" that you can print black by selecting Plain Paper and Black Ink/Grayscale. On the phone a supervisor told me that is not the case. She is sending some color carts, but now we always have to be mindful of the color levels and be forced to buy color that we would not otherwise need. We have owned several printers and NEVER had one that would not print black when the color was low or out. This is a poor feature that you make even worse by your erroneous instructions.


My Epson RX280 all-in-one printer/copier/scanner is extremely frustrating: 1. It splotches ink on copie...