Epoch.comcharged on debit card


Okay, this is what you do:

1. Call epoch [protected]

2. You'll be asked for the card number being billed - they need it to find your record of charges

3. Give them the number without wasting 10 minutes arguing which will result in you giving it to them anyway [if they're billing you they already have your info, they just need to locate your acct details]

4. They'll tell you what the charge is for

5. If. . . [and only if you seriously did not make this charge - and they can check by ip address which is retained for every transaction]. . . If you did not make the charges, 'tell them!!!'

6. Tell them it wasn't you and not only will they reverse the charges but they will help you find the people stealing your identity - they'll tell you how later on in the conversation
7. Wait 2 - 10 business days for your refund to post

Seriously, their phone number is on your statement every month right next to the charge. Try calling them to resolve the matter. It's a 5 minute conversation at best.

For the most part, the charges are a result of failure to cancel your monthly membership or trial period. If i remember correctly, it's the 1st 3 lines of terms and conditions on every site we billed for.


  • Ja
    J Allers Apr 20, 2008

    This company is doing this to a lot of people and the only way to stop them for good is to cancel the card they are charging to and have it reissued.
    I have been being charge since 12/07 and it has added up to 235.67.
    The charges that came in on this months statement are being refused and I have canceled the card they are using.
    It is to bad that canceling a card will show up on your credit report but this is the only way to stop this type of fraud.
    If you are recieving these charges close the account and they will issue you a new number and card.

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  • Xi
    xieislkdsjlk Apr 25, 2008

    I just got charged by "epoch.com" for a pornographic web-site supposedly. I talked with their tech.support on an "e-chat", and they guy sounded pretty suspicious... His spelling was real bad and he asked if I recognized an email address that was similar to my name and included MY BIRTHDATE!! And their phone numbers just end up hanging up on you...

    Someone has an email account with Yahoo! and is impersonating me and has my check card information!!

    Well, I cancelled the card and emailed "Yahoo! Abuse", but I'm furious! I wish there was more I could do!!

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  • De
    Debra Sep 04, 2008

    I called the number that was on my statement and was told charges would be stopped. Lets see what happens. Good luck to the others

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  • Ur
    Ursula Gonzalez Sep 09, 2008

    I called the number on my statement and I told them that they were charging me since May 2008 and I told they that i didnt know what EPOCH was and i told them to cancel the charges to my credit card, they canceled it and they told me I will recieve a statement by mail saying that it was cancel. By reading the comments that other people left I called EPOCH and they stopped charging my credit card. So lets see what happens next and I hope they stop charging. Good luck to other and I hope this stops soon.

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  • Do
    Donna Sep 11, 2008

    Yesterday while checking my account online, I happened to notice a $29.95 charge from EPOCH.COM. I called the number and spoke with a woman for about five minutes. I finally convinced her that I knew nothing about this charge, I didn't make the purchase of whatever and that I wanted my money refunded.

    I was told that the company would do an investigation and that my money should be returned to me within seven to ten business days.

    I immediately wrote down what happened and turned the letter into my credit union. My debit card was cancelled as of the day the fraudulent purchase went through and the credit union returned the funds to me.

    My credit union will be doing their own investigation. I now have to wait for a new debit card which is only a minor inconvenience compared to what might have happened.

    I'm curious as to how all of this is going to play out.

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  • Pa
    PAUL Oct 07, 2008


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  • Ri
    ripped off in OR Oct 07, 2008

    My wallet was stolen when some idiots broke into my business. There are charges to a credit card from epoch.com and when I phoned they could not locate the charges to my credit card. They said they were probably under a different name??? I thought if you used a credit card number online, the name on the card would have to match for it to go through...boy was I wrong. That's probably why some of you are finding it on your bank stmts without ever losing your account number. Its scary that someone could just type in a bunch of numbers and add any name and the charge would go through.

    I'm sure they were on my laptop they stole while they watched their porn!!! FREAKS!!! Fortunately, they were ###ed enough to leave fingerprints. I cant wait till they are arrested and I can sit in the front row of the courthouse with a sign that says "free porn in jail"!!!

    Epoch.com should be out of business.

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  • Pi
    Pier Giovanni Merlo Oct 29, 2008

    Getting money under false pretence

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  • Th
    THIS IS eVE Nov 30, 2008

    01 december 2008
    Wow im in Western Australia and noticed the EPOC bills on my Credit statement since last year. I complained to bank in Jan 08and then saw them again just before ordering a new Card for same account with new numbers in June 08 Now I see they have been billing my card again same account New Numbers!!
    I have been too busy to get to a printer to print off a Complaint form to Fax to my Bank until today. Now I have to phone the Epoch people really early in my morning as they are 17 hours behind me.in LA thw phone Number for any Aussies to call is ...00111 424 645 10 88. But I will do things thru Bank 1st as they will get me last 3 months of un Authorised deductions refunded to me Good luck I hope this helps the Aussies PS I AGREE EPOCH SHOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS IF THEY CAN CHARGE OUR ACCOUNTS WITHOUT A MATCHING NAME TO THE CREDIT CARD NUMBERS...!!!

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  • Da
    daniel cote Apr 23, 2009

    i'm being charged a monthly fee for no services

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  • Za
    Zac Rider Jul 02, 2009

    I think most people here are lying and trying to cover their butts after signing up for porn sites. They are just the processor and just take the information and send it along to Visa or whatever card company it is and if it gets validated at that end, they go through with the charge. Most sites that they process for say that the bills are recurring unless you tell them otherwise.

    I was able to cancel a subscription quickly (in about 5 minutes) and I haven't been charged since. Don't get mad at a customer service rep because you're trying to cover up your porn purchase.

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  • Mi
    milk Sep 03, 2009

    I'm not only mad at this Epoch.com but my Fiance because he has just throws his infor all over the web. We were getting billed for Free Credit Report .com this Green Moblie and now I discovered this crap. Im a stay at home mom of 2 boys and he needs to be more responsible with his money. Im going to tell him just to cancel his card because this is ###!

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  • Do
    douwe Sep 23, 2009

    Well I'm glad I found this site.. now I know NOT to use EPOCH with my CC. I'm getting the idea they are not in to abuse and / or fraude, no there is an other problem... there software and server sucks as there customer service!

    I did not use my card but the Dutch system iDeal... could not registrate with my name, couse in there vision a name can have only 2 words... I complaint by email... no responce! Ather finding the solucion... a sever error.

    This morning made a payment, after completing at my banks site... a sever error on the EPOCH webserver...
    gone is $ 20.- ... my bank will return it but...

    For me, no more EPOCH

    My advice, inform the one your buying from about the bad job EPOCH does, if they get complaints and less oders from that site, they will have to improve or they are out of bussiness one day soon.

    DdeJ, Amsterdam

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  • Af
    afognaorewhn Oct 16, 2009

    I just got a BS charge on my debit card from epoch.com

    I called the number on the statement immediately to find out what it was about. The process on the phone was so smooth, I could tell they get this all the time. It almost leads me to believe epoch.com is somehow in on it. They get money for the transactions processed and they obviously store all kinds of credit card info if they are a processing company. What would it take for them to just throw random charges on peoples accounts? How many slip through the cracks?

    The guy told me I have to file a police report about it. He also told me "someone stole your identity." My ###. Some less than honest online merchant or processing company used the number from a website I previously purchased something with.

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  • Ti
    tickedoff-1 Oct 21, 2009

    I just noticed charges on a prepaid visa card we had laying around the house. We never purchase anything online for less than $20-30 and there were tons of little $1, $2, and $4 charges adding up to around $20, assuming no one would notice I suppose. Once in a while I will check the balances on old cards laying around and I found all of them stated "EPOCH.COM*MANSTERMED" coming out of CA and we live on the East Coast. So I guess I will be calling them as well. I do not know how any of the information could have been obtained, but it is a royal waste of my time.

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  • Si
    Sigourney Turner Oct 24, 2009


    I have been see that money has been leaving me account since september this was after i join to Amzon, i know that it is not Amzon who have given out my bank details, but i would like it if Epoch returned the money that there have taken.

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  • Ep
    Epoch Abuses Teenagers Jan 03, 2010

    Epoch supports under age children to perform illegal sex act.
    Report epoch and all members to the FBI and lets put this site to bed.
    Epoch is an illegal running business that supports teenage sex and possible allegely child pornography and their are a sex ring and this site need to come down.
    All sex sites should come down.
    Have one website server and all sex site there. There is nothing wrong with sex uisng teenage girls etc. is so illegaly epoch is a cover business supporting and using the cost of young girls for profit.
    Epoch is a phony business and should be shut down.
    Email the FBI the type of real websites they support.

    Best of luck the fight is on I assure you within 1 year epoch will be close 01/jan 2010 or brought to jail on charges.
    Again using under age kids for profit shame on epoch
    epoch a looser shut epoch down.
    This is the main site that host and market child pornography allegely...
    there a link I am afraid to even post it. The name they use what happen to happycouples sex. why such vulgar domain name and vulgar images. Get real.
    stop child abuse teenage abuse and have these men castrated...

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  • Ep
    Epoch Abuses Teenagers Jan 03, 2010

    Epoch is an illegal marketing company using teenage girls for profit. Then allegely using well established kids sites to attract sales. this is so illegal. We are filing a civil class action against Epoch. email [email protected] internet related sites. The FBI is very interested in epoch false marketing. Supporting teenage girls and younger allegely for profit. We have all the links on our website. How dare you. these images are stuck in my head. Using these young girls for profit shame on your epoch. I do hope and pray.
    Yahoo+Google and the FBI and or icann.org will block your ip. It might not happen in 24 hours yet I assure you it will happen within 12 months.
    You put my link up on one of your vulgar sites using teenage girls for sex I would even think of doing. Those images are stuck in my thoughts. civil actions will be brought agains epoch for supporting allegely teenage and younger girls for profit.
    BOYCOTT EPOCH BOYCOTT EPOCH marketing company.
    Watch who you sign up with
    regards concern victim of epoch marketing scams

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  • Ep
    Epoch Abuses Teenagers Jan 03, 2010

    DFT Internet Media Presentations
    [email protected]

    Epoch is allegedly using your website links, by placing your link on their teenage porn websites, for marketing purposes, Without your knowledge. It is so offensive, vulgar, improper, the content of young teenage girls. Epoch is http://www.epoch.com marketing company exploiting young innocent girls for profit. SO vulgar the websites content with teenage kids. This company allegedly is attaching your website url on their webpage for a day then click to get high ranking. Without your knowledge or permission. The images are so unacceptable from Epoch customers. The graphic material is horrific to see such young girls doing this. No money is worth the payment the mental scars they will have. These girls have to do paid sex. I am allegedly this, the girls are under age. We have snap photos of the actual links on this horrible sites. Sex is beautiful anyone who would performsexaul acts like this need help. Epoch / http://www.epoch.com marketing company is illegally using your website url to gain high ranking without your knowledge or consent. DO not support adult websites and teenage children. Descent sex this is so vulgar, And should let their customer know exactly what the profit is supporting. To their money to help young girls instead of exploiting them.
    This is one dumb dame website you cross over the line. And I swear it might take us 1 year or longer you will loose your domain name and if possible the FBI will arrest and broad members. I do hope your stock falls and loose your domain name. One day this business will be closed down.
    If you are signed up with Epoch http://www.epoch.com I strongly suggest you get a refund. This company has a great website that is misleading.. Where there is no mention that they are marketing 99.9 % of teenage sex websites. Thus then capturing your high ranking website, using your link on their site then remove it. Yet the damage is done… clever yet illegal. Domain name url are copyright protected.
    In your stats you will see the referrer links. This is illegal to have these links without your permission
    Email [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] and report this site to the FBI [email protected] or [email protected] and have this site Ip disabled. Protect women from being exploit and protect your website and stop EPOCH for using your website illegally. This is an alleged claim evidence can be presented upon request.

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  • Da
    Dans72 Apr 15, 2010

    This all very interesting because I just noticed a charge for 39.95 on my card that has been going on since 2007. (don't ask why it took this long to discover it I just glance over my statements, so much for that) I called Epoch and they said they could credit 4 months. Why Has no one started a class action suit?

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  • Ra
    Rare Logic May 26, 2010

    Epoch are a legitmate company approved by many banks and Visa International. Just because you have been a victim of card fraud, it is more likely your fault, not Epoch's. Total bunch of freak losers on here whinging...The other baseless rambling accusations on here are not worth responding to, other than to say you sound like dodgy child porn freaks to me.

    Dans72...Noone has started a class action lawsuit becase you have no [censor]ing case you [censor]

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  • Qu
    "Crowbar" Sep 29, 2010

    I used my credit card at AFFES and online on Macy's website while I was serving in Iraq this year. When I got home I found these criminals had run this charge through on my Capitol One Visa a DOZEN times. I have no idea how they got my card number, (I am guessing some of the 3rd country nationals who work in AFFES have GOT to be in on it, by passing such info to to the loacls). I complianed to Capitol One. They investigated it and removed the charges but that is still one MAJOR HASSEL I should NOT have had to endure once I got home.

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  • Ca
    candoo Jan 10, 2011

    don't know why I'm being chraged ???

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  • Ep
    epoch is dodgy Feb 16, 2011

    lmao all these comments made me laugh a lot! I signed up to this [censor] site to watch some nice college porn but they make it soo incredibly hard to cancel the purchase. Only after months of abuse they have re-constrcuted their so called 'professional customer service' but however in the end its our own fault for being risky by submitting our details online. However the comments gave me a good laugh, but to the point get [censor]ed epoch your service blows and so do the idiots that stick up for you, you [censor]wits know they are taking advantage of people. Bottom line is this company is purely deisgned to raught pockets.

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  • Sg
    sgdfgd Feb 22, 2011

    Stop paying for internet porn and you people wouldn't have these issues.

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  • Fe
    feelingviolated Feb 25, 2011

    They did something similar to me. I admit it, I bought 1 EUR worth of content on an adult site. However, the adult site charged me an additional 40 EUR without my approval and epoch.com, their "authorized sales agent" didn't do a darn to help me. Their only comment was that I should contact the adult site directly. Of course there is no way to contact them because they are like a ghost company. It looks like epoch.com is the preferred billing company for internet frauds since they let them do their dirty business, they got them covered and no questions asked, while providing no security for the clients who naively trust in them their sensitive personal/billing information. Please be careful with those scams. Lesson learned: always go for free porn lol
    oh, and stay away from scams like epoch.com, clickandbuy.com etc.

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  • St
    stephen g mccormick Apr 10, 2011

    I was charged a yearly subcrption after i canceled 3 day trial membership.

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  • I just called the number and it took a total of 30 seconds to cancel the payments. I think a lot of this happens when you get spyware or malware on your computer and it gets your info. Some idiots are saying that we're trying to cover up porn charges but that's just ignorant. I was being charged by fling.com every three months so I barely noticed the payments coming out. I've never even been to this website so it definitely make you wonder...

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  • Ro
    robrcc Oct 11, 2011

    you can canell here


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  • Ch
    charlieb402 Dec 19, 2011

    Best way to avoid this is to do it the way I did it. Call up your bank right away let them know that a fradulent transaction has been taken out you account and you have not given your account details out to anyone. Cancel your card and report it lost so that it is immediately unusable (Otherwise these ppl will continue to take money for as long as they can). Tell them you have already contacted the company that has taken the money from your account and they do not answer. Get the bank supervisor to make a note on your bank account saying you have reported this dodgy transaction today. The bank will say to you to call back in 15 days after reporting the transaction after which if the company do not return the money. (Which they oviously wont) then the bank will undertake a full investigation after which your money will be returned to you. Good luck

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  • Ih
    i hate people who steal Jan 12, 2012

    My story is the same as the above they offered to refund my money and as soon as i receive my money i am pressing charges. i also cancelled my debit card.

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  • Sk
    skki Feb 08, 2012

    EPOCH z bull shiiit!! I cancelled the subscription and they charged me for the next month as well, when I tried to call them, they informed me that I didn't cancel on time; I checked the billing link and they extended my cancel date.
    They are cheaters

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  • Pr
    priya2004 Apr 06, 2012

    Hi Everyone,
    2 days ago I just realised that I was being charged $24.95 from my credit card for since may 2011!! I couldnt believe that i had not seen my statements for that long! i spoke to the customer representative at epoch.com and she said she would make sure that the last 4 months would be refunded to my account.I AM FURIOUS! She gave me an email address-a yahoo address and a name a 'jayanth gupta' an ip adress and a postal code.I have filed a complaint with my bank but I dont know what else to do! I cannot believe so many people have been a victim of this clearly mass run crime.

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  • Ad
    adam69 Apr 30, 2012

    I was registered with Epoch, after 1 week I canceled my membership and I received confirmation email from them that my membership is canceled, but after 3 weeks they took money from my account even though my membership is canceled which made me mad, in addition, they don't refund money back to your account that was taken without permission, I don't recommend anyone to deal with Epoch don't trust them at all be careful of your money, it was very bad experience with them they makes money by using different cheating techniques

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  • Mu
    musicmann001 Apr 30, 2012

    I don't know why I have just been charged again for a service that I don't know about. As far as I remember I cancelled this account long ago . I was only interested in "I" [one] month only but have been getting a re ac-curing payment taken from my credit card. I have just left a note on the site "www.epoch.com" to cancel any subscription that I may have with you. Please cancel everything asap. My name is James Manning Cerezo my user name is "musicmann001" and I am know as 'James Mann'

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  • An
    ANDREW J CALVERT May 25, 2012

    $37.03 AUD being taken monthly on my Visa Card

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  • St
    StopEpoch.com May 25, 2012

    Clearly, there is some major fraud going on here. I found that someone had gotten hold of my paypal debit card # and was able to charge $160. for 1 years access to a porn site. Epoch did not even ask him for the security code on the back of the card. Please, someone with the right connections and power to change this, do it. "We the people" have so little control when it comes to big business. This is the 2nd time I have had my identity stolen and it took me 6 months and endless hours trying to clear my name and take care of so much nonsense and it begins here. Epoch needs to be closed down!

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  • Jc
    jc_colin22 Jul 19, 2012

    i was trying to cancel the subscriptions (the brazzers and the epoch) and the website wasn't allowing me to, either it stated that the member id was incorrect or the mail or the card number, so i couldn't cancel it after 15 minutes the deathline, so i tried to resolve it with the online chat support. they left me waiting 45 minutes i started to get impatient so i decided to call them, the so called "customer support specialist" was trying to mix up what i was telling me so that it was my fault, after several times of explaining him what was my problem, me getting very upset and asking him to let me speak to his supervisor he decided that i was banned from their services (which i couldn't care less) and that what they've charged me was going to be on my account from 3 to 7 work days, can i trust what he said?

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  • Ch
    chuey123 Aug 13, 2012

    Epoch.com is a SCAM. If you're looking answers, forget it. Why this is allowed to continue is beyond me? Epoch.com is a SCAM

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  • Ch
    chuey123 Aug 13, 2012

    Epoch.com is a SCAM. This needs to stop.

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