Engine & Transmission Worldtransmission for a 2004 bmw z-4 with smg

Stefan Schreiner
163 Scotland Yard Blvd.

On September 12th 2019, I ordered a used Transmission for a 2004 BMW Z-4 with Sequential Manual Gearbox for $1150.00 My invoice number is #340446 the Quote for the transmission is #[protected]. After waiting two weeks the part was shipped to my mechanical shop it was the wrong transmission, this was for a five speed clutch, we reordered I sent them the (vin. number to my auto) to make sure we get the right one. Today Oct. 2nd the shop called and stated that this is absolutely the wrong transmission it is 1 and 1/2 time the size it should be and no SMG. I have made numerous attempts to clear this up they said they don't ship transmissions with SMG. My invoice says that is what I ordered. At this stage I want my money refunded after 4 weeks of futile attempts.I need my money and my car back and running. There customer complaint number is [protected] ext. 2069. Please let me know the outcome.

  • Updated by Stefan Schreiner, Oct 10, 2019

    Today is Oct 10th 2019 I have yet to receive any comment or financial relief due to the negligence of Engine and Transmission World. I am out $1, 150.00 dollars thru no fault of my own. The second transmission that would not fit my BMW was taken back to the supplier. Attempting to get a refund all I am getting is a runaround, after reading so many complaints concerning fraud and scam, I am sorry I didn't read these complaints prior to doing business with them.
    Their are only a few avenues open to obtain my money.

Oct 02, 2019

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