Engen Petroleumbad service and compromised security

N Jul 23, 2019

To whom it may concern, please be advised that this complaint will go to hello peter and Twitter is its not treated urgently.

I went to Engen Siyabonga Convenience Centre in Main Reef 18:00 pm 23/07/2019.

The person who assisted me did not inform me that their speed points are not working... I was only informed after pouring R500.00 petrol to my Kia Rio HD77MT GP (RED) that the speed points dont work. I did not have R500.00 cash and I was disapointed in Engen's service once again. The guy should have informed me about this before filling the petrol, and i would have went elsewhere...There even a Shell garage up the road.

I was then told to go withdraw money at the only ATM that you guys have on your little garage which is Nedbank and I am using ABSA...I refused because Absa will charge me morethan R100.00 for a saswitch. A guy call Emanuel Mbele who claimed to be the assistance supervisor was also useless and acted like I was the one at fault or as if I am the one who caused the problem. I was forced to drive to A Total garage with one Engen petrol attendance which made me and my girlfriend very uncomfortable.. we didn't even know the place. The guys could have hijacked us with ease. I felt so powerless and my was only advised to pay R450.00 meaning R50.00 was for petrol which I feel like it was a slap on my face.

I added KM on my car only to get a R50 discount. The inconvenience and discomfort caused to me and my girlfriend was never taken into consideration.

I want to be compensated for all the trauma you guys put me trough. My girlfriend was in a rush to go see the mother before she goes back home (Mpumalanga) which was not possible as I was forced to drive around looking for an Absa ATM because your workers are not well skilled.

I feel like I was held hostage and I am willing to take this matter further. I also do not think I will ever use any Engen garage in my life and I will also advise close friends and family to do the same. My girlfriend already advised her friends an family


MY CELL NUMBER IS [protected].

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